10 Ways Smartphones Enhance Learning In 2021

10 Ways Smartphones Enhance Learning In 2021

2021 can be considered as a year that has made us witness a huge transformation to e-learning software development. In the current scenario, technology has become the key source of attaining knowledge. Tablets, PCs, Smartphones mobile devices, and laptops have allowed us to study and learn from anywhere we wish.

There are various EdTech tools such as resources databases, communication channels, and content-generation apps that the learners can use. These tools and applications are helpful in preparation as well as time management. Hands down, the year 2021 has augmented the industry of EdTech with the use of different innovative sources for learning. Moreover, when it is followed with high-quality education on digital responsibility, smartphones do not essentially have to create problems in the classroom. In fact, they can be a powerful tool for learners.

We have come up with ten ways through which students can enhance their learning with the help of smartphones.

1. By creating short videos

Learners can create a video for approximately 10 to 20 seconds which can help them to exercise their innovative and creative muscles. These videos express all kinds of learning, ranging from interviews to music videos, historical reenactments, book trailers, stop animations, and tutorials. By using smartphones, one can quickly record quality videos and submit the video presentation within a minute.

2. By staying connected with the assignments

The influence of the internet has enabled us to stay linked to the learning management system wherever or every time we want to access it. For example, various universities now use Moodle, in which the students can find every task assigned to them along with the discussion forums and resources. This Moodle system has been augmented to be mobile-friendly, and thus, one can access all the resources constituted in it whenever required. It includes a range of learning resources, samples, tutorials, which can offer students instant academic writing help.

listening to podcasts and reading news

3. By listening to podcasts and reading news

It is for the voracious students, keeping the learning away from class and the struggling learner who requires more acquaintance and everyone in between, thus, smartphones offer instant access to social studies, psychology, English, Math, science, foreign language, media sources involving journals, online news sites, newspapers, podcast and a lot more.

You can indeed access every sort of information or news on the desktop, but with smartphones you have an added advantage of filling the free time, anywhere learning, like riding the bus to college or school. Nowadays, podcasts are gaining popularity in sharing thoughts, interesting stories, and information. The podcasts can be found practically on every topic, ranging from health to business to science to technology and many more.

4. By keeping a track of assignments

Various students prefer a paper planner that is a tedious and time-consuming task. Maintaining a track of assignments as well as certain projects and their due dates becomes easier with smartphone apps. The students always have their smartphones with them wherever they go, and this makes checking and recording easier and quicker based on their deadlines and the forthcoming due dates.

5. By looking up the facts

There are limitless research opportunities for the learners offered by the internet. No one needs the Encyclopedia Britannica when a world of knowledge is with you at your fingertips. The smartphones have enabled the students to search for unversed terms or dates as mentioned by the teacher without forgetting anything, provided with the condition that the teacher allows them to enhance lectures or sessions with phone queries.

6. By clicking pictures or making videos for the confusing concepts

There are times when a teacher moves quickly from one topic to another, which makes it difficult for learners to understand. For this purpose, sometimes, with the permission of their teacher, students can click pictures, make videos or capture essential information of the topics that they are not able to understand so that they can refer later while studying at home.

7. By using note-taking apps

The students can create a new folder apart from any other app and can get a productivity-based app. Several apps have been designed for the learners that help them to stay focused and organized and keep the notes in a safe and convenient location. For example, Evernote, Google Drive, and Dropbox assist in storing your vital files on the smartphone, so that they can be accessed by you wherever and whenever you need them. These apps are also useful in better coordinating with the work on the desktop. You do not need to remember whether you have finished your work on a computer or phone as your work will be stored in both locations.

8. By setting a timer or reminder

Do you have to face challenges in staying concentrated concerning assignments you receive from your professors or teachers or manager? Here, your smartphone enables you to stay at the assignment by using the feature of a stopwatch. You can set a reminder or timer for a certain period wherein you remain committed to occupied on a single assignment. If the timer goes off, the student can switch or go on a break to do something else. By using a timer, one can tend to work hard and be able to focus. It is one of the best ways for learners to maintain continuous to-do lists.

setting a timer or reminder

9. By accessing education apps

There are chances wherein the teacher is already using a couple of learning apps for any reason, such as to remind the students to complete their assignments or share certain documents along with the assignment details. There are excellent learning and educational apps available for the students to enhance their learning habits and stay organized. Apps such as Memrise can be used for vocabulary and language which makes it easier for the students to learn instantly.

10. By using QR codes

QR is Quick Response Codes are a great approach to utilize mobile technology while studying. Connects to further resources, solutions to assignments, complicated diagrams, and figures can be coded and made accessible for the students. QR codes can instantly access the audio, video, and websites contact information.  Nowadays, most smartphones have installed QR Codes readers that can also help in generating answer keys for every problem allowing students to self-assess their task. The QR codes can also be linked to educational YouTube clips or websites providing additional information.

So, this depicts that smartphones can be a disruption, they can also be an outstanding tool for learning. There is no doubt that smartphones serve as a gateway to more information and if used in the right manner, can lead to the enhancement in the learning of the students along with the preparation of skills for higher education. So yes, your smartphone is helpful for your practice to be a lifelong learner by helping you in the assignments, work, and improving communication. Begin noticing what all practices you will commence at present to make use of your smartphones apart from any game or any other activity.

Author Bio Henry Clay, an education consultant, is currently associated with many clients in the tutoring industry like TutorOpedia, My Assignment Services. He loves to play football and reading books in his free time.



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