15 most Effective SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic in 2021


Which SEO techniques generate the most updated results for 2021?

SEO marketing is one of the top most necessary methods in terms of internet marketing. The most updated technique you’d use, the more profit you’d gain. So it is just that you need to be updated.

Every year the strategy of Search engine optimization technique is being updated. But the most important thing is the techniques which were used in 2016 is not the same as in 2021. So always take care of it’s the anther priority. And if you can be more unique than the previous. You can go more and more forward then. Today I’m here to discuss the techniques for update the 2021 result. It is already the end of 2020. So there are many things which will be changed in 2021. So let’s jump into the topic:

Website optimization:

website optimization

Coming up with topic ideas and creating an amazing piece of content is simply half the work. You now need to optimize your content, but did you know there is a right way and wrong way to do this? The best way to determine whether your website is currently using any of the improper optimization techniques is to let Technical SEO Specialists carry out a technical SEO audit.

Optimize for Voice Search:

Optimize for Voice Search

Remember this very well, how we said around 40% of voice search will results come from the featured snippets? Using structured data can help you to boost the chances of your information well versed and being used to answer a voice query over than a competitor’s. Optimizing for voice searches should be a big focus for SEO professionals in 2021.

Using the popular keyword:

Using the popular keyword

Keywords are one in all the most necessary methods in SEO. People will search for most of the keyword. Now the thing is how it is needed. Think in 2016, what you search for the most. Is that popular till now? If you’ll research it, you’d gain that, the strategy and keyword have changed loads. It is the end of 2020. But it’s sure that on the primary of 2021 the most popular keyword would be changed.

Content optimization:

content optimization

Proper optimization of content would never fail. Writing because it is fun isn’t enough to get you to start ranking and remain there but rather, proper keywords insertion, headings, content length. Most importantly, ensure your content answers the question it is supposed to and not leave users hungry for more.

  1. Focus on creating valuable content.
  2. Create high quality links.

Optimize images :

Optimize images

it’s a shame that lots of SEOs aren’t optimizing their images properly neither are they telling their clients to do so. Image optimization is actually surprisingly easier than article optimization. Alt tag, title tag, caption, image URL, image size. The images and visual elements you place on your site, in articles, on pages, and all around, should be properly labelled and defined because they are factors in search engine rankings.

ux design:

ux design

Don’t make Google feel like users don’t like or want to be on your site. That is a recipe for failure when it comes to SEO. Make sure your site is fast and smooth and every other well done. You don’t want to have some elements blocking clickable areas. Just make your site enjoyable for users. Use the usability tests on the search console to know if your site meets the requirements at least in the sight of Google.


seo Backlinks

Those marketers who are directly involved in SEO marketing, all know the importance of backlinks. How it can enhance marketing and how it can increase traffic is known to all. So what’s new? Yes, there will be something new which you haven’t use yet. In 2021, you need to find the author of the backlink. You may ask, then what. If you can find them, they can give permission to you. Also, you can make a deal with him. It seems that the profit goes to him/her. But If you look into them carefully then you’ll find the gain of yours too.

Schema – Structured Markup:


A Schema structured mark-up query though isn’t a brand new thing to the world of SEO, It still holds a really good place within the SEO trends 2021. Schema helps the search engine to know the context of the page and help in ranking them better for search queries associated with them.

Listing here some of the types of Schema

  • Organization
  • Website
  • Product
  • Review
  • Article
  • Blog Posting
  • FAQ
  • Video

Google My Business:

Google My Business

In a world after the pandemic, every local business is consistently updating itself from traditional to digital marketing. As the usage of digital marketing practices increased in local businesses, so has the importance of google my business listings and local SEO. In Search engine optimization trends 2021 the google local SEO playing a most important role. So, don not miss to optimize your Google local business.

Mobile Optimization:

Mobile Optimization

One of the important metrics that google has continually given good significance is that the mobile optimization of your websites. It has become evident nowadays that most of the users visit the websites from their mobile devices. So, it continues to be one among the important SEO trends in 2021 also . Gone are the times where you design an internet site for desktop and make it optimized for mobile devices. 2021 SEO trends remind you that you simply should design an internet page for mobile and make it desktop friendly. Such is the importance of mobile optimization. Go ahead and make sure you have checked this box to not lose any valuable user.

Highly Relevant Content:

Highly Relevant Content

As the saying goes content is usually the king in SEO. Concentrate more on making the standard content which creates customer satisfaction which can obviously make google rank your site better. Yes, Google’s algorithm is searching for the most relevant content that matches the customer search query. Don not do the keyword stuffing while creating the unique content, use keyword wherever needed.

Secure Websites – https:


Secure Websites – https

Even though secured websites aren’t a major factor that affects you in SEO but it still does indirectly. When a brand new user notices the wake-up call on the browser there’s a better chance that they’re going to leave your website immediately which affects your bounce rate and that in turn affects your search ranking.

An HTTPS protocol uses encrypted data for secure communication, unlike HTTP protocol. Usage of HTTPS will ensure a trust and authentic factor about your website to your users.

Google’s New BERT Update:

Google’s New BERT Update

Google came out with a brand new update for SEO called BERT which stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. In layman’s terms, it is a new learning algorithm that bases results on the context of the search result and it pulls up the most relevant search results.

EAT factors may play a much bigger role:

EAT factors may play a much bigger role

Expertise, authority, and trustworthiness (EAT) factors are a controversial topic within the SEO community. Some say EAT may be a ranking signal, others claim there’s no way Google can even measure EAT with its algorithm.

To be fair, Google probably Can not be answer many of the EAT questions directly. It can’t check whether the knowledge is scientifically accurate or whether the author is really an expert. But, Google can still check for indirect EAT signals. For instance, if the page mentions all the proper entities related to the subject, then it’s probably accurate. If the name of the author is well established the online, is related to other thematically similar platforms and profiles, then the author is perhaps an expert.

Featured Snippets:

 google Featured Snippets

When asking a question on Google, a featured snippet shows in a box on the search results page. This box contains a picture and a solution to your question.

These snippets show that your website contains valuable and quality and original content. Snippets now are driving more traffic to your website. Around 57% of website traffic comes from these little snippets.

Referral traffic:

Referral traffic

Google Analytics also provides you with data about where your website viewers are coming from. You can use this data to check which social media platforms your viewers are using to induce to your site. This information is useful after you pay money for social media advertising campaigns.


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