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The Most Popular Do-follow free Article Submission sites List 2020

What is Article-Submission in SEO?

Article Submission refers to an Off-Page SEO technique which has content published on third party web sites and blogs to get inbound links for personal business or client’s website and web blog with a motive to increase search engine rankings of “link generated for” website.

Article submission generally refers to the writing of articles that area unit relevant to your then business and Services then getting them more to the popular article submission directories. Article submission is one of all the oldest link building methods many people tend to underestimate the power of this technique in improving the link quality of websites and Blog.

Article Submission siteThe main purpose behind article submission sites with instant approval is to attract a large range of visitors to your website and weblog while not incurring a good price. Which provides almost all that we desire from it like back-links, traffic, rankings, website traffic, etc. It is the best source of getting your readers educated and helping in the business promotion too by sharing details about one’s business.

Article submission is a search engine optimization off-page optimization activity. It refers to attracting traffic by submitting SEO optimized articles to standard article submission directories. It’s a long term SEO activity that helps increase backlinks and boost Page-rank of your website or weblog.

Benefits of Article Submission in SEO

As a full article promoting is taken into account to be a wonderful result orientating marketing strategy that provides most what we have a tendency to want from it like back-links, traffic, rankings, etc. thus during this specific stage of the marketing era most of the SEO experts like article submission. It’s the most effective source of getting your readers educated and to assist in the business promotion too by sharing details regarding one’s business. The readers could have a larger probability of knowing your business in cost-effective manners and to research your skills towards your connections along with your customers. The keywords used within the article and within the author’s resource box would offer the most exposure for keyword rankings and also help them climb up in search engine rankings.

  • Increases traffic to your site and Blog.
  • Provides exposure to your business and services over the Internet.
  • Serves as a form of viral marketing.
  • Increases your profits.
  • Builds back-links to your website.
  • It is a simple yet effective way of building Quality of backlinks.
  • The popularity of your product or brand on the World Wide Web.

List of Free Article Submit WebSites:

S.No. Article Submission Sites List DA PA Alexa Rank Date
1 92 70 10170 20-Apr
2 88 72 14289 20-Apr
3 48 60 194063 20-Apr
4 48 56 190469 20-Apr
5 93 96 226 20-Apr
6 36 53 267624 20-Apr
7 12 32 303886 20-Apr
8 53 58 120833 20-Apr
9 49 59 187857 20-Apr
10 50 51 120698 20-Apr
11 55 58 225982 20-Apr
12 35 44 514982 20-Apr
13 49 52 396272 20-Apr
14 42 55 175049 20-Apr
15 33 52 660676 20-Apr
16 35 52 304501 20-Apr
17 38 50 873738 20-Apr
18 43 52 270746 20-Apr
19 43 49 646431 20-Apr
20 18 37 1266764 20-Apr


21 29 49 554875 20-Apr
22 50 57 219096 20-Apr
23 23 46 290931 20-Apr
24 36 44 191718 20-Apr
25 15 45 850597 20-Apr
26 89 68 1788 20-Apr
27 78 62 2673 20-Apr
28 13 37 240902 20-Apr
29 28 46 1311159 20-Apr
30 18 39 391477 20-Apr
31 7 44 1684955 20-Apr
32 6 15 3248021 20-Apr
33 39 50 686069 20-Apr
34 26 39 1303036 20-Apr
35 13 18 2057998 20-Apr
36 50 60 120698 20-Apr
37 35 41 216692 20-Apr
38 42 55 175049 20-Apr
39 19 39 281450 20-Apr
40 33 50 210606 20-Apr



best SEO tools for 2020
Digital marketing tools Link Building Tips and Tricks

Top 10 Best SEO Tools list to Optimize Your Website for Success in 2020

What are the best SEO tools for 2020?

  1. SEMRush

SEMrush is a Best paid Digital Market Intelligence Site which is headquartered in Boston, United States Of America. Semrush was launched in 2008 and it offers marketing analytic software subscriptions. SEMrush best-paid auditing tool can help On-Page SEO errors and thus this would subsequently improve your rankings as well, site audit, lead generation, etc. you resolve your website.

semrush tools

Used for: Keyword + Competitor Research

Pricing: Freemium

  1. Ahrefs

Ahref Tool is one of the top most popular digital marketing analysis tools used for preparing audit reports, backlink analysis, research keywords, Keyword Explorer 2.0, Content Explorer, URL rankings, competitive analysis. Ahrefs to help them improve their search rankings on the website.

ahrefs tool

Pricing: Freemium

Used for: SEO Audit

  1. Seobility

SEObility is a powerful check All-in-one Onpage optimization, Backlink- and Ranking Monitoring, Content creation your Website with our free SEO tools from Seobility. Get insights to improve your overall search engine optimization.

seobility tool

Used for: SEO Audit

Pricing: Free/Paid

  1. Long Tail Pro (LTP) 

Long Tail Pro (LTP) is one of the topmost leading keyword research tools. This is a paid keyword research tool that basically fetches keywords from google keyword planner and then shows all the data to you. Creates a custom Keyword Difficulty report with recommendations for your site.

Long Tail Pro tool

Used for: Keyword Research

Pricing: Paid

  1. Pitchbox

Pitchbox is the best platform that helps in link building Platforms for SEO prospects and relationships. It helps agencies and brands find efforts 10x easier than it would manually.

Pitchbox tool

Used for: Outreach

Pricing: Paid

  1. SEOquake

SEOQuake is a topmost free SEO toolbar Browser extension tool for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and more, It’s like the MozBar. which can help you to Perform website audits, View keyword density, View external and internal links, and Compare competitor’s websites.

SEOquake tool

Used for: Competitor Research

Pricing: Free

  1. Seed Keywords

Seed keywords are ground or base or foundation keywords for Search engine optimization. These sorts of keywords are not changed or modified the meaning by modifier words. The long-tail keywords are used to form modifying the seed keywords. That means, long-tail keywords= Seed keywords + modifier.

Seed Keywords tool

Used for: Keyword Research

Pricing: Free

  1. SEOptimer

One of the most popular search engine optimization (SEO) that complete audit tools are SEOptimer. it is a Website Audit and Reporting platform which can comprehensively review a website.

SEOptimer tool

Used for: SEO Audit

Pricing: Free

  1. LinkMiner 

LinkMiner is easy to use a backlink checker tool focusing on backlinks that actually matter. LinkMiner the most popular powerful backlinks of competitors thanks to the Link Strength, a new metric by mangonels, that evaluates the overall link power. It will focus on the right Broken link building on steroids, backlinks, that will instantly boost your website rank.

LinkMiner tool

Used for: Link Building

Pricing: Free

  1. Authority Labs

Authority Labs is the most popular rank tracking and search engine result page(SERP) monitoring tool that gives you the ability to track results by country, city, or local area like even postal code.

Authority Labs tool

Used for: Rank Tracking