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10 Top Digital Marketing Trends of Focus for 2021

What are the latest trends in digital marketing?

From a long-time marketing technology has been upgraded with the latest technologies. At present, the Latest Digital marketing trends in 2021 have been populated with modern promotional tactics. Let’s discuss on them briefly.

1. Omnichannel marketing strategy

Omnichannel refers to the term multi-channel marketing strategy you set up a variety of marketing touch points which reinforce each other to relieve a customer through their buying transaction. For instance, you need to use social media as a network to attract online visitors to your website and email as a channel to foster leads. It could be used as a universal sales strategy.


“Omni” meaning all, and “channel” referring commonly to any customer touch points. These touch points could be direct mail, onsite clickstream behavior (website), email/display/search targeting, geo-fencing and mobile messaging, customer support/call center, in-store messaging, etc. It is also about delivering a seamless experience.

Omni-Channel tends to be defined in one of three ways.

  1. Multi marketing channel. As in revenue, marketing, or customer support channels. Things like in store, over the mobile phone, online, or search, retargeting, email marketing, etc.
  2. Multi device, basically mobile, tablet, and desktop.
  3. Both, all, and anything that could possibly be described as a channel in ecommerce

2. Chabot’s and Artificial Intelligence help instantly

Chabot’s seo

Investment in customer care service has been reduced with the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence technology and Chabots. Chabots are faster than humans in answering to any data-related queries and taking requests. They have absurdity and personalities and offer updated service to any prospective customer.

Now these days, Chabots are being incorporated with most of the websites or web applications and social media networks. They also collect user information that can later be utilized for better tailor marketing plans.

3. Voice searches Seo

Voice searches Seo

As per the latest updates, around one-third of the daily searches made on Google, Amazon and many significant websites and search engines are voice searches presently throughout the personal supporting devices.

The advancements come with diversified language processing, conversation interface, automation, machine learning, and deep learning functions that have enabled essential assistants to become more and more intelligent and useful.

4. Incorporation of AI and machine learning

AI and machine learningAI and ML have increasingly functioned on more competent data analysis, turning it easier for digital marketers to deliver high-level personalization to their clients, which includes content personalization and exclusive journeys.

Artificial intelligence (AI), referred to as system intelligence means machine learning (ML), is mind showed with the useful resource of systems, the evaluation of the natural intelligence displayed by using way of people and other objects.AI is improving the manner in which we work and it is not about replacing humans rather improving our working environment. It is the most trending technology of the 21st century.

5. Convenient Inspiring Video on YouTube and others

Convenient Inspiring Video on YouTube

Video promotion and sharing is still on the top of the tree and playing the most satisfactory medium of marketing in 2019-20. As per the survey, it’s found that watching an interesting video or live video is a more significant factor of online business promotion than a blog post.

6. Selecting augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR)

augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR)Augmented reality is considered as imagery/video layered on top of reality whereas virtual reality is an absolutely generated reality through a head-mounted device. Connecting to people through different interesting videos and images with some attractive offers could attract some sales amount.

7. Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising

Handling online ads is a full-time job and programmatic advertising is an approach that includes Artificial Intelligence to buy and place ads based upon focusing algorithms. Recent studies state that over 85% of digital promotion brings sales for the company.

8. E-news subscription

E-news subscription

Regular news sending is an ideal method for the improvement of getting in touch with all registered users.

9. Next-Generation technology

Next-Generation technology

Faster and responsive websites are highly recommended by Google algorithms to get cached. Hence, revamp your website with the latest technology, if not there.

10. Premium back-links

backlinkApart from free back-links and submissions, it’s highly recommended to incorporate premium or paid back-links with some famous public sites like Dmoz or Yelp review and many more sites. Hence, your back-links will stay forever until your membership lasts.

Going through above trends could be highly profitable for you. Now these days, most of the website run SEO service and Social media campaign for positive result purpose.

SEO-Tools digital4learn
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10 Best Free SEO Tools You Should Use and Improve Your SEO in 2021

It’s crucial to know how the demand has been growing up for digital marketing as the borders of local and international markets become wider and reach out to the Internet, the tactics of brand endorsement upgraded.

However, both online and offline businesses have one common difference in promotion tactics i.e. SEO promotion. For offline businesses, banner and announcements are incorporated for more conversion rates, but in SEO more technical optimization with an attractive image, video, and content is required to get more conversion. Let’s discuss the most effective SEO tools

1. SE Ranking for SEO automation (premium)

Website promotion is highly affected by the collection of the semantic core and gathering. The website performance rate depends on the number of visitors & conversion. SE Ranking saves valuable time on choosing appropriate keys for groups of requests: the system processes 5,000 requests in 5 minutes. Throughout this SEO tool, we can analyze the growth of competitors’ reference profiles and realize the business strategy of external endorsement.

2. Traffic Booster (appropriate for PPC ads)

The specific algorithm within it calculates website users and serves absolutely to ecommerce businesses as it can investigate a short application form for building ads.

3. SERProbot (rank checking tool for SEO automation)

Check the efficiency and ranking position of the website and your competitor’s website by using this tool.

4. Ubersuggest (Free SEO Keyword Tracking Tool)

Unlike Google Adwords, you can research keywords here at free of cost and planning blog entry judgment. By putting your keyword into the search box, you will get information about search volume and suggestions about new potential keywords and limitations.

5. Google Analytics (reporting tools)

It’s one of the best tools for investigation and reporting purposes. Accordingly, both the business owner and SEO professional can plan further for the next step of SEO strategy.

6. Ahrefs (Backlink Checker)

Ahrefs is mainly known as the Backlink Checker and free SEO tool to check and scrutinize the backlink profile of your web page or blog. The great potential backlink profile is the base of an effective traffic-driving blog.

7. Keyword Everywhere (Chrome extension)

This tool brings you noteworthy information about any keyword like search volume, rivalry, and CPC without leaving Google. But, it’s recommended to use SEO Quake for keyword research.

8. SEO Quake (Ranking Tool)

This SEO tool collects whole information about the ranking status of the website free of cost without leaving Google. The more important fact is that it’s a Google Chrome browser extension that is implemented for blogging and the latest promotions. It can describe information about all sites like area score, Alexa rank, trust score, traffic details, and the backlink number.

9. MozBar-SEO Checker Tool

MozBar is a Free SEO tool given by mainly for WordPress websites. It can be obtained from the Google store. It describes to all of you the momentous information about any area like PA, DA, spam score and connections along with webpage investigation.

10. Google Trends (Free SEO Tool)

Google Trends is noticeable amongst the best free SEO tool available on the web. Get indicated your whole information and outlines for a particular inquiry or a keyword throughout this tool.

Hope, the above content helps the SEO professionals and business owners understand the use of helpful tools for a successful SEO campaign.

PHP Frameworks
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10 Most Popular PHP Frameworks for Web Development in 2021

PHP the most demanding open source web development technology which comes with Hypertext Preprocessor and server-side scripting language. For the purpose of faster and simplified web application development, PHP frameworks are being developed. Throughout these PHP frameworks, the complex coding process will easily make throughout the readymade components.

As usual, development time could be saved and the coding burden could be lower well using best PHP frameworks and the top 10 PHP frameworks are described as follows. According to your expertise, development types and timeline, you need to choose the right PHP framework for your web development purpose.

1.Codelgniter framework for beginners

Codelgniter PHP framework is preferred by most of the developers because of its pre-developed modules which simplify the coding tasks and accelerate the app development speed.


  • The highest speed of web app development.
  • Highly recommended for beginners because of the simpler set of libraries.
  • For around the last 12 years, it has been serving consistently with minimal pitfalls.
  • Well-illustrated and user-friendly database.


  • An inbuilt ORM is not available with it.
  • Edit of existing Codes is not easier.

 2.Laravel framework (Advanced)

Laravel the popular open-source PHP frameworks (2011) helps web developers in developing the most powerful complex web applications by simplifying general tasks like caching, routing, security, and authentication.


  • Laravel has an advanced PHP framework containing excellent features to develop great full-bodied web apps.
  • Complex backend database with customization development
  • It comes with data migration, MVC architecture support, and higher-level security.
  • Faster and highly secured web app development


Only highly experienced developers can work with this framework.

3. Symfony MVC Extensible framework

Symfony is known as the earliest extensive PHP framework, introduced in 2005 follows all PHP standards. It has many similar features like Laravel and gives a very close result. So, you can choose either Laravel or Symphony for your web development purpose.


  • It is flexible to get integrated with other projects such as Drupal with easier installation on different platforms.
  • Due to its interoperability, it enables to use of various building blocks of software such as forms and translation management.
  • Faster mobile application development and editing are possible here due to its code reusable mechanism, a module system, and it needs just a little memory space.


It’s basically designed for expert web developers and hard for Beginners to work with the security mechanisms.

4. Cake PHP (CRUD)

In 2005, Cake PHP the CRUD framework came to use with an extensible architecture to develop simple but attractive applications.


  • Easy to learn, use and understand and recommended for beginners as CRUD stands for creating, read, update, and delete.
  • Create standalone libraries and improved session management.
  • Additional security for cross-site request forgery (CSRF) protection, cross-site scripting (XSS) protection, and input control.

5. Phalcon (Full-stack)

Phalcon , a full-stack framework released in 2012 which was written in C & Coo language.


Easy to install, fast with minimal memory space consumption, and used for caching, asset management, and universal autoloader

6. Fuel PHP (MVC and HMVC)

FueIPHP supports MVC and HMVC architecture.


Consumes lesser memory with highest security added project

7. Yii 2 (Backend development)

The Yii is a backend development based framework that is used for web apps. It comes with a lazy loading tactic to obtain fast loading time. It’s not fit for complex web applications.


  • Easily interoperable with other PHP frameworks like Zend and supports Ajax
  • Lightweight framework with faster performance
  • Cookie tampering and SOL injection security feature to defend your web apps from potential attacks.
  • It’s a great option for e-commerce projects and CMS based forums

8.lim (Microframework)

SLIM is the PHP micro-frameworks for the creation of high-quality APIs.


  • Suitable for beginners as it is simple to study
  • Simple static and user-friendly small size web apps

9. PHPixie (HVMC)

It uses HMVC architecture to develop high performing web apps.


Easy to use with independent components

10. Zend (OOPS)

Zend is an object-oriented based extendible PHP framework which helps incorporate custom improved functionalities that match their projects.


Extended Community oriented base, Highly flexible, Excellent speed and competence, Light weight.