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Secured Loan 2021: Everything You Need to Know

Short-term debt jeopardizes the financial health of Brazilians, leading to bad debt. The commitment of income per citizen with payment of high interest and amortizations – fuel for bad debts – in Brazil is twice the average of developed countries. And the solution is in a modality that is still little explored, but with great potential for expansion in the country: the Secured Loan with guarantee.

A survey by the Institute for Applied Economic Research (IPEA) , with the support of data from the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) reveals that 19.8% of Brazilian income goes to pay off debts and interest, while the average of 17 countries evaluated – among them the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia – is 10%. In the US, by the way, the loan with guarantee for payments for studies and medical emergencies is very common.

“For a long time here in Brazil, he ( credit with guarantee ) was not expressive. In the North American market, it is quite representative. We’ve always had the product, but even because of a peculiarity of our modus operandi and because it is complex, the (bank) managers didn’t have the expertise, so you didn’t have access to this alternative”, says Bruno Diniz, finance professor at Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV-SP).

According to the Central Bank, the overdraft , revolving credit card and personal credit are among the debts that most harm the financial health of Brazilians. In these systems without creditor guarantees, the transaction risk increases for the financial institution that will release the money. This is the key factor so that the interest rate charged on the installments is very high and that the term for repaying the debt is shorter. When the modality is the secured loan , however, this risk decreases and conditions improve, making the debt longer and cheaper.

In the case of Creditas loan fintech, for example, the annual interest rate on the loan is 16.09% for transactions involving a property as collateral, and 29.08% when an automobile is used in the process. The annual rate for payroll-deductible loans to workers in the private sector, for example, is fixed at 37.52%. In the personal loan, interest reaches 116.45%. For those who use the overdraft, the annual interest charge reaches an exorbitant 315.58% on credit.

Secured loan: how it works

The main factor that allows the secured loan to become a good option for the consumer is an operation called fiduciary sale. The client, who has a property, car or any other asset that fits as collateral, submits him to this process. In the end, the asset of the person who intends to take the credit is alienated from the financial institution that will lend the money. This makes it possible to reduce the risk of non-payment of the loan and, consequently, to reduce interest rates and extend the payment term of the loan .

However, the ownership and property of the client remain preserved, contrary to the myth that the institution wants to ‘take the good’ of those seeking credit. The guarantee recovery process starts only after the client defaults – and all debt renegotiation alternatives have been exhausted. “The customer continues to have direct ownership and we now have indirect ownership. So he continues to use the property – car or house – and ownership remains his”, explains Felipe Leite, leader of the credit area for real estate at Creditas.

The path to be taken by the client until receiving the money starts with an interview, in which the company’s commercial consultant chats to get to know the person’s profile, understand the purpose of the search for credit, what sources of income they have and other general information. Once approved, the credit sector takes action to analyze the client’s financial situation with institutions such as credit bureaus and the Central Bank. The next step is the legal analysis of the guarantee being placed on the transaction. Then comes the stage of issuing the contract and signing. Finally, there is the release of money.

Secured credit and financial health

Before engaging in secured loan, the consumer must make an in-depth analysis of their finances or seek professional help to do so. The credit leader for real estate at Creditas, Felipe Leite, recommends the modality for those who need to return to financial health, replacing short-term debts, but more expensive, with a single longer and cheaper one.

“We pay off all that person’s debts, lengthen the term of the operation and the commitment of their income decreases a lot. Once we manage to pay off that person’s debts, we relieve their cash flow”, explains Leite.

For the finance professor at FGV/SP, Bruno Diniz, financial education should be the first benefit to be sought by the client after getting rid of bad debt, thus avoiding a new ‘snowball’ of debt and a request for help for credit – which may no longer be available in a new time of need.

“He needs to rethink the next steps in his financial life and get his house in order. I think it’s a big point. From there, she can start to discipline herself more and not fall into traps with more expensive costs”, says Diniz.

Loan with guarantee to pay off the financing

In addition to being good for people with debts that compromise the budget more than is tolerable, the secured loan is also an option for those who are financing a property, car or any other asset that is involved in the operation and use it as a warranty itself.

In this operation, the financing will be paid by the company that will provide the credit and it will have the right to dispose of the asset, but ownership will remain with the client. This process is called the Quitant Intervener (IQ) .

“It’s okay for a person to offer the property as collateral with a debit balance on it. Assuming she has a property worth 100,000 reais and I can lend up to 60% of that amount to her. The outstanding balance is 20%. I can pay off her debt and still give her change to pay off any other debt or even renovate the property”, exemplifies Felipe Leite, from Creditas’ credit area.

The Debtor Intervenent is also very sought after, especially when a person wants to sell a property or vehicle with financing still in progress. Furthermore, it is an alternative if the client is going to buy a new property, for example, but does not want to close a deal with the bank that financed the project.

low default

As a result of bad debt, default affected 62.6 million Brazilians in 2018 , according to data from the National Confederation of Store Managers (CNDL) and the Credit Protection System (SPC Brasil) . And the reasons why citizens became more indebted were the banks (51.57%).

Unwanted status as a bad debtor is a very low risk in secured loan transactions. In extreme situations where the customer defaults, contact attempts are made to understand why. If the person is not found within the time determined by the institution’s policy or declares that he cannot pay off the debt, the filing process is started, which culminates in the repossession of the property.

“This modality benefits a lot of people, so the default is better than the market average. And the objective of those who are lending is never to take your well. We don’t want to be a real estate agency and we don’t want to be a car dealership”, says the Vice President of Business Development at Creditas, Fábio Zveibil.

Loan with guarantee: growing modality

A reality in several countries, secured loans are gaining more and more strength and exposure in Brazil and the room for growth is enormous.

The Vice President of Business Development at Creditas, Fábio Zveibil, justifies that the model is sustainable for individuals as it is already consolidated in the business environment, where “much of the credit is guaranteed Secured Loan  and there are several types, from property to vehicle , but also land, warehouse, shed”.

Also according to the executive, the good growth projection in the country is also based on the total value of the assets – in this case real estate and automobiles – capable of being used in the loan operation. “The potential is huge for the sport as a whole. When you take the value of people’s cars and houses, for example, we have more than 10 trillion reais in potential”, says Fábio Zveibil.

Positive record: presidential sanction

Other than that, there is still a good expectation about the possible sanction of President Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) for the Complementary Law Project (PLP) 441/2017, which makes automatic the inclusion of all individuals and legal entities in the Positive Registry . “People who have a restriction in their name because of a silly thing – electricity bills that they forgot to pay, disputes over improper charges, etc. -, we’ll be able to find out. You’ll be giving the institution, fintech , the opportunity to learn about the client’s financial life beyond just a single note”, says Fábio Zveibil.

With few layers in the market offering the product, the consumer’s search for companies that offer the loan with guarantee must be guided by transparency and by the total amount that the person will pay at the end of the payment of the installments. Often, the lack of information ends up preventing the consumer from making the right choice.

“One point to be noted is the total effective cost of the operation, which does not only consider the interest rate. A lot of customers are just because of that. Suddenly he is not considering the costs of monthly insurance, administrative fees and all that reflects”, ponders Felipe Leite, credit leader for real estate at Creditas.

The expert also warns of possible fraud that can be applied to the consumer. With little knowledge, the chance of being hooked by malicious companies is great. “I think it’s cool to research and consult Reclame Aqui. Also doubt any financial consultancy that will charge you, at first, a fee for that. The idea is to provide financial support and not decapitalize the person in the beginning”, says Felipe Leite.

Conveyor Systems
Business Technology

4 Most Googled Questions About Conveyor Systems Answered!

It would not be a mistake to say that automation in material handling systems is becoming the new normal in this modern age of the tech-oriented world. However, traditional methods of material handling are prone to error and are tedious. So, that is why organizations are heading towards innovative, and revolutionary material handling equipment to enhance their supply chain’s sustainability, profitability, proficiency, efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness. Therefore, acquiring sortation systems, conveyor systems, end of line automation, automated guided vehicles (AGV), Conveyor Systems automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS). And, other types of automatic machinery are becoming a new norm. 

Talking of a conveyor system So, it is an efficient and effective mechanical handling apparatus that warehouse workers can use But, to transport the materials and loads from one area to another. Because such techniques help to deter workplace risks and human errors. So, such systems also play an essential role in reducing labor costs. For example, a conveyor system might use wheels, belts, rollers, or a chain to transport objects. 

So, let’s have a look at the most googled questions about conveyor systems. 

What are the Benefits of Using a Conveyor System? 

Following are the benefits of using a conveyor system: 

  • Warehouse workers can safely transport material from one level to another via elevated conveyors.
  • Warehouse workers get various options to run a conveyor system, And such as mechanical, hydraulic, or fully automated systems. 
  • Conveyors can transport a high quantity of items in different sizes, shapes, and weights. 

What are the Types of Conveyor Systems?

Here’s a list of different types of conveyors. Because each of the mentioned conveyor systems can be made bespoke for each business with various add owns. And, ancillary equipment to make sure that it can move the product at the required speed,  handle the load or deal with the material without breaking or ripping the conveyor.  

  • Aero-mechanical conveyors
  • Automotive conveyors
  • Belt conveyor
  • Vibrating conveyors
  • Wire mesh conveyors
  • Belt-driven live roller conveyors
  • Bucket conveyor
  • Chain conveyor
  • Chain-driven live roller conveyor
  • Drag conveyor
  • Dust-proof conveyors
  • Electric track vehicle systems
  • Flexible conveyors
  • Gravity conveyor
  • Gravity skate wheel conveyor
  • Lines haft roller conveyor
  • Screw or auger conveyor
  • Spiral conveyors
  • Vertical conveyors
  • Motorized-drive roller conveyor
  • Overhead I-beam conveyors
  • Overland conveyor
  • Pharmaceutical conveyors
  • Plastic belt conveyors
  • Pneumatic conveyors

Where Can You Use a Conveyor System? 

So, you can use conveyor systems in numerous industries, such as

  • Mining
  • Automotive 
  • Agricultural 
  • Food and beverages 
  • Bottling 
  • manufacturing
  • Warehouse and logistics
  • Packing industries  

Do You Need a Conveyor System? 

Because, in this modern age of the tech-oriented world, the acquisition of automation in material handling systems is becoming the new normal. But, Traditional processes are tedious and prone to error. Hence, yes! Every warehouse and distribution center needs to acquire conveyor systems. But, such systems play an essential role in accelerating the profitability, sustainability, and proficiency of the system. So, if a warehouse manager is skeptical about acquiring such technology, they should head to warehouse automation consultants. recently, they are the ones who can guide the business owners, And warehouse managers better about the acquisition, And implementation of such revolutionary technology. 

Now, are you looking for a robust and reliable conveyor system? 

McCombs-Wall Inc. So, Engineering is the best solution provider among all the existing material handling automation companies. But, it is a single-source provider that provides innovative, forward-thinking solutions to a broad range of industries. From food providers to aerospace, to retails to eCommerce, MWI Solutions is for everyone. 

Now, Let’s flick through the partner companies to which MWI resells and installs: 

  • Lightning Pack
  • Knapp
  • Kindred
  • SI Systems A-Frames
  • Hannibal
  • Hansel
  • MoD sort(Regal Beloit)
  • ID technologies
  •  Intralox
  •  TGW 
  • Antiroll
  • Intelligrated Honeywell

Not only this, below are the technology companies they usually integrate with but don’t resell: 

  • Cognex
  • Best Pack
  • SICK
  • Beck Hoff
  • Rockwell Automation.

So, without wasting your time consider MWI Solutions as your potential partner for your upcoming warehousing, and automation project. Let them figure out what is best for you today! 

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Optimize your Facebook Reach
Digital marketing Pay Per Click Search Engine Optimization Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks

7 Result-Driven Tactics to Optimize your Facebook Reach

Social media platforms such as Facebook enable you to reach out to people interested in your products. You’ll reach those who like your Facebook page, as well as the friends of people who like your Facebook page. Some postings, Facebook ad optimization, on the other hand, appear to be far more effective than others. Why do your Facebook posts receive a high number of likes, shares, and comments while your audience mostly overlooks others? In this piece, I’ll show you how to improve your Facebook reach.

Read Neil Patel’s blog article if you want to know how to be successful on Facebook and Facebook Ad Optimization. Neil examined 1 billion Facebook posts, and his recommendations are beneficial for getting started with improving your own Facebook page. Even though we can gain more knowledge from his best practices, it’s critical to remember that your Facebook page and demographic are distinct.

While you are experimenting with his suggestions, I highly urge you to examine the reach and engagement of your own Facebook posts. What kinds of content does your target audience enjoy? Which posts drew the most attention? And which posts go unnoticed? What appears to be effective on your personal Facebook page? And what can you take away from this?

Here are seven amazing tips to optimize your Facebook ad campaign:

1) Start Doing Regular Analyses.

Do you want to be able to forecast which Facebook posts will boost your reach and engagement? Begin by reviewing the Insights sections on your Facebook profile. Also, keep an eye on these statistics on a frequent basis.

Examine the reach of each post (the number of people who saw it) as well as the amount of likes, shares, and comments. You’ll start to see trends if you do this on a frequent basis.

Consider the following factors:

The success or failure of a Facebook ad or post may be attributed to various factors, including the length of the post, the content of the post, and the day of the week. However, it might also be the result of global events, the weather, or pure chance. You will not be able to control, optimize or forecast your success completely. However, evaluating elements of prior pieces should offer you some ideas about what works (and what doesn’t) for your readership.

2) Mix Up Your Post Formats

Our suggestion for increasing your organic reach on Facebook is to experiment with various post kinds.

If you mostly publish photos and your reach has recently decreased, consider making a few videos and seeing how they do. If your videos aren’t receiving the same views as they used to, consider creating link articles that showcase information that your audience would enjoy.

Even if you’re achieving decent reach by using the same Facebook post types regularly, experimenting with new ones will keep your content flow fresh and exciting for your audience. Furthermore, you may discover that there are post types on Facebook that work even better. While Facebook has never officially acknowledged it, many social media marketers and SEO Company Dallas believe that postings in new formats are prioritized in the News Feed, giving them additional exposure. Trying out new post forms, such as 360 video or Fb Stories, may have an added advantage if the algorithm favors new formats.

3) The Date and Time of Your Post

The timing of your post is essential. The competition will be low for specific time slots (such as at night). Your viewers will be more inclined to involve at other time slots, and there will also be more competitiveness. It is simply a matter of determining which day and hour will be the most successful. Weekdays are preferable over weekends for various Marketing Agencies. This will undoubtedly be determined by your target demographic.

4) The Topic of the Post

You’re most likely blogging on various topics, and your audience will prefer some over others. Examine which postings are popular with your audience; which themes are the most popular. Then, try creating additional blogs on such subjects. You may also try to make your other postings appear more like the successful ones.

5) Purpose of the Post

Scrutinize the purpose of your post. Did you write this content to inform or entertain your readers? Or were you attempting to market your products? or you wanted Facebook ad optimization? More “salesy” posts appear to have significantly less reach and interaction. Posts announcing a sale or introducing a new product appear to be the least successful in our timeframe.

6) Illustrations or Videos?

Examine the reach and engagements of posts with various types of graphics, photographs, and videos. For example, do posts with illustrations have a higher reach than ones without pictures? Do posts with video receive more likes or shares than those without?

7) Be Realistic With Your Time.

If you would like to share more on social media but might not have time to compose a social post from the start, an automated publishing flow might be the solution. At the same time, you do not want to sacrifice the quality of your social media postings. Therefore, you can use various platforms that allow you to instantly distribute your content on any platform you want. You may also specify how these posts should appear. After you’ve set up your automated publication sequence, your material will be shared on the platform of your choice every time you publish a piece.


To truly comprehend what a good Facebook post entails, you must first examine your Facebook Insights. We’re presently expanding our analysis by conducting thorough research on what works on the Facebook page.

The ability to anticipate which Facebook posts will be successful will be beneficial for all of you.

Author Bio

Lama signifies the most direct and pragmatic approach to displaying information and guidance to the crowd, and she writes and formats the content accordingly. Her work for the PPC Marketing Services provider is impressive. Lama’s content is enriched with exciting data and though sufficient to attract more customers.

How to Choose the Perfect Rug for Your Home Office

How to Choose the Perfect Rug for Your Home Office

Most of us work from home nowadays. Designing a room as your home office increases your creativity and productivity. A comfortable and relaxing space keeps you motivated all day. If you have a home office, choosing the right rug is critical to making it feel comfortable and inviting. If you’re looking for a way to add color and style to your home office, then the perfect rug is one of the best options. Rugs come in all shapes, sizes, patterns, colors, and materials, which means plenty of options are available. With so many choices out there, it can be hard to know where to start! Here are some tips for selecting the perfect rug for your home office for cleaning services can hire best Carpet Bright UK company.

Consider the Flooring Style

The first step in choosing the best area rugs for your office is to consider the flooring in your office. When they picture a home office, most people think of hardwood or tile floors, but carpet can also be used as an option! If you have wood floors, area rugs are incredible because they add color and character without making it feel like there’s any additional clutter. If you’re using carpet, we recommend sticking with a solid color for simplicity and contrast. The flooring style is the first thing you want to take into consideration.

The Right Shape & Size

To create the most seamless and beautiful look in your home office, you must choose an area rug that fits well with your room. Make sure to measure any space where you’re planning on putting a rug so you can get the right fit! The size of your office will make a difference in terms of the shape you choose as well. For small offices (less than 150 square feet), it might be best to go with one large rug covering most or all floor space. The shape of the rug will depend on the size of your space as well. Rectangular rugs tend to go best in smaller areas, and oval or round ones will work better for larger rooms! You can also do a mix of shapes. Once you’ve decided on a rug, it’s time to pick the right color and pattern! Choosing the perfect color for your space is all about personal preference, but make sure that whatever hue or shade you go with fits well with everything else in the room.

Colors That Works

The colors that work best for an office are neutral, light, and natural tones without too much color or pattern. If you’re starting, it’s smart to choose a rug with more muted hues, so if your tastes change down the road, it’ll be easier to find a new rug. The best colors for an office are light gray, beige, white, and other similar shades. You can also choose a bright or bold color if it fits well with the rest of your office. Moreover, If you’re looking to spice up the place, bright colors are great ways to do that without making any other changes in your office. We suggest using a bold color like red or blue rugs more than just an accent piece and spreading it across the floor.

A Color Scheme That Works For You

When choosing a rug, you need to think about what color scheme works for you. After all, this is something that should be pleasing to the eye and add to your décor. The best way to decide on a color scheme is by looking at the other things in your office, such as desks, chairs, artwork, etc. If you have yellow walls, it might be difficult for you to find an accent rug that will work well with them, so it’s generally better not to try and force it Expert Carpet Cleaning London.

Design of the Rug

Your home office is where you go to escape from the rest of your home, so you might want it to be a bit more simple than other rooms. When choosing an accent rug, its design mustn’t overpower or clash with any of the things in your office, such as desks, chairs, artwork, etc. The rug should also not be too big, or it will overpower the room and make everything else in your office feel a bit overwhelmed. Also, consider what materials you want the rug to be made out of so that it matches with all of the other items in your office. For example, choosing a wool rug is the best option if you have an upholstered desk chair. If you have a metal desk chair, then it would be better to choose wool or an olefin rug material so that if your feet are resting on the carpet, there will not be any slippage. 

Having a comfortable space to work from home is not only better for your productivity, but it is also important to create a comfortable space that you enjoy working in. With all of the employees who work from home these days, choosing the perfect rug can make or break their happiness and therefore should be chosen carefully.

Rug Placement

Think about where you will place your new office before jumping into purchasing your item, as this will determine the size and type of rug you should purchase. If the office has lots of space and the rug will be placed in a corner, you can go with more oversized shag rugs. If space is limited so that your office furniture might need to overlap onto the carpeted area, then opting for a small or medium-sized round rug would be best as this type of rug typically has cleaner lines than others.

Keep it Clean and Fresh.

One of the best aspects of area rugs is how easy they are to clean. Each rug we sell comes with a manufacturer’s warranty against stains, making them great for high traffic areas like homes offices. If you’re worried about spills, make sure you buy an extra-large size and place it under your desk or write off area to keep your carpet clean. You can also invest in a fabric rug for extra protection against spills and stains. An easy-to-wash fabric rug is an excellent choice for busy schedules who don’t have time to do extra laundry.

Keep It Neutral and Classic

When it comes to choosing the perfect area rug, you want something that will go well in your home office no matter what color scheme you’re rocking. Beige is always right when selecting an area rug because it’s neutral and goes with everything. Remember that an area rug is a big investment purchase, so you want to make sure it lasts for the long haul by choosing a color scheme type that will work well both now and years down the road. If you’re adding pattern or texture into your home office, consider using smaller patterns and more subtle colors.

On a Final Note

When it’s the time to choose the right rug for your home office, size and color matter. But so do texture and pattern. Opt for an area rug with bold colors or patterns if you’re looking to add some zing and spice to the room. For those who need something more subtle, choose a neutral-colored rug with simple designs like stripes or chevrons (which also happen to be on-trend). With such a fantastic variety of rugs available at RugKnots. from outdoor floor mats to wall-to-wall carpet. Finding the perfect one is easy! Ready? Find your new favorite design today by visiting our website or calling us directly!