Holy Quran

Every Muslim is expected to read Tafseer eQuran.

A brief overview of the online Quran academy. The holy Quran is a book that fell upon the heart of the holy prophet Muhammad (SAW). The holy book is divided into 30 parts (paras), each of which contains 114 surahs. It gives Muslims guiding principles for living their lives in accordance with Allah Almighty’s commands. The holy eQuran extensively discusses all aspects of life in order to help Muslims understand what Allah expects of them. The past events of various nations have been discuses in the holy book, which contains great wisdom for those who concentrate. online quran academy

The holy prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) life and the holy Quran

It is obligatory for every Muslim to study the life of Prophet Muhammad in order to understand the holy Quran in its true spirit (SAW). In other words, the Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) life is a living example of the Holy Quran. Within the span of twenty-three years, the holy book descended upon the heart of the Holy Prophet (SAW). When an Ayah (verse of the Quran) or a Surah fell upon the Prophet (SAW), he would interpret it immediately. Following the death of the Prophet (SAW), the Sahabah (companions of the Prophet (SAW)) would orally transmit the interpretation of the Quran. With the passage of time, it became increasingly important to preserve the holy book’s interpretation (Tafseer) in written form.

Some facts about Tafseer e Quran (interpretation of the Holy Quran)

Tafseer is an Arabic term that means “interpretation.” Mufasa is the person who delivers Tafseer orally or in writing. The holy Quran is Allah Almighty’s book; no one can change its words. A person who writes Tafseer must be highly qualified in various disciplines of the holy Quran. Furthermore, he must be fluent in classic Arabic in order to comprehend and explain the true meaning of the words of the Holy Quran. To interpret the holy verses, the music must be proficient in the following disciplines:

Understanding of Islamic History

The holy verses of the online Quran academy continued to descend upon the heart of the Holy Prophet (SAW) on various occasions; each verse (ayah) has a specific meaning in the historical context; no verse can be understood without knowing what the circumstances were at the time the verse was descended. In other words, a Mufasir must be an outstanding scholar of Islamic history.

Excellent command of the Arabic language.

The Tafseer is written in accordance with the Arabic language’s grammatical rules. To understand the holy verses of the Holy Quran, the Mufasir must have a strong command of Arabic grammar. The Mufasir writes the Tasir (interpretation) of the Holy Quran after judging the verses of the Holy Quran according to the rules of Arabic grammar.

Command of Classical Arabic

According to a great Muslim Scholar, a person who believes in Allah and the Day of Judgment should have an excellent command of Classical Arabic in order to understand the holy verses of the Holy eQuran. The individual can interpret the holy Quran if he or she is fluent in classical Arabic.

Possession of Islamic Jurisprudence

Writing the Tafseer eQuran is a difficult task; the Mufasir must be well-versed in Islamic jurisprudence (Asool-e-fiqa). Allah Almighty has described various Islamic laws and rules to be followed in the holy Quran. The laws and rules are based on some fundamental principles that have been thoroughly defined by the great Muslim scholars of the past. The Mufasir must thoroughly research those principles. To interpret some verses of the holy Quran describing Islamic laws, the Mufasir must be well-versed in Islamic Jurisprudence.

Extensive Arabic Vocabulary

Arabic is a language in which a single word can have multiple meanings. To put it another way, it is a very rich language. To understand the meaning of the words used in the Holy eQuran, a Mufasir must have a large Arabic vocabulary. When the same word has different meanings in different contexts, a Mufasir with a large Arabic vocabulary understands the meaning of the word better. The meaning of words can change with a twist of the tongue; the Mufasir should also know how to pronounce a specific word correctly in order to clarify its correct meaning.

Possession of Hadith knowledge

Other than the holy verses of the Holy eQuran, hadith is the word of the Holy Prophet (SAW). Ahadith is the Plural of Hadith. There are various types of Ahadith. The Ahadith are written in accordance with the guidelines established by Muslim scholars. Many of the Holy Quran’s holy verses have been beautifully explained by the Holy Prophet (SAW) in numerous Ahadith. The Hadith is, in fact, the Tafseer of the Holy Quran.

To comprehend the verses of the Holy Quran, a Mufasir must possess a command of the principles that assess the vitality of a Hadith. A Mufasir studies Ahadith thoroughly after having studied and learned the principles upon which the Hadith is based. The Mufasir considers Ahadith knowledge when interpreting the Holy Quran.

Broad general knowledge and sound common sense

The holy Quran is Allah Almighty’s book, and it contains a wealth of knowledge from the past, present, and future. It is not as simple to interpret the eQuran as it is to interpret other books. The Quran contains words of great profundity and wisdom. It is not the job of a person with superficial knowledge to understand them thoroughly; rather, a person who intends to interpret the holy Quran should have a broad general knowledge of the past and present.

He should also be aware of future developments. His vast general knowledge aids him in writing beautifully and interestingly while interpreting the holy Quran. A Mufasir’s common sense also assists him in delving into some specific meanings of the word; this is how the Mufasir gathers pearls of wisdom.

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Tafseer (interpretation) of the Holy eQuran aids Muslims in understanding the verses of the Holy Quran in their proper context. A person who interprets them must be well-versed in the discipline of the Holy Quran.

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What are Intel management engine components?

Many people after upgrading to Windows 11 will have a notice about this component. So what is the Intel management engine component? And is it really necessary for your computer? The answer will be at the end of the article. After we go to research a huge amount of information about this ingredient.

First find out what it is, where it comes from, and for what purpose

The Intel® Management Engine is an integrated chip on Intel chipsets running the lightweight microkernel operating system. It provides many features and services for computer systems using Intel® processors. In particular, this component was developed with the desire to improve the security features of the device.

Manufacturer Intel started to introduce the Intel management engine component in 2008. After that, the technology continues to be developed to this day. In fact, it is a small microchip embedded in the processor that is used to regulate CPU activity.

Drivers are required to ensure the full operation of this so-called sub-chip component. Previously, this component was attached to the motherboard. But as technology progressed rapidly, current devices switched to single-chip systems, and Intel components began to be included in the central processing unit. According to Intel, this situation should have increased the security of the computer. However, in 2017 it was discovered by hackers to interfere with and adjust the processing system of devices. Caused an incident that shook the world’s network security.

Speaking of security, Intel gives every reason to its component to protect devices against any attack. The fact is that the Intel management engine component controls CPU activity even when the computer is completely shut down. And this technology is responsible for the remote control of the processor, which is a really good idea, but it has a flaw. At this point, it is possible to answer the question of what is the  Intel management engine component? However, we still have a lot to say about this component of the “big” Intel.

Intel(R) management

The Intel(R) management engine component is not only responsible for improving device security but is also intended to make the CPU more efficient. Moreover, it will also secure the device even when the devices are powered off. It can be judged that this is a necessary component for future users.

In addition, using this citadel provides the ability to control the computer remotely, which is very useful for system administrators. Intel AT (anti-theft module) technology is also based on Intel Management engine (R) components.

After the Intel management engine component was found vulnerable in 2017, of course, the company made excuses and made a lot of assertions to retain the trust of users. They are still developing and fixing it until now with the hope that it will be as good as the idea they brought.

What are the features of the Intel management engine component?

We can only list a few of its salient features because the functionality of this component is limitless in detail. These can be mentioned as Power management, device protection, remote device control, …

When initializing the system, the Intel management engine component loads its code from system memory. This allows them to boot before the main operating system is started. To store runtime data, the Intel management engine component possesses access to a protected area of ​​system memory in addition to using only a small amount of on-chip cache. This saves energy and also makes the device run faster.

Intel management engine component

The Intel management engine component can also be a component that becomes fully operational as soon as power is applied to the system. This functionality allows it to respond to OOB commands from the management console without having to launch the entire system. From here, energy is saved significantly.

At this point, we must have had the answer for ourselves: What is the  Intel management engine component?  And should I use this component for my device or not?

It can be said that in the future if done well, this is an important component of the CPU. With it, power is saved and moreover, it protects the device, increasing the performance of the CPU. Many users still deny the benefits of this component and want to disable it. However, it is not advisable, because in the worst case it will backfire on the device. Intel is a big player in the chip industry, so we can completely trust its components to develop.

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Rajmachi Trek
Business News

Why You Should Visit Rajmachi Trek

Graded as one of the moderately easy treks, this trek raised to the altitude of 2670 ft. Having its base camp at Rajmachi  udhewadi in the Pune district of Maharashtra, this trek hardly takes a day to be accomplished.

It is situated in the middle of two popular hill stations and can be approached from either of the hills, that is either from Lonavala or karjat.

These twin forts stand facing two different sides, The manaranjan fort lies at an altitude of 2510 feet facing west and the  Rajmachi  Shri Vardhan fort lies at an altitude of 2710 ft facing east.

Trekking through the Lonavala side would take you through the much longer yet easy trail, while trekking through the karjat side takes you through caves, waterfalls, etc.

Highlights of the trek

  • One major highlight is the view from the twin forts. It gives you an astonishing view from the north, offering the best view of Madan point, Dhak Phiri, and bhimashankar.while on the other side you get to view the kataldhar, Lonavala, and karjat.
  • You’ll also get to see the valley that cuts through the hills and the strong standing valve and Hungary dam. Apart from that, You will also have the opportunity to see the monkey hill towards the right of Shri Vardhan fort and the Duke’s nose at the end.
  • The second most attractive thing about this rajmachi trek is the rich flora and fauna all through the trail. The thick forest land in the valley is home to many birds, varieties of lizards, and insects, if you are lucky enough you might encounter a leopard while trailing through the forest area.
  • The sunrise with its bright colors and gazing at those studded stars are yet another attraction to this trek.
  • Pre-monsoon presents you with the beautiful fireflies lighting your dusk and giving you a dreamy feeling.

The trek.

The trek starts from the base camp located at Bhiwadi. From there, this trek can be divided into 3 segments.

The first section is a trail from udhewadi to bhairavnath temple. The total distance of 540 mts , can be covered within 20-30 minutes

Trailing on this way you’ll come across a village from where you’ll see a path leading you to the Lonavala way on the left side.

This path is pretty straightforward and will take you to the place where both the forts are accessible.

The trek towards manaranjan fort

Having a total distance of 1.4 kms this trail can be climbed up in around 45 minutes. This trail towards the fort starts from right behind the temple,With well cleared mud roads all the way , it will take you to the manaranjan fort.

The trek towards Shri Vardhan fort

Having a total distance of 1.6 km this trail can be climbed up in around 50 minutes. This trail is not so straining as it has well-crafted steps, the last few portions are made up of mud path and rock-cut steps.

You also get to witness the main point in the front followed by the ranges of dhak bahiri, bhivpuri mountains and the bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary.

This fort offers you the  Rajmachi  opportunity to explore the water reservoir that is aged old and the temple adjacent to that.

Best time to take up this trek.

  • This trek also offers different colors of experience in different seasons. The dreamy effect of the fireflies in the month of may and june are an option to explore the nightlife also.
  • Monsoons as ever offer you with a whole lot of greenery on your trail which refreshes you all through the way.
  • Post monsoon and winter shows you the color of shedding in golden brown in the autumn and presents you with clear views of all the attractions.

Other informations

  • The nearest ATM is situated in Lonavala and karjat
  • The closest hospital is situated in Lonavala which is around 18kms from the base camp.

What makes the trail special

Tungarli dam to udhewadi

Covering a total distance of 24.2 km up and down ,it can be covered within 11 to 12 hrs of time.

From Lonavala to Tungarli it’s hardly 3 kms. Moving on further towards the north west of the dam , it will take you through a mud and gravel mixed path till the end of the dam.

As you keepRajmachi trailing, you’ll come across nandgaon village after that you’ll reach the captain’s resort, from there towards the left will take you to udhewadi.

After which you will be entering into the shirota forest which is rich in flora and fauna. On the way you’ll see streams gushing and flowing energetically. After crossing the one such stream you’ll cross a bridge and you’ll gradually start climbing towards the shrivardhan fort.

Kodiwade village to udhewadi

It covers a distance of 10kms up and down and can be covered within 5 to 6 hrs. Keep trailing in the  Rajmachi  outskirts of the village , on the way you’ll come across gupta’s emu park after crossing the park your trail gradually climbs on the left side . Follow that and you’ll end up near a stream , keeping trailing along the stream and you’ll go through all the maple trees and tamarind trees in your way. After about 2hrs you’ll reach the area near kondana caves.

If you are taking this trek in the monsoon then you’ll get to see the water flowing from the top of the caves . From there a walk for the next 35 to 40 minutes will take you to udhewadi.