Customer Retention

Don’t Overlook Customer Retention in Your Marketing Strategy

Customer retention is part of customer relationship management. Customer retention provides multiple benefits for your company.

Recently most businesses focus on their marketing efforts on getting new customers and prospects but forget to retain their current customer base. But being a business owner, you have to keep in mind that your current customers are one of the vital business assets because they already know about your brand, product, and services.  They are also aware of your business offerings. In fact business studies also reported that the possibility of selling products to existing customers is 40% higher than a new one who recently knows about your products and services.,

Customer retention is part of customer relationship management. You should always maintain a strong relationship with customers and make them engage and amazed with your offering.  If you get a bunch of loyal customers, you’ll cross a big milestone.

When we talk about customer retention, one approach doesn’t fit in all. Different customers have different demands and buying preferences. Thus you have to understand loyal customers’ choices.  Simply we would say they are different individuals with a variety of tastes.  Thus we would suggest you consider your customer’s experiences and issues they are going through, and then try to resolve them with your services.  By identifying their requirements, you can generate a loyal customer base.

Now you may ask what is the importance of customer retention. We’ll answer this in the next paragraph.

Why is customer retention so important for business growth?

Customer retention provides multiple benefits for your company, especially when it is a matter of long-term growth. A customer retention strategy can help you accomplish the following things:

Improved Customer experience and satisfaction:  When you focus on sales and marketing efforts to your old customer base, those customers feel how important they are, they feel valued and worthy of being followed by your brand. They also get complete satisfaction from your customer service.

Enhance value for your customer acquisition efforts: When you work on customer retention you‘ll get increased average lifetime value (LTV) of your customers which brings about more revenue generated per loyal customer.

Effective utilization of your marketing investment: Since client maintenance offers a higher ROI than client securing, you can change your promoting blend to expand the general income produced from your deals and showcasing endeavors.

The ability to grow and maintain ROI:  By knowing the importance of customer retention and building engagement strategies you can multiply the business growth. Your marketing team expands its efforts to strengthen your customer base. You can get to know who is your real customer and who is just the flying one, which indirectly speeded up the company’s growth curve.

Customer knowledge: Ultimate foundation of a long-term relationship

Different vouchers, sales, promotions, campaigns, and advertisements can increase sales, but when your objective is customer retention, you should begin with profound customer knowledge. This means you have to learn more about the existing customer base, and you are aware of the specific customer that you want to retain. For a long-term relationship, you have to understand which kind of services they prefer and build incentive motivational programs which are fruitful in the long term.

How do you start the process of listening and learning about your existing Customers?

Customer satisfaction indices (CSI):  Analyzing customers about their level of expectations and satisfaction, and growth results can help you to manage your products and services. Through this parameter, you can direct the client servicing team.

Being a service provider, you should have a clear idea of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction level which help you to establish your brand. You can add or delete various elements from your company’s product or service. CSI functions as a quantitative index which is effective for comparing results in multiple time frames, demography, and other business units.

Feedback: Feedback is another important element of your business. When business was offline, word of mouth mattered a lot, but now maximum business comes into the digital world, so online feedback is very crucial because it can make or break your reputation. So, ask your existing customer to give reviews that not only strengthen your customer base but also bring new customers. So a strong online presence with interactive behavior is very important. Thus we would always suggest you open business pages in each social media platform including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and make an interactive customer base online.

Market research: Many organizations invest a lot of time in market research, but they often skip two critical points

A very famous business personality stated that customers should be interviewed both at the time of arrival when they become customers.

And another is at the time of departure; when they left your brand.

In this way, they come to know about strengths and weak points and work on them.

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