5 Ways to Create the Perfect SMS Marketing Campaign

5 Ways to Create the Perfect SMS Marketing Campaign

SMS marketing goes beyond mere marketing strategies written in books, and despite being a traditional advertising avenue, SMS marketing is gaining prominence for its customer-centric philosophy. A customer is the most valuable asset of any business. With the help of One Sixty’s advertising curators, we’ve rounded up 6 pointers that every business should remember while developing a customer-centric message that will make your brand stand out.

Businesses and organizations use SMS marketing, sometimes called text message marketing, to send out offers, coupons, promotions, alerts, offers, and more via highly targeted, permission-based text messages. A maximum of 160 characters can be used in these messages.

1) Value your customer’s privacy

It is critical for any business to keep current clients, but it is equally important to protect their identity and privacy. Business houses must ensure that their relationship with their customers and mobile subscribers is respected and that their information is kept confidential, unless and until the customers specifically state otherwise. Furthermore, business houses should set up protocols that are as stringent as possible so that hackers cannot get their hands on any confidential or sensitive information.

2) Time it right

Another important aspect of SMS marketing is timing. Sending SMS to customers during the morning hours or late at night can derail the importance of your brand and leave them angry and uninterested. Sending SMS’s during business hours is the best time to convey your message since most of them are working professionals. Only certain industries, such as the restaurant or retail industry, can benefit from weekend SMS messaging. You should consider Saturdays as the most popular time of the week for dine-outs and shopping. Bulk SMS Marketing offers them a lot of value with the offers it proposes. Additionally, using past data campaigns will enable you to find the best time to reach out to customers.

3) Set triggers to avoid overloading of SMS

Although your customers have opted in to receive messages about upcoming offers, discounts, and deals, bombarding them with too many marketing messages will only cause them to lose interest and terminate your services. Your customer’s inbox will not be flooded with marketing messages if you set a trigger. One to two SMSs per week is the ideal frequency for SMS marketing, according to researchers. The information can vary, however, depending on the client and the nature of the business.

4) Use short but succinct sentences

Every business firm wants to keep their clients informed thoroughly, so they send SMSs that are long and monotonous. Business houses need to craft content based on the customer’s needs so their SMS marketing campaigns are successful. If you have well-written content with a slight touch of humor and a light background, it will definitely catch the attention of your customers. SMS must be written in a professional tone, free of grammatical errors and abbreviations. SMS messages sent to customers should be succinct and informative enough to include what customers can gain.

5) Make your content lucid

Your SMS marketing campaign will be more successful if the SMSs are concise and easy to understand. Customers dislike reading messages that are ambiguous and keep them on tenterhooks. Your customers will understand the motivation behind the message if you use the right keywords in SMS marketing. You might want to create a message that contains keywords that indicate that certain customers can choose to participate in your firm’s campaigns or events.


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