5 Ways to Increase Facebook Followers & Likes in 2021

We are already getting used to the constant changes in the Facebook News Feed, which according to the company, seek to offer a better user experience by providing more relevant content, in addition to promoting an adequate balance between notifications from friends, companies, public figures and professional organizations; but they significantly affect the organic reach of the brands.

Increase Facebook Followers

 5 strategies to grow your community on Facebook.

1. Include the “Like” button on your website

The possibility of becoming a fan of the Facebook page of your e-commerce without having to leave your website is a powerful and fast way to retain visits.

It’s about making it easy for the user and saving them the step of having to open Facebook to search for your business and follow you.

The “Like” button, along with the box for subscribing to the email newsletter are elements that cannot be missed on your website.

If you want to increase your followers on Facebook, create your own button from this link. It is as simple as entering your URL and copying the generated code on your website.

2. Implement a Social Locker

This WordPress plugin is a great tool to get followers on Facebook and increase the dissemination of your content. Social Locker consists of hiding a file of special value, be it the best part of a post, a video or a link to download a file. This part will only be unlocked in exchange for a social action, in this case a “Like”. Of course, we recommend using it in moderation.

Refrain from including it in all your content or else your followers could perceive you as an interested party who just wants to see their visibility grow at any price.

3. Organize contests and giveaways

Without a doubt, it is one of the best techniques to get followers on Facebook thanks to the great impact it generates. Holding occasional raffles for your products will bring you a large number of likes and shares at low cost, and will make you look like a nice business that rewards its followers.

4. Focus on engagement

You already know that if you don’t work it, most followers will not see your posts. Actually, your amount of followers on Facebook matters little, but the number of “people who are talking about this”. This figure reveals your real reach more clearly, as it is the followers who are truly interacting with your content. A follower who does not communicate with you through comments, likes or shares will hardly ever become a customer.

So forget about the number of followers and start generating engagement.

To achieve this sought-after involvement, you can launch surveys, open-ended questions or dedicate one day a week to do a thematic section.

Also take time to respond to comments. Making a post looking for interaction and leaving people who respond to you with the word in their mouth transmits a very bad image and will make those people not comment again.

5. Create Facebook groups

Going back to engagement, you should also consider creating a Facebook group open to your followers.

Although it is true that your participation would take place from your personal profile and not directly from your page, leading a Facebook group gives you many advantages:

  • Strengthen your online reputation.
  • Improve your visibility.
  • It makes members much more active, interacting with you and also with each other.
  • Instead of mere followers, you will have a community.
  • Another positive aspect of the groups is that, contrary to the fan pages, their organic reach has increased.

And what do you want to publish in the group? As content that is consumed from within the group, in the next point several ideas go.

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