Best 9 Tips Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing
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9 Best Tips Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing is a form of marketing that refers to the activities to reach a larger number of customers globally via any digital platform such as email marketing, social media channels, well-developed websites, blogs, and many other digital forms of communications.

This form of marketing is much more effective and yet can be done at a lesser cost.

Traditional Marketing is a form of marketing that is been done offline, in simpler words, marketing that isn’t online. It includes prints, broadcasting, outside advertising like billboards, direct mails, phones, etc. Moreover, this takes much more time to reach the target group of customers.

1.Target audience:

Traditional Marketing: It is easier to reach out to local audiences/ customers of a particular zone. It takes more time to reach.

Digital marketing: It is easier to reach out to a larger group of audiences/customers globally. It is cost-effective and also takes lesser time to reach.

2.Market Approach :

Traditional Marketing: This form of Marketing is more of a personal approach to reaching out to the local audiences/customers on a

personal bond to share the brand awareness or promoting their product.

Digital Marketing: In this form of marketing, the physical presence of the marketer is not required. Everything has been digitally and can reach infinite numbers of audiences/customers.

3.Documentation :

Traditional Marketing: In this form of Marketing provides a hardcopy of the products and services description, which is in a paper form and there is a chance of getting lost of the documents.

Digital Marketing: Digital platforms provide the softcopies of the products/ services description on the website or social media platform, which can be accessed from anywhere globally.

4.Consumer Interaction:

Traditional Marketing: Very less interaction is done, as it is very flexible because it’s been done with outside advertising.

Digital Marketing: whereas digital marketing lot more interaction with its audiences/customers through their websites, social media channels, collecting feedbacks/reviews of the products/ services by the customers to improve the brand, which results in attracting more customers for the business.

5.Marketing Cost:

Traditional Marketing: It requires more investments, as advertisements are prepared through billboards, printing, radio/tv, which cost more to the company.

Digital Marketing: It requires lesser investments, as it’s been done through the available digital platforms such as websites, social media channels, blogs, etc. which is much more cost-effective to the company.

6.Marketing Analysis:

Traditional Marketing: The results analysis is complex in traditional marketing as the company is relying on the surveys and findings of the market, which is a time-consuming matter.

Digital Marketing: In Internet Marketing Facts and data are already stored online. The analysis becomes much easier with these stored data and facts online. It doesn’t require much time.

Real-time Result:

Traditional Marketing: One has to wait for the result as it is going to take a few weeks or months to get the result. So for the next step the company has to wait for the result to come.

Digital Marketing: Online Marketing gives quick real-time results. So the company can start working for the next procedure to be executed.

8.Strategy Refinement:

Traditional Marketing: As this form of marketing does not provide quick results, so the necessary changes are taken place only after the result comes out, which is time-consuming.

Digital Marketing: Internet marketing provides quick results, hence gives time to make the necessary changes and updates to the products or services.


Traditional Marketing: This involves one-way communication in terms of outside advertisements, newspapers, billboards, radio/tv, etc. No feedback /reviews can be collected from the customers in terms of their products/ services.

Digital Marketing: This provides two ways of communication, it involves interaction between customers and the brand, henceforth gives the feeling to customers being valued and listened to. This gesture also helps the brand to attract more audiences/customers.

We can draw a small conclusion that Internet Marketing is more cost-effective and yields more buyers towards the brand, products/services in lesser time, lesser cost and can connect globally with its audiences/customers, which is proved to be beneficial for the profit maximization of the brand/company.

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