A Comprehensive Guide to Chatbots Marketing 2021

A Comprehensive Guide to Chatbots Marketing

A well-planned marketing strategy and effective implementation of the same right from the beginning is necessary for the success of digital marketing. The success of digital marketing campaigns depends highly upon working hard and smart even after operating in the era of automation. The execution of all the tasks related to marketing in an automated manner is the new approach to run marketing campaigns. And, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and bots performing all the time consuming and monotonous tasks, marketers have now started focusing on the business growth instead of involving deeply into the operation of campaigns and in generating and managing manual reports and data.

The increasing tasks and reducing time have made it more difficult for marketers as they need to ensure the longer engagement of audience but, in an era where squeezing time for ourselves it is a massive challenge. This is a crucial area of marketing where most of the marketers lag and the reason for this is they generally fail to recognize the target audience and filter the information to be provided. But internet and technology have once again emerged to rescue and the breakthrough technology of digital Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots have come to contribute in transforming the way organizations are transferring and collecting data. Using this revolution in technology, you can get deeper insights into what your clients expects from you and it can also enable you to engaging with them proactively. Chatbots can easily accommodate in your marketing creativities and assist you pushing your clients through the sales funnel.

So, if you are a marketer, and haven’t gone through the chatbots technology revolution then chatbot online courses are being leveraged by the institutions, which can be helpful for you in becoming a certified chatbot developer. In this article, we are going to discuss all about chatbots and how they work for your business growth. So, let’s begin…

What are Chatbots?

Chatbots are autonomous programs assist business in connecting with their customers in a better way. They have proved to be one of the most promising programs of modern era ensuring advanced expressions of machine and human interaction. Chatbots are powered by natural language processing and Artificial Intelligence, and they perform simulation of chats in natural language via auditory methods and using messaging applications. Presently, advanced chatbots have also been introduced in the apps like WhatsApp, Messenger etc. enabled with just a click asking if you need any help. These chatbots are equipped with the capability of replying to the users with text, audios, images and other graphic content.

Being a virtual assistant of customer experience touch-points, a well-designed chatbot-

  • Use existing interaction data to get insights into the questions audience ask;
  • Analyze and determine appropriate replies to those questions through a comprehensive training period; and
  • Use machine learning and NLP to develop self-ability of answering questions in the future.

Types of Chatbots

Chatbot software presents a variety of ways you can build a chatbot and you can pick the best suits your goals. There are three major types of chatbots:

  • Rules-Based Chatbots- These chatbots are created with a graphical user interface and follow pre-designed rules for interaction using a decision tree.
  • Artificial Intelligence Chatbots- These chatbots learns automatically through an initial training and also work on its own intelligence.
  • Live-Chat- This type of chatbots are mostly used by the sales teams in an organization. They perform answering to questions and customer queries in real-time.

Benefits of Chatbots

The value of chatbots can be judged from their ability to automate interactions between clients and business. There are several benefits chatbots leverage for a business, few major benefits are following:

  • Time and Money Saving- Using chatbot, organizations automate interactions and conversations which otherwise need human involvement. This helps businesses saving lots of time and money which can be dedicated to other crucial tasks related to business growth. Your representatives can spend their saved time in finding scope of enhancing social connectivity and increasing the efficiency of your system. Automating the interaction also reduces the possibility of human error and increases your inbound message quantities.
  • Generate Leads and Revenue- Chatbot uses direct messaging approach to collect information needed to provide effective support. For instance, in every engagement the users are asked why they are visiting organization’s page. The automation this way ensures that the user is sharing information required to serve them better without human involvement. This also generates more qualified leads that gradually increases the revenue generated through sales.
  • Direct Users to Better Results- Users and customers usually don’t know where to go for finding the information about the product or service they need. Sometimes, they are even unknown of what they actually interested in. There may be a possibility that they have just heard about your business and brand name and decided to explore if there is something useful for them. Accommodating chatbots you can direct users to the right avenue where they can find what they are looking for by asking some qualifying questions.
  • Provide Support in Odd Timings- The most popular and vital use of chatbots is that it provides quick and effective support even at the time of the day when human activities are usually suspended or it is an emergency. It is very much efficient for those organizations which do not offer 24 hour support to respond to the users’ queries. By accommodating a robust chatbot you can ensure interaction with your clients even when the office is closed.
  • A Unique and Effective Engagement- The conventional way of routing customer or user queries to businesses is through emails or telecommunication, which leverage a standard and non-customized, non-personalized user experience. But, with chatbots, business-customer interaction is a whole new, fun-packed and more interactive process. For example, many food chains and fashion houses are utilizing chatbots for a more interactive user experience.

Accommodating a chatbots in your digital marketing is a smart process requiring one time planning and effective implementation. Following few simple steps you can install your chatbots for an effective brand-customer interaction. These steps involve- defining goal and use-case, choosing platform to leverage, building content strategy, developing bot’s voice and personality, assuming frequently asked questions and coding best possible solutions for them, mapping customer journeys, adding some graphic components like audio-visuals to make interaction fun, and guiding users to checkout.

Chatbots are taking over the field of brand-customer interaction very efficiently and being a marketer you need to expert this technology if you really want to grow in the field of digital marketing. Several institutions offering chatbot course that may be your solution to reshape your career as a certified chatbots developer.


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