Alto Sunroof: ऑल्टो में सनरूफ देखी है कभी? कार में आफ्टरमार्केट सनरूफ लगवाना कैसा आइडिया है?

Sunroof in Alto : Maruti Suzuki Alto is counted among the most affordable cars in the country. Best selling car over the years, it is economical to buy as well as run. Due to its low maintenance cost coupled with good mileage, this car has carved a special place in millions of hearts. On the other hand, being an economical and affordable car, its users have to compromise a lot in terms of features. Apart from the basic features, you cannot expect much from Alto. In such a situation, after buying a vehicle, people get aftermarket accessories installed in it, which sometimes turns out to be so bizarre that it goes viral on sight. One such Alto with a sunroof is going viral on social media these days.

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