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Reasons Why Online IELTS Preparation Is Best During Summer?

Online IELTS Preparation

Reasons Why Online IELTS Preparation Is Best During Summer? Online preparation is best in every season. But in summer preparation can be easy with coaching in an online mode. Our IELTS preparation courses are structured to focus your time and energy on developing the skills and techniques you need to achieve your IELTS goals. Online preparation offers:

  1. Writing test(both General and Academic)
  2. Speaking test(both General and Academic)
  3. Reading test(both General and Academic)
  4. Listening tests (both General and Academic)
  5. Both IELTS Reading and Listening Combined tests (for both General and Academic Training)

Online Course Duration & Deliverance

Each course is up to 10 hours over a week. Course duration is depending on the time you give to the IELTS preparation. Here’s how to maximize the impact of the course:

Live Classes: You will be given 2 hours for each class. In total, you have 5 classes to take. So, the time duration for these is 10 hours over 5 sessions for one week.

Practice Test: You will perform a mock test and receive personalized feedback on your performance. False test products provide a further 3 hours of monitoring and feedback-related activities.

A study by Own: Up to 8 hours over the course. You will have tasks to complete before and after class. You will receive personalized feedback on up to 2 test-based tasks (Speaking and Writing).

Online Preparation of Four Sections of IELTS

IELTS Reading Section

IELTS reading allows candidates to strengthen skimming and scanning techniques to increase the reading speed to address the time constraint in the test center. It provides topics that are very unusual & unfamiliar so that candidates can speak and read aloud during the exam period which prepares candidates to deal with facts or -be recognized in less preparation time. If someone uses reading using the wrong vocabulary and pronunciation, they are actually working on the wrong reading which could be bad for them in the tests. It allows these people to correct their English to international standards where the level of knowledge and skills in English is measured. IELTS coaching in Lucknow.

IELTS Listening Section

IELTS listening skills increase the level of concentration, and a sense of ability in the appropriate word that can be used in the sentence and allow candidates to become accustomed to the British, Australian pronunciation they hear in the listening tests. Sometimes the pronunciation of words varies from country to country and region to region and candidates should be prepared for them. The key to getting from the Listening phase of IELTS is the level of concentration and focus to find the right word to fill in the blanks as words can be multiplied and confused depending on the structure of the sentence and the active/passive voice of the sentence.

IELTS Speaking Section

Speaking is a very important part of IELTS as it is used to prove English fluency that the candidate sees through their ability to communicate to ensure that the other person understands them immediately. In oral tests, candidates will logically discuss the topic with relevant examples that will prepare them to deal with complex and never-before-seen questions. In addition, this tends to increase overall creativity, short-sightedness, and overall ability in reasoning and logical thinking skills. For people whose first language is not English, speaking IELTS can make a big difference to IELTS candidates as it will increase their communication skills. Also, enable them to express themselves to others in a much better way. As this increases the level of confidence and mindset than before.

IELT Writing Section

Being able to speak English is just as important as writing tests as candidates have to express their thoughts, ideas, and opinions in writing. So, it demonstrates their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. As well as their correct spelling in writing. Students need to extract and present qualitative and quantitative data from the composition and comprehension questions. As these require students to understand and interpret different types of records, and data, and also write about recent trends.

Writing also involves the use of past or present or future tenses. Which are used to draw their picture of the time frame in writing, comprehension, and study.

IELTS Online Preparation from Coaching

As a result, if you go with IELTS online preparation, then join IELTS coaching in Lucknow. Coaching will not only teach you but will also provide study material for preparation.

At last, if you are still in doubt about IELTS online preparation, you can consult top overseas education consultants in India for your reference.

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5 Best tips To Implement to Ensure Winning in the IELTS Test

Prepare for the IELTS Exam

If English is not your native language and you want to study English abroad with a degree, you must take the International English Language Test (IELTS). The format and rules of the IELTS test are somewhat different from regular school exams, so we have prepared some best tips to implement to ensure winning in the IELTS test which helps you fully prepare for the test and get the marks you wish to achieve. If you don’t want to miss out on grades, take a few minutes to read the best tips from overseas education consultants for IELTS applicants.

Top Tricks and Tips for Taking IELTS Exam

Find your Powers and Faults

Work on your weaknesses to make sure it doesn’t negatively affect your overall score. For example, if you are slower in reading in English, focus on the reading test more than the writing, listening, and speaking tests.

Make a study Approach

Before you start studying, make a plan for the IELTS test and have a study plan based on your strengths and weaknesses.

Revise the Study measures

If possible, take an IELTS preparation course. The preparation courses offer you IELTS material, as well as tips and tricks you need to know. If you do not have access to IELTS preparation courses, you can hire a qualified teacher instead. An English teacher will also help you develop a curriculum.

Prepare until you sense self-assured

Exercise builds self-confidence. To test your speech, find a friend who speaks English. When reading English magazines, take a look at the texts to test your reading. Watch English pictures every night and cover yourself with English broadcasts and songs to enhance your listening abilities.

Prepare under the pressure of time Limit

Test yourself for 2 hours and 45 minutes, just like on exam day. This will help you to know how it feels to take the reading, writing, and listening exams on a regular basis. The more you exercise under the pressure of time, the better you can manage your time.

Some pieces of Advice to Prepare for IELTS Four Sections

Advice for the IELTS writing Exam

  1. Do not use English in your writing.
  2. Write task 2 first, as it will contribute more to your overall score.
  3. Make sure your line is readable, neat, and clean.

Advice for the IELTS speaking Exam

  1. Listen carefully before answering questions.
  2. Don’t answer the question if you’re not sure about what to answer. You can ask the examiner to repeat or explain the question for you.
  3. Be confident and calm and do everything you can.

Advice for the IELTS reading Exam

  1. Don’t spend too much time answering unanswered questions. Go to the next question and go back to that question if you have time in the end.
  2. Read all the questions and write down the keywords before reading each text.

Advice for the IELTS listening Exam

  1. Review the questions before listening to the recordings.
  2. Make sure you can write the dates in the correct format.
  3. If you have trouble listening to the recordings, raise your hand and ask for help.
  4. Practice both British and American pronunciation, as some numbers and words are pronounced differently.

For the preparation for IELTS, you can also join IELTS coaching in Agra. Coaching is one of the best modes of preparation for the IELTS exam. You will be provided study material also. So that you can easily prepare for the IELTS exam.

university of east London courses
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Why study at University of East London UK?

University of East London UK

The UEL (University of East London) is an excellent college to study for many reasons. Based in East London with two campuses, UEL is a highly diverse and multicultural place to study. With around 19,000 students in their postgraduate and undergraduate community and with around 120 nationalities, this university will offer you a unique opportunity to get to know people from all over the world and give you access to many different cultures.

Team at University of East London

The UEL (University of East London) has an excellent research team that delves into many different fields and topics, with around 62% of their research officially ranked as world-leading or internationally excellent. The UEL (University of East London) is competent in many areas and is an ideal place to pursue higher education, whether you are an international student or from the UK.

Meet Your Potential

The UEL (University of East London) is great because it aims to push the student not only to be excellent academically but also to be excellent in life by ensuring that the student achieves the highest potential and opens doors for himself. Many people who have studied at the UEL (University of East London) have gone on to do great things, often opening doors that allow them to travel the world and discover new things while starting promising careers.

Learn from the best at UEL

The University of East London UK is one of the best places to study due to the high quality of teaching staff. Courses are designed by employers and are delivered by leading professionals who are knowledgeable in their field of work as well as world-class teachers with lots of knowledge to share.

Career and Employability Support at UEL

If you’ve ever been lost on what’s next for you at the UEL (University of East London), the university has a system in place that will provide its students with guidance and opportunities, for internships and work placements during your studies and after obtaining your university degree. . It is ideal for those who may not be sure what they want to do while studying.

Make the Difference

When you study at the UEL , you will have a unique opportunity to work on projects that will help communities around the world. And equip you with critical leadership, teamwork as well as communication skills. The university gives her students the opportunity to improve themselves as well as the environment around them and to have an overall impact on the world. Choose the best university of east London courses for a great future and career.

University of East London Facility and Intake

  • Once you are accepted by a university in the UK, you will receive all the assistance necessary to obtain a visa. The university authorities will also help you find accommodation as soon as you arrive in the UK or even before. Some universities also have on-campus accommodation.
  • Most British universities receive you at the airport. You will have a week of orientation to familiarize yourself with the location and the university. You will be introduced to student communities, campus, canteens, and other areas of primary need. So relax and enjoy the new surroundings!
  • International Student Advisors will always be there for you! You will also benefit from advice and professional support.
  • If you are eligible, you can benefit from the various scholarships exclusively available for international students. This will help you significantly reduce your tuition fees.
  • If you want to improve your English skills, courses are also offered. Master the language and feel more confident!
  • You will have admission to new technologies.
  • British universities also offer internships.
  • You don’t contain to be anxious if you get sick. Universities will have a medical center that will take care of your health.
  • Universities will also support sports, recreational and social activities.
  • You can check out disability support from different universities. Make the most of your time studying in the UK and don’t let any type of disability get in the way of your career.
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IELTS Vs. TOEFL – What are IELTS and TOEFL Test?


English language test scores are an important part of university applications to English countries. All those who do not speak English must take these exams to complete their applications. The most popular are IELTS and TOEFL. Both assess candidates ’reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, but in different forms. If so, here is an understandable blog on IELTS vs. TOEFL – What are IELTS and TOEFL tests?! Are you wondering why I should choose IELTS over TOEFL or vice versa? And what are IELTS and TOEFL?

What is the Dissimilarity Between Both Tests?

IELTS is a well-regarded language proficiency exam that is taken by aspirants either eager to accomplish overseas education or for job and work purposes. It is accepted in over 140 countries. IELTS has two sections, IELTS Academic Training and IELTS General Training.

In contrast, the TOEFL is an acronym used to test English as a foreign language, which is a popular language proficiency test that is often chosen by students who want to study abroad. The test focuses on applicants’ ability to communicate in English in the classroom and is therefore accepted in more than 130 countries around the world.

IELTS and TOEFL Format

The most important difference is in the format of the questions, because the TOEFL contains multiple-choice questions, while IELTS asks you to answer the questions in different forms, such as filling in the blanks, short answers, and so on. However, one notable difference is this: the duration of both exams. IELTS must be completed within 2 hours and 45 minutes; on the other hand, you will need 4 hours to complete the TOEFL.

Sections of IELTS and TOEFL

There are two sections of IELTS i.e., IELTS General Training and IELTS Academic Training. And TOEFL has only one.

IELTS General Training and IELTS Academic Training

Applicants can choose their version according to the purpose of their trip. The TOEFL offers only one type of exam and is mainly selected by students who are enrolled in an international program. IELTS requires aspirants to determine creative thinking and conception skills; instead, the TOEFL examines your analytical thinking and how well you can estimate their different choices. Thus, it becomes one of the main structures of IELTS vs. TOEFL.

IELTS and TOEFL Speaking Section

The speech assessment in the TOEFL is recorded through a microphone and sent to the examiners while the IELTS speaking test is administered to all candidates. The duration of the TOEFL will be 20 minutes, the IELTS will be a maximum of 10-15 minutes. An important distinguishing factor between TOEFL and IELTS will be the ability to attempt a speaking test before other exams in IELTS, while there is no such possibility in TOEFL.

IELTS and TOEFL Writing Section

When trying the IELTS form, you will be asked to solve 2 written questions. First, you need to explain the information given in the form of diagrams, tables, and so on. In the second, you should write 200-250 words based on a given fact or point of view. If you take the TOEFL exam, you will need to develop a five-paragraph essay in the range of 300-350. For the second question, you should take a few notes from the given text and compile the answer in 150-225 words.

TOEFL and IELTS Reading Section

The reading test for both exams includes texts that revolve around the lines they will encounter in their programs. The TOEFL offers 3-5 reading questions that can be completed in 20 minutes. The IELTS test in this section consists of 3 questions and applicants are asked to answer questions in a variety of forms, such as gaps, short answers, and more.

TOEFL and IELTS Listening Section

Listening tests for both exams are very different. In the ILETS test, students can answer questions while listening to the recording. There will be a range of lengthy and undersized questions. While the TOEFL exam is based on class lectures and applicants are taken into account when listening to the audio. Students must complete the MCQ within 40-60 minutes of listening to the TOEFL.

IELTS and TOEFL Score Comparison

The speaking and writing parts of the TOEFL are assessed primarily by their appearance, including vocabulary, writing style, and grammar. IELTS is assessed on the basis of specific scores for specific criteria such as logic, coordination, grammar, and psychology. For example, an essay with a logical flow of ideas but bad grammar may score higher on the TOEFL exam, but an essay with good grammar and vocabulary but the ability to communicate concepts will be higher on IELTS standards. IELTS is assessed on a scale of 1-9, and your overall result is averaged over your individual scores on all four exams. If your total average is 6.25, it will add up to a final score of 6.5. The TOEFL is the only test with not more than a score of 120 points.

Main Differences between IELTS and TOEFL

After going through the entire blog, here is a summary of the differences between IELTS and TOEFL for applicants and those who want to continue their studies abroad.

The TOEFL test takes more time than the IELTS.

The IELTS speaking test is conducted in front of the examiner.

The TOEFL usually requires you to use only US English or British English during the exam, not a combination of the two, although IELTS seems a little lighter.

The TOEFL consists mainly of multiple questions, but IELTS offers more variety in how questions and answers are structured.

IELTS Coaching for Preparation

Ok, after the discussion on IELTS and TOEFL, now take a look at IELTS coaching in Hyderabad. If you decided to choose IELTS over TOEFL then I will suggest you join IELTS coaching in Hyderabad for preparation. Tutors in Hyderabad are well skilled and helping in nature. They give notes for preparing for IELTS and help in getting good marks.

If you have still any doubts regarding IELTS and TOEFL then, you can also consult with overseas education consultants for any other queries.

MBBS in China
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Basic Eligibility Criteria for the Study MBBS in China

Study MBBS in China

China is the most famous place to pursue MBBS as they have great technology and advancement in the medical field. This is a blog that will inform you about MBBS in China!

China is becoming a №1 destination for Indian students who want to pursue their medical degrees at a brisk pace. If you are wondering how Indian students choose MBBS in China fees, here is a piece of information for you – every Chinese medical university that admits foreign students has prepared its course materials in English. But this is not the only reason. Of course, learning English is one of the most important reasons why foreign students, especially Indians, are more likely to choose China as their major, but there are more of them. This is a blog that will inform you about MBBS in China for Indian students!

China is the most famous place to pursue MBBS as they have great technology and advancement in the medical field. Every year, more than 10,000 Indian students got admission to china for MBBS. China is really reasonable for studying MBBS as compared to the US and the UK.

Eligibility Criteria for the Study MBBS in China

In addition, the Chinese medical university is recognized worldwide, and programs are offered at affordable prices. Study MBBS in china for Indian students is 60-70% cheaper than in the UK or the US Living costs are also low, which makes it reasonable for global students.

For international students, there are many English-taught MBBS programs in China. For examples

  • MBBS program at Zhejiang University (ZJU)
  • Xiamen University (XMU)
  • Shantou University Medical College (SUMC)

Check the program is open for applications SUMC 2020.

Basic Eligibility Criteria for the Study MBBS in China

  • Minimum 60% in Physics, Chemistry, Biology (PCB) in high school
  • 18 years old or above in the application
  • Hold a high school diploma or above degree

List General Requirements for taking Admission for MBBS

  • A signed application form to the international students of the medical university you are applying
  • Personal Statement (150 words, including a brief introduction of yourself, motivation and future plans after graduation, etc.)
  • Curriculum vitae (including the educational experience, work/volunteer / other experiences, etc.)
  • Diplomas and transcripts
  • Physical examination record with the results of blood tests (completed in Chinese or English, stamp hospital)
  • Letters of recommendation (including recommender affiliation and position, signature, email, and phone number)
  • Passport valid
  • Proof of financial support (Deposit Certificate / Statement of Account sponsor during the last 3 months issued by the bank on the letterhead, with a final balance of at least USD 7,000 or its equivalent. If the account holder does not own, provide links passport/proof of identity)
  • Certified English or Chinese translation of the documents published in languages ​​other than English or Chinese.

Ready to study MBBS in China? Let China Reception helps you with your application! Our qualified student counselors will offer you trained guidance on the preparation of your credentials safe influx in China. Choose from one of the medical universities on our site!

  • Intakes for MBBS in China – September
  • Duration for MBBS in China – 5-6 years
  • Eligibility – 70% in PCB, NEET Qualified
  • Medium of teaching – English
  • Fees in China – 21,000- 48,000 RMB per year(INR 2.4- 5.6 lakhs)
  • Cost of Living in China – 12,000- 15,000 per month(INR 1.4- 1.7 lakhs)
IELTS Eligibility
Education Studypoint Tips and Tricks

IELTS Eligibility Criteria for Study Abroad

IELTS Exam Eligibility

IELTS is the only professional English language test known as the International English Language Testing System. This is a single English proficiency test designed to assess the grammatical ability of a native English speaker. It is usually reserved by applicants who want to study, work or travel to certain countries. This assessment is administered jointly by IDP: IELTS, Cambridge Assessment English, and the British Council. In this blog, we will explain in detail what an IELTS test is and IELTS eligibility criteria!

About IELTS Exam

IELTS is administered in the English language and is administered by the Cambridge Assessment English and the British Council. This exam is of two types depending on the purpose of the test. Academic IELTS is an exam for those who want to study abroad. If you want to immigrate or relocate to another country for work, the exam you have to take is the general version of education. No matter what form of exam you take, the IELTS eligibility criteria will remain the same.

IELTS Exam Eligibility for Indian Students

As mentioned above, IELTS is paid for by graduate students who want to study, work or migrate to some selected countries, but IELTS eligibility criteria are also useful in many other scenarios. If you intend to study in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand, IELTS compliance is mandatory. It is also accepted at more than 3,000 U.S. educational institutions, including Ivy League colleges and many schools located around the world.

In addition, many organizations and MNCs require IELTS if you intend to work at a branch located in an English-speaking country. You can find all the organizations that take IELTS here.

IELTS is also the only reliable English language test officially approved by the British Visa and Immigration Office for UK visa applicants.

You can also apply to immigrate to Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. IELTS is accepted by the immigration authorities and can be taken as a TOEFL substitute for the countries mentioned.

Is There Any Age Limit For Giving The IELTS Exam?

The minimum age to take the IELTS test is 16 years old and you must have a valid passport. Age is an important part of IELTS test compliance.

What Is the 12th Percentage Required For IELTS?

For the IELTS test, 12 percent of the exam does not matter. Regardless of your total percentage in grade 12 or equivalent, you may be eligible to take the IELTS test. This is a test required to prove English language proficiency in order to enter a foreign university.

IELTS Exam Eligibility Countries

IELTS is recognized in the following countries:

  1. Italy
  2. Canada
  3. UK
  4. New Zealand
  5. USA
  6. Australia

IELTS Exam Pattern

IELTS has 4 subcategories: Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. The reading, writing, and listening section are held on the same day. While the conversation section can be held at any time during the week. And after the completion of the first three chapters. Speech testing days are recommended by individual centers. Your total time on the IELTS exam is 2 hours and 45 minutes. Scores are calculated on different IELTS scores, ranging from 0-9, where the average score is 6-8.

Frequently Asked Questions about IELTS Eligibility

What Are The Minimum Requirements For IELTS?

To take the IELTS test, applicants must be at least 16 years old and have not had a valid passport. If you intend to travel abroad such as New Zealand, the USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia, you will be eligible to take IELTS.

Is There Any Passing Score For IELTS?

There are no passing scores for IELTS. Instead, the characters of each segment are calculated based on group scores, i.e. 0-9.

Is There Any Age Limit For IELTS?

The IELTS test can be taken by anyone around the world regardless of ethnicity, competition, age, gender, and religion. However, the minimum age for the IELTS test is 16 years.

Can I Get a Scholarship via Qualifying the IELTS Exam?

Applicants can receive a scholarship through a good IELTS score. One of the most well-known organizations that sponsor IELTS is the British Council, which offers many scholarships. UK Council IELTS awards are given to students who have passed the IELTS exam well and have good academic results. These scholarships are then used by students to study at any university that accepts IELTS scores.

How The IELTS Are Bands Scores Calculated?

IELTS scores are between 0-9. Where, for better results, you should get more than 5 points. For each section, such as reading, listening, speaking, and writing, the assessment will be individual and the total IELTS scores will be calculated based on the average scores of these 4 sections.

IELTS Coaching in Jaipur

Hopefully, you are now familiar with IELTS Admissibility necessities. We, at overseas education consultants, give the aspirants all the answers related to the IELTS exam. We want that no one will repeat the IELTS exam. So, I am giving you the idea of IELTS coaching. You can enroll in IELTS coaching classes in Jaipur. Also, IELTS coaching is the better way to improve IELTS performance. And also, help in scoring good marks. Hence, all the study material regarding IELTS is given in IELTS coaching in Jaipur.