Best Small Business Ideas for Housewives in Delhi

Nowadays, with the increase in the number of open business opportunities for Housewives, most of the housewives living in Delhi have started their own businesses with low investment.

Depending on your skills and expertise in a particular domain, you can also start your own business while handling the daily household chores.

As a housewife, starting your own business will provide you with the benefit of financial independence, the opportunity to make your own brand, flexibility, helping in household finance, etc.

So, if you are a housewife and thinking of starting your own business. I have curated a list of various business ideas for housewives living in Delhi.

Business Ideas for Housewives in Delhi


With the rise in digital consumption, most of individuals have started to read digitally

With the help of digital mediums like  Blogs, PDF, e-books, videos, etc. Thus, Blogging nowadays has become one of the most popular and powerful business ideas that you can simply start yourself without any Investment.

With the help of blogging, you not only make money simply by writing but you will also be able to make money by affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, Sponsored Posts, Sell Digital Products, Native Advertising, Direct Advertisement, etc.

Thus, starting with blogging is the most effective way to enhance your writing skills with a lot of opportunities to Earn Money Online while living in the comfort of your home.   

Jewelry Making

Even if you don’t have any knowledge and experience, you can still start your own business simply while living at home. To start with your jewelry business, you can take some short-term lessons on jewelry making and enhance your jewelry-making skills with stylish and trendy jewelry styles.

Once you have started to create your own jewelry, you can sell your jewelry from home in the places like local jewelry shops around you or you can sell your jewelry creation on digital mediums like Facebook Marketplace, Instagram Stores, Whatsapp Business, etc.

Digital Marketing Services

The other business idea that you can start while living at home is providing digital marketing services to small and medium-sized businesses, business owners, Corporate and etc.

Once you have started with the digital marketing services, you can provide digital services like Freelancing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing & Blog Writing, Online Advertising, Email Marketing, etc.

Along with providing digital marketing services, you can also start with your own digital marketing agency in which you can provide digital services from the various clients living all around the world and earn lakhs of income.

To start with digital marketing services in Delhi, you need to have a good understanding of the various skills and expertise required to provide digital services. But in case, if you are someone looking to enhance your digital marketing knowledge, you can simply do a Digital Marketing Course in Delhi that will provide you with in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience on all the various modules of digital marketing.

Sell on Ecommerce site

With the rise of people preferring to shop online, most of the people without opening a store have started to sell products with an aim to increase the sale and revenue.

Thus,  to start with your eCommerce business, you need to register on some of the eCommerce marketplaces, get the items from the manufacturers or retailers at low wholesale prices, upload a photo of your items with the product description, cost of products, SKUs number and start selling products.

Some of the major benefits that you can get while selling your products online is that you don’t have to build a website, get more sales, low marketing costs, no stock keeping, etc. However, these eCommerce websites will have a commission for every sale.


In this article, I have provided you with top business ideas that you can easily start as a Housewives.

I hope the article was really informative and helpful for you to understand major business ideas that you can start in Delhi.


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