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How To Promote The Olympic Sport Through Social Networks

Olympic Sport 2016

Social networks seem to have endless profits and many of them positive.

They can even become the perfect place for Olympians minority disciplines without presence almost in the media, except showcase during the course give the Olympics as take place from August 5th in Rio de Janeiro, have a share of visibility and notoriety more suited to sporting merit.

Possibly, none of the residents of the High Performance Centre in Madrid, where is located the Danone Academy, never imagined that within a few designed to develop their sports skills facilities, would ever learn how to manage social networks to reach more public and perhaps get new sponsorships. That day came because Danone with the Association of Olympic Sports scheduled on Wednesday, July 13 to Monday several days to help boost the brand of each.

And to learn to use them correctly Spanish athletes attended several conferences of representatives of Twitter and Linkedin, among others. It was explained how to get the message had more echo so you can expand your community of followers. And it does not take Gerard Pique to succeed with Periscope. To successfully sell the product simply follow a set of guidelines.

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Both for those who will go to Rio de Janeiro as not these platforms can open doors to unexpected income to devote himself exclusively to his sport professionally without fear that an injury can mean the end to a career, contrary to what it happened to Nico Garcia. Silver in taekwondo in London 2012, a serious accident forced him to take a radical turn in his life. Many will recognize you see him get on the podium four years ago, but not many know who has retired after 12 years of service in the Spanish team.

Some athletes, in the hands of professionals

The impact of the RS to transmit the values of a brand is huge and in cases where the effort, sacrifice and dedication are part of the work of these unsung heroes. For example, a taekwondo elite spends more than five hours of training a day and someone who wants to devote himself to martial to have more information about routines Yoel Gonzalez, who will defend their gold in London arts, there will be almost certain connection the network, especially if a more professional and less playful use these tools occurs. Not surprisingly many athletes with another cache as the boys of Sergio Scariolo, who are clear bets to accompany the best sports teams on the podium after two consecutive silvers, leave social networks in the hands of companies to avoid compromising situations as lived by Isco Alarcon, who a misspelling it was a confrontation with several followers of Atletico Madrid.

Several of those attending the project launched by Danone, as boxer Samuel Carmona or practicing fencing Breteau Andrea took good note of the advice and proposed to give a different public image boost. “To get there we have better opportunities to use social networks,” said Andrea to The country.

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Goodbye To Continue To See Your Keywords In Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools

Google made it official today, delete the Webmaster Tools keyword report

That’s right, and so Google has stated in blog for webmasters. We will no longer be able to see the function with which we could know the key words by which Google recognised and positioned our site.

This was one of the oldest features we could find since the beginning of the so-called Search Console. According to Google’s comments, this report was the only way for Google-bot to crawl a website. But now through its evolution has many other ways to do it with Search Analytics, Fetch and many more.

Google has also stated that on many occasions users were confused about keywords included in their content. 

So the giant has decided to eliminate this function believing that it is no longer practical. Although not a surprise, since since May heard rumours that he was planning to do so.

What we can continue to see is the analysis of searches, where Google shows the keywords by which our site has been shown.

Saying goodbye to Content Keywords: Google Webmaster Tools Click To Tweet

The interesting thing is that he comments that keywords are still important for understanding a page and that although they have improved their systems, they still can not read the mind. We must be aware of the concepts by which we want users to locate those pages and be clear by focusing the content on it.

This last part could break with the rumours that we have long been hearing about that the keywords no longer have importance. But it has the semantics of the text. This could be so, but including keywords as the essential part so that Google can recognise the main subject on which the page is treated. 

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Amazon launches its own sales program for Influencers

Influencers Youtubers

Without making an official announcement, Amazon recently launched its own sales program for Influencers, currently Beta.

Influential or social media influencers such as celebrities and celebrities on Instagram or YouTube are known to frequently promote products as a way to generate additional revenue. This segment is headed “Amazon Influencer Program“. 

Program of influencers of Amazon

Program of influencers of Amazon What is the new sales program for influencers?

As with your affiliate program, this new Influencers sales program will offer you a commission on the products that are sold, however in this case it is not available to the public. Therefore, one of the most outstanding features of the program is its exclusivity.

Amazon will launch its new exclusive affiliate program for influencers Click To Tweet

That is, at present anyone can register at Amazon and become an affiliate. This way you can create links and commercial ads, which you can place on your web pages or blogs. Then when a visitor clicks to buy that product and the purchase takes place, the affiliate receives a commission on that sale. The value of the commission will depend on the type of product.

For its part, Amazon Influencers must submit an application to be part of this new sales program. And as stipulated in the details page of this program, only those influencers that stand out for having a large number of followers will be accepted.

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But that’s not all because Amazon is also considering other aspects such as the commitment of followers regarding publications across different social platforms, the quality of content, as well as the degree of relevance for Amazon. Nor is there a limit to the number of followers that guarantees that an influencer can enter the program, as these people across all levels and categories will be represented.

It is known however that influencers will be given a unique URL in the Amazon domain, which will be easy to remember and find for potential customers. In this way buyers will be able to browse through a selection of products that of course each influencer recommends. This URL can also be placed in the comments section when posting a video on YouTube or Instagram as a way to refer precisely to the products that are mentioned. 

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Netflix modifies the system of valuation and eliminates the stars

Netflix Original

Until recently, whenever Netflix users watched a movie or series and wanted to give it a score or rating, they used the famous stars.

This has now changed as the company has decided to modify its content rating system. Instead of rating a movie or series with one, two, three or even five stars, users will now simply give a “Like” or “I do not like”. 

Netflix users will now use the “Like” to rate series and movies

Although it is a platform for content streaming, this new way of assessing what users see is more like what is done in a social network. According to the company itself, this decision has been made with the intention of making it much simpler and faster for users to value a movie or series.

Netflix users will now use the Like to rate series and movies Click To Tweet

In addition, this measure also intends the company to receive from the users an indication of the type of suggestions they wish to receive and which they do not. This new form of valuation in Netflix has been available since the beginning of April. So now users instead of using the stars to rate the content, will use a “like” to tell Netflix that they want to receive suggestions similar to the content they have just viewed.

If you use a “I do not like”, you will be told to Netflix that you do not want to receive such suggestions regarding similar content. But that’s not all, the new feature also means that when a user searches for movies, shows, shows, etc. on Netflix, the stars are not displayed next to movie titles and series.

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In this case what will be shown will be only a percentage that will indicate to the user the probability that that content will like. In fact it will show a percentage that goes from 1 to 100 so that the user realizes that it is a content according to their tastes. Netflix has also said that this percentage is calculated using algorithms related to the likes that the user has shown when using Netflix.

This way each Netflix user will have a different percentage for each content based on their preferences. The company also indicated that during the beta phase it was shown that the “I like” and “I do not like”, increased by 200% user interactions.

If you are a fan of watching series and movies online, this article with the best pages to watch movies online you will love. I recommend it to you! 

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Now in Spotify you have to wait 2 weeks to listen to new songs

Spotify Universal Music Group

Previously users who wanted to avoid ads on Spotify, should upgrade to Premium service. This was certainly a strong reason to subscribe and pay a fee, however now there is perhaps an even more powerful reason to become a Premium user.

If you do not pay, you will have to wait 2 weeks to listen to new albums in Spotify

If you do not pay, you will have to wait 2 weeks to listen to new albums in Spotify Click To Tweet

According to a new license agreement that Spotify has signed with Universal Music Group, the company would allow some musicians to postpone the release of new songs for two weeks. This means that unless the user subscribes to Spotify Premium, they must wait 14 days before they can access the hits of their favorite artists. 

The agreement also reveals that the artists will have the option of exclusively placing their new music for Premium users of Spotify. And while the singles of a new album will be available to all users, whether Premium or not, the ability to listen to a new album in its entirety, would be limited only to Spotify Premium subscribers. Will there be users who decide to delete their Spotify account for this reason?

It should also be said that Spotify is giving greater impetus and visibility to Universal Music Group so that it can get better involved with the public. According to the CEO of Spotify, Daniel Ek, the company is aware that not every album of each of the artists should be released in the same way.

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That is why they have worked together with Universal Music Group to develop a better and more flexible album release policy. More interestingly, this record company currently has U2, Drake, Lady Gaga and Weeknd artists in its ranks, so there will be many users who will not want to wait two weeks to listen to the new albums of their favorite artists.

In addition, this agreement is also believed to motivate other record companies to join Spotify and in fact it is known that both Sony and Warner have already begun talks with the music giant in streaming.

In the end and no matter how much Spotify requires new record companies, it is a fact that these companies also require streaming services. For Lucian Grainge, who is the executive director of Universal, streaming now accounts for most of the music’s revenue. Their challenge then is to transform that repintement into a growth that is sustainable.

If you like to take music with you everywhere, even if there is no connection and you do not want to pay the premium version this article on how to download free music from spotify you are interested. Although on the other hand, you may also be interested in these pages to download music or apps to download music. 

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The best 3 pages to see game of thrones online Season 7 starts!

Game of Thrones

All of us who follow the fantastic thrones game series, we are left with our mouths open to see the end of the last chapter of season 6. To make life easier for all the fans of the series, we have made a compilation of the best Pages to watch thrones game online. This way you will not waste your time on sites that do not work, of very poor quality or that advertising does not let you see the chapter.

HBO officially announced at the end of March, the seventh season of thrones will be released on July 16 in the USA and July 17 in Spain. Although we have had to wait for many months, finally “winter is coming”, or rather, winter has arrived. 

the seventh season of thrones will be released on July 16 in the USA and July 17 in Spain Click To Tweet

If you have not seen the official trailer for season 7, here we share it so you can enjoy it.

The trailer does not seem too explicit, although we can see Carsei Lannister, Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen with the song “Sit Down” by James. Each family carries its distinctive emblem where each one takes his throne in order to have power. It certainly looks like it’s going to be a new season full of excitement. 

Although before we get into the subject, if you are a person interested in the series online, surely you are interested in this article with the best pages to watch movies online. Read them!

The best 3 pages to watch thrones game online for free. In Spanish, English and subtitled.

We have done an investigation and we have checked ourselves that each of these pages offers to see game of thrones online. To make this classification we have taken into account the quality of the reproduction, the languages and that offers the minimum Spam.


Watch thrones game online at pelispedia

This is one of the “cleanest” options for viewing thrones game online. Although it is true that it has some invasive advertising. The trick to get around is to hit the “play” button several times and let new windows open with advertising. A few clicks lets us access all the chapters of the first 6 seasons totally free of charge and the reproductions are of good quality. Something that some people can find as a contra is that the series is in the original version and subtitled to Castilian. We can only find it in this language format, they do not offer more options. Or at least that we have been able to verify us when trying to see online game of thrones season 6.

Watch thrones game online pelispedia opt

You can access this URL directly to see all the seasons online:


Game of thrones see online tvbox

This is another of the pages to see online game of thrones. Equally to the previous one, we will find some invasive advertising that will make it difficult to get to the final video playback, but we can achieve it.

It is difficult to find pages of average quality to see game of thrones online in Castilian. It is this page we can only access the original version in English and without subtitles. For those who want to practice your listening in this language will be the best option.

Watch online thrones game tvbox opt

You can access this URL directly to see all the seasons online:


Game of thrones see online pepecine

If we told you that it was difficult to find pages to see the game of thrones online in Spanish, we have tried our search and found it.

On this page you can watch online game of thrones for free and in Spanish. Like all this type of webs, we will find some invasive advertising but we can easily get around it until we get to the video and play the chapter we want.

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The web of puts at our disposal all the seasons in Spanish and with good quality. You can see season 1, season 2, season 3, season 4 and season 5 in Spanish (Spanish) and free. It’s the gold nugget online to watch thrones game online for free.

Watch thrones game online castellano

You can access this URL directly to see all the seasons online:

If you were wondering where to watch thrones game online, you already have the answer. Do you know any other medium quality page where you can do it ?. Share it with the whole community in the comments! 

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Google is testing the results of mobile products

Google Testing Mobile Products

Google is testing new functionality in the mobile search engine and has called it “style ideas”. Now in the image search will show fashionable and related products that you can buy.

As they have commented in the official blog of the giant, the image finder is full of photos to help us find inspiration; Like places to travel, articles to buy, photos of celebrities, art, memes … But when it comes to fashion, it is difficult to know where to start. That is why they are testing with the new functionality “style ideas” that wants to help improve this type of searches. 

Through the mobile search we will be able to see a carrousel type Google Shopping where we will see products that we can buy and as many related.

Style search images handbag

You may think that this new feature will try to compete directly with Pinterest. This social network has positioned itself as one of the main to discover products.

The new function of Google is aimed at people seeking products find in their search engine an assistant in which to search for products and do not need to use portals like Amazon that act as intermediaries. Although obviously, Amazon has a lot of experience and the quality of their searches are for the moment much higher.

If you look at BloomReach’s study of e-commerce, approximately 55% of US consumers start their product searches on Amazon. Obviously, this trend has taken power from Google and the searches that are done in your product search engine.

BloomReach’s study of e-commerce, approximately 55% of US consumers start their product searches on Amazon Click To Tweet

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On the other hand, Pinterest is also a powerful tool to find products. In fact, there is an extension of Chrome for Pinterest that allows users to save images that they see through their navigation in case they want to return to the site.

Is Google trying to compete with Amazon and Pinterest? Will you want to master product searches? We look forward to your comments! 

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Google maps wait times to local search results

Wait Times Google Maps

Google continues to optimize its services and applications to provide a better experience in all senses to users. We saw recently the introduction of the graph on how crowded a place is. The most recent addition has to do with wait times for some local listings such as restaurants. 

Now you can know how much time you should wait in a restaurant

We know that on many occasions, people who go out to eat at a restaurant, sometimes have to wait for a table to be free. Of course it is something that for the majority represents an inconvenience, mainly because they have no way of knowing how long they should wait to be served.

Google maps wait times to local search results Click To Tweet

But with this new feature that appears in local search results, people can now know the time they should wait before going to a restaurant. This information will not only appear in the web search results, but will also be available through Google Maps.

The waiting time will be displayed near the information of popular schedules, which currently allows people to know how busy a place is at a particular time and day. As with the popular schedule function, wait time estimates are based on anonymous historical data.

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In that section, an estimated current waiting time will be displayed for that precise moment. Users will then be able to click on any of the time bars in a graph to view the estimated wait time for a given period of time.

Not only that, people can also move to the left and to the right to view a detailed summary of the waiting times of each day, below the time bars. This way you will be able to plan ahead and avoid the crowds every time you go out to eat at a restaurant.

Consequently, all the user must do is access the Google search engine and write the name of the restaurant he plans to visit. Then you can see all the information regarding the restaurant, including its address, time, menu, as well as the phone.

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A little below will be available the bar chart with popular schedules based on visits to the restaurant. In the section “Plan your visit”, the maximum waiting time will be indicated in a certain time.

When clicking on one of the bars, a legend will be displayed indicating also the waiting time and the time after which the restaurant is usually not as busy or crowded. 

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4 Inexpensive VPS Hosting That You Should Know in 2019

For website owners who want more or want to take advantage from their web host but cannot manage to pay for those high prices. 

Then a virtual private server is an excellent middle ground solution between a dedicated and shared hosting. It is good to stress that virtual private server hosts place lesser websites on each server.

4 Inexpensive VPS Hosting That You Should Know in 2019 Click To Tweet

Meaning, you get to have more storage space and faster speeds for low-cost rates. So, whether you are looking to start a business website or outgrowing shared hosting, a virtual private server is undoubtedly worth considering.

VPS gif

It is absolutely possible to get hosted on a virtual private server for an affordable price and still enjoy helpful features from your provider. For a little help, here’s a list of 4 inexpensive and affordable VPS hosting that are worth considering.

AccuWeb Hosting

If you have to point out the most appreciable and supportive VPS hosting provider currently, it’s Accuweb Hosting, which is into the game since 2003! With over a hundred thousand satisfied, this hosting provider is genuinely unmatched, because their price tags always bring smiles to the faces!

Accuweb is the ultra-safe host, and the way their expert customer support assist you is worth appreciation. Your chat is replied in 7 seconds (average), and the ticket response time is just 11 minutes!

Most importantly, their basket is huge, and they’ve got tons of hosting services to offer, including dedicated, shared, Reseller, etc. and concerning value for the money, the majority of their hosting plans dominate over even the biggest names out there. It has received tons of awards from huge organizations, including PC Mag, Hosting Advice, and it’s featured on Microsoft.

Accuweb is running with 15028 VPS Servers Under Management, and 55107 Websites Under Management.


  • Enough RAM, Disc Capacity & Bandwidth
  • Virtual Core
  • Blazing Port Speed
  • Full root access
  • Control panel
  • Ultra-fast Technical Support
  • Uptime guarantee


MilesWeb is, for the most part, one of the popular web hosting providers in India. It has been providing web hosting services since 2012.

MilesWeb’s objective, as to what they say, is to give a reliable, simple, and fast hosting service to everyone. Undoubtedly, robust customer support is most probably one of its significant merits.

They offer not only virtual private server hosting, but also reseller hosting, cloud hosting, common hosting, and dedicated servers hosting. But take note that there are two kinds of MilesWeb virtual private server hosting.

So, firstly, the Linux VPS servers, which is managed or handled, and offered by Digital ocean. The prices kicks off at $12 and the servers are situated in Toronto, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Singapore, Bangalore, London, San Francisco, and New York.

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The second type of MilesWeb VPS hosting is the Windows virtual private servers, which is handled by KVM virtualization. And the servers are only situated in India. The prices kicks off at $16.


  • Server by AWS and Digital ocean
  • Cpanel or Plesk
  • Free VPS Migration
  • SSD Storage
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Full Access to Root
  • Managed VPS
  • KVM Virtualization


With at least 400,000 customers, this web hosting provider has over twenty years of business life. With this experience, DreamHost has achieved an excellent reputation. In fact, officially recommends this hosting provider.

DreamHost offers cloud computing, dedicated servers, VPS hosting, WordPress, and shared hosting. The DreamHost virtual private servers are only offered and managed on Linux.

They guarantee 24/7 customer support, unlimited bandwidth, and 100 percent uptime. The prices kicks off at $ 13.75.


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If you’re looking for a great virtual server to purchase, this hosting provider’s VPS hosting is absolutely worth to consider. This is essentially true if you want to leverage WordPress as they have a robust cooperation with CMS.


  • Ubuntu OS
  • Cheap Linux VPS hosting
  • SSD Server
  • Cloud Computing
  • Fully managed VPS servers
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Specialized in WordPress
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 24/7 customer support


1&1 IONOS is located in the United States and started operating in 2003. Undoubtedly, it is a web hosting provider with lots of experience in the field. They offer domain registration, website builder, dedicated servers, VPS, website hosting, and many more.

For those people who want to purchase affordable VPS, 1&1 IONOS is most probably the right option. The prices kicks off at $5. Moreover, operating systems can be Linux or Windows. Also, you can select the server between Germany, Spain, and United States.

If you happen to be in Europe, Asia, or United States, this hosting provider is undoubtedly to be helpful, with unlimited traffic and free SSL.


  • Data Centers in Spain, Germany, and United States
  • 9% uptime
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Linux or Windows server
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Vmware Virtualization
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Full Access to Root

If you like it! Please share it!

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Digital Marketing Jobs, Skills & Experts in High Demand 2020

In today’s time, digital marketing jobs are widely trending in every possible industrial sector. No matter it is about a small, medium or large enterprises the job requirement for digital marketers is hot. 

Now, the companies have generated a huge amount of requirement for digital marketers with unique creativity, and effective skill set which can grow their business in all possible directions.

Digital Marketing Jobs, Skills & Experts in High Demand 2020 Click To Tweet

Digital marketing skills are so in-demand that maximum people in the industry claim their skill gap. Companies actually refining the specified experts of digital marketing such as Search Engine Optimization Expert, Social Media Marketing Expert, Content Marketing professionals and so.

According to the recent statistics released by experts, both small and large digital media businesses list social media as the topmost required skills. Around 40% of marketing job openings are looking forward to digital expertise skills. Moreover, there are two times job postings with a digital focus compared to five years ago. It has been also confirmed that digital marketing will make up 35% of marketing spending by 2020. In 2016, there were 174,141 digital marketing focused job postings. Digital marketing jobs offer, on average 4-5 lac than other types of marketing jobs.

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Digital marketing is considered as a multi-faceted job which requires diagonal thinking; an ability to be the simultaneously commercial and creative head.

If you are searching for jobs in digital marketing, then you can find it here

Digital Marketing gif

Following are the key skills attributed to this role:

  • Effective writing ability
  • Good communication skills
  • Understanding of consumer behavior and buyer psychology
  • Analytical and numerical abilities
  • Knowledge and experience with social media, PPC, blogging and more
  • Graphic design abilities
  • Web design/development knowledge
  1. Search Engine Optimization Manager

The responsibility of an SEO manager is to build healthy traffic to business websites by leveraging referrals from a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more others. SEO managers must be handy with analytical tools and detailed research about the locations. SEO manager can also open to doing search engine marketing (SEM) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

  1. Social Media Manager

The role of social media manager is to develop strategies for a brand’s presence on social channels ranging from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and more. Moreover, they develop marketing campaigns, interact with customers, adjust strategy, and analyze results.

  1. Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketers develop comprehensive online marketing strategies for companies ranging from small, medium, and large scale businesses. They create a strategy plan containing a little of everything considering all digital aspects including SEO, social media, online advertising, email marketing, mobile marketing and more.

  1. Marketing Assistant

This position of marketing assistant is bind with a wide range of tasks from writing up campaign reports to arranging events. This position is a good point to initiate and build a career in Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai, giving candidates exposure to the many skill sets a digital marketing manager must have.

  1. Marketing Analysts

Digital marketing analysts work on analytics tools to track the success of all digital marketing efforts. They also have the liberty to conduct market research and assist other marketing team members with data-driven digital strategy development.

  1. Content Managers

Content Manager is considered as the most essential part of the digital marketing team as it keeps a company’s online channels updated with the content from blogs to downloadable assets to YouTube and so. They often manage teams of graphic designers, photographers, writers, videographers, and editorial assistants. They also play a role in developing strategies for amplifying and distributing business content.

According to the research from Moz and Fractal, digital marketing ads list these skills as being most essential for incoming candidates:

  • Social media
  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Content Marketing
  • PPC

Effective marketing data has made it significant for digital marketers to feel comfortable with analysis and metrics. At the same time, the best digital marketing candidates integrate numerical thinking with a unique creative spark.

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A career in Digital marketing is the most efficient choice to make; getting paid to sit on Facebook all day is basically the coolest work to be done, right?

While Digital marketing Courses in Pune does involve a lot of time on social media, blogging and create GIFs, there are so many reasons why this career is a popular one. It is relatively a newly designed industry which is highly consistent enough at an evolving stage. It’s also one of a very few jobs which require a relationship of creative and analytical skills, so you’re always on your toes and never get the chance to utter the phrase ‘my job is so boring’.

What attracts digital marketing as a career option is that there is no linear entry path into this field, although it can make things more straightforward. This field doesn’t ask for any degree in marketing to get a job.  Below are the few designation are available in digital marketing field.

Moreover, a digital marketer needs to work on a wide variety of tasks on a routine basis including email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, blogging, content marketing, along with analyzing, strategizing, and reporting.

Download PDF – Digital Marketing Jobs, Skills & Experts in High Demand 2020

All these specialized tasks require an absolute set of skills and disciplines. Although a good marketer should be able to competently do everything, the best Digital Marketer usually specialized in one area.

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