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7 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Not Really Effective

Invest a lot of time and resources in content marketing, but why are the results of these campaigns not as expected? Is the brand making some important mistakes? Here are 7 common mistakes that any brand can make when implementing Content marketing, let’s find out and review the campaigns you are implementing!

1. Focus on only one content format

Content marketing can take any of the following forms: blog posts, eBooks, case studies, videos, white papers, infographics, podcasts, and social media. Therefore, if the brand focuses on only one content format, it also means that you have put yourself at a disadvantage. It is by:

Some audiences may prefer other forms of content instead of the one you’ve adopted

You may not be able to attract audiences who are only familiar with these other forms

So take the time to dive deep into what kind of content your audience likes and add it to your next marketing plan.

At the same time, exploiting a variety of content formats such as videos, blog posts, infographics with attractive information, etc. will not make the audience feel uncomfortable, but on the contrary, it will also create diversity and avoid boredom. Bored in the process of updating information. Best of all, as long as it engages your audience, it’s worth it.

2. No clear strategy

Without a clear content marketing strategy (what the brand wants to achieve – how to get there), it will be difficult to see what really means for your campaigns. Not only that, the fact that your boss complains about the results of your content marketing campaigns may also be due to this reason.

To do that, answer the following questions:

What is the purpose of implementing this content marketing campaign? It could be: getting more customers, growing followers, getting more subscribers, launching a new product?

What is the monthly or yearly goal? 1000 customers/month, 5000 new accounts monthly, or 10,000 Instagram followers?

What strategies will help accomplish this goal? For instance, Buffer used guest posting to gain its first 100k followers. Or it could be focusing on social content marketing, infographic marketing, podcast marketing, or eBook marketing.

3. Handle the content production process alone

content production process

No one can do everything well, but, some people still create content, edit, design, manage social networking sites, and edit videos on their own. So it is not surprising that they did not achieve good results. It will take a content production team, especially if the brand is adopting content marketing at scale.



In a team, you may be responsible for creating text content, while another member handles the visuals. There may be others responsible for audio content (podcasts), email marketing or social media profile management, etc.

4. Content lacks originality

Sure your brand isn’t the first blog to talk about credit score tips, weight loss guides, the latest iPhone 12 reviews, etc. Still, if you’re still discussing what people have seen billions of times elsewhere, it would be difficult to leave an impression on them.

Content lacks originality

Instead, you need to provide your audience with content they won’t encounter on any other blog. To do this, when writing about a topic that has already been covered, make sure you approach the topic from a new perspective. For example, instead of blogging about “How to develop an effective email marketing strategy”, you can go from the perspective of “How we won our first 100,000 customers through email marketing”.

Come up with unique ideas so your content can stand out from the crowd.

5. Not actively promoting content

Content marketing is only effective when more people have access to the information. Even if there is a steady readership on blogs or social media sites, brands still need to promote their content on other channels to get good results.

Most people post blogs, then sit and hope that people will come and find them. Are not! Brands need:

Join relevant groups: promote your content to the groups and forums in which you are present

Take advantage of social networks, email marketing: share content on social networks or any platform you have. Then use email marketing to push the content to the people who signed up for the email

Content Promotion: If you can afford to pay for advertising, this is a great way to get your content noticed. You can run ads Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Google ads, or Instagram.

Important Note: When promoting content on other platforms, it’s best to invest in building a landing page to drive traffic and conversions.

6. Content for Search Engines

With the increasing focus around search engine optimization (SEO), people are no longer focusing on what matters to their audience, instead, they are only interested in how to beat the competition. Google algorithms and how to rank #1.

While this is not a bad thing, it can hurt your chances of increasing conversion rates from content marketing. You need to add honesty and emotions & realism to your content to make it better than others. Search rankings are important, but the content must address the issues that customers care about.


So make sure the content you’re creating – whether blog, image, video, or audio – is tailored to rank high on the SERPs and impress your target audience. Besides, it should also be noted, if the content is not useful to the reader, the search engines will not even rank no matter how much SEO you have optimized.



7. Content is not searched engine friendly

As mentioned above, SEO is very important to get your content noticed on the Internet. If your content marketing efforts are struggling, it could be due to poor SEO.

Avoid using ineffective approaches like keyword stuffing, duplicate content, guest posting to find links, paid links, links from bad sites, slow-loading sites, text offline version, etc.

At the same time, from time to time you also need to up your SEO game. Most people do SEO themselves, but this does not always guarantee good results.

It is better to hire SEO services who can help you with proper keyword analysis, competitor analysis, landing page optimization, title tags, Meta descriptions, mobile optimization, etc. dynamic, site speed and diverse backlink portfolio, etc.

Homes in Atlanta
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How Radon is Affecting Homes in Atlanta!

Atlanta is a place where people have developed the awareness that certain factors are affecting their health unknowingly. When we talk about Home homes Atlanta Inspections Georgia is a place where you can find plenty of options related to this industry but the main point lies in deciding how to choose the right home inspection company and home inspector for yourself so that you can know what exactly is happening and how to tackle any unwelcome situation in your homes Atlanta. When we talk about unwelcome situations, the main thing that needs to be done is to get rid of any potential health issues because structural and safety issues are something that can be removed by spending some money but once we let it get to our health due to some negligence, it cannot be taken back. Let’s see the effects of radon on the health of the human body.

Radon, a health hazard.

One of the top factors that are affecting the health of people badly is radon which is also known as a silent killer due to obvious reasons. It is not like other gases whose presence might be felt like how fire burns and we know that the smoke coming out of it is not good for us. It gives an immediate reaction as well but unlike it, radon is an absolutely inert gas having no color, smell, or taste. We cannot feel its presence around us and might be inhaling it for years so it is better to get the number of radon tests before things get out of hand.

How does radon affect the human body?

Radon has a very different way of affecting the human body and this is the reason for it being notorious as a silent killer. Radon effects on a long-term basis as it has a tendency to get entrapped inside the human body. When a human breathes inside the air which has higher amounts of radon than usual, it is getting entrapped inside the fine fibers present inside the lungs of a human body. It takes years for radon to affect the human body but when it does and due to the radiations that are emitted out of it, the structure of the lungs is disrupted and it leads to lung cancer. Only in the United States of America, around 21000 deaths a year are reported due to lung cancer caused by radon as it is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. It is highly important homes Atlanta for us to get the higher amounts of radon inspected in order to get rid of any excess quantities.

What is the safe level of radon?

The fact gets alarming if the amount of radon present inside your house gets higher than the amount of radon present outside. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the safe amount of radon is less than 4 pCi/l and any amount more than this is very dangerous for you to breathe in.

How to get rid of higher radon levels?

Higher levels of radon, if found inside your house, should be eradicated as soon as possible by getting professional help. Home inspection companies provide professional services by sending their professional home inspectors to your house and they place their equipment inside the place. There are two different types of radon tests depending upon the conditions that require certain actions.

Types of radon test:

There are two types of radon tests i.e. short-term radon test and long-term radon test.

A short-term radon test usually takes just a few days to measure the levels of radon inside the house.

On the other hand, long-term radon tests take months to complete but the tests are accurate and exactly according to what is needed for the house.

Once this step is completed and the amounts of radon are found to be higher than safe, radon mitigation will be needed.

What is radon mitigation?

Radon mitigation is the process of getting rid of high amounts of radon in your house through some professional equipment placed in the lowest possible area of the house.

This consists of the apparatus that needs to be placed in an accurate position and till the test is being conducted, it should remain untouched. Mostly it is placed in the basement of the house and it helps in keeping the airflow of the house smooth so that the air would not remain stagnant inside thus increasing the levels of radon homes Atlanta.


By getting Radon testing Atlanta helps the residents through its vast market to be satisfied that there are no higher amounts of radon present inside the property and it is completely safe for them to stay inside by getting professional services. Once an inspection is done and your house is clean, you should also get it done on an annual basis to make sure that the problem would not arise inside your home.

If your house is not clear from higher amounts of radon present inside, you should get a mitigation system installed as soon as possible and also get it checked regularly to make sure that the issue won’t come back again and you are good to go!

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All Reviews by Natural Professional Artists

There’s one thing concerning the website and technology of the kratom polish vendor that simply causes you to feel additional assured within the purchase – Admit it. the graceful emblem, cool color, and engaging copy all produce the correct conditions to complete your cart and exit. All the proof from Natural journeyman that a stigmatization label isn’t the sole complete that must be created. each Naturalist person offers the most effective  Reviews feature out there, with the correct online response to prove it.

Updates on All-Natural journeyman

According to our information, an All-Natural journeyman uses solely the best quality kratom leaves out there to supply ‘art’ products for kratom. However, they fail to produce any factual, factual, and factual data to substantiate that claim. and that they don’t have research lab reports on their website to offer customers associate degree understanding of what they’re obtaining.

One of the most effective stuff you will expect from an ‘art’ product is commitment or dedication to prove that their product square measure glorious. while not an excessive amount of data concerning kratom products on their website, it’s tough to totally appreciate the art person they’re creating. However, their square measure several online resources that may encourage you to shop in any way.

While their website doesn’t leave an area for updates (another dangerous point), the merchandise is prepared for forums like Reddit. many shoppers on the positioning claim that All-Natural journeyman is one amongst the foremost reliable, most reliable retailers out there, commerce quality product that satisfies even the foremost skilled kratom enthusiasts out there.

Every Natural journeyman doesn’t appear to own its own Facebook page Reviews thus Reddit is often the sole online website wherever you may realize reliable, tailor-made reviews for customers with their product and services. However, Reddit is choked with threads concerning the vendor, thus it’s unlikely that you just can run out of resources throughout your due diligence.

All Line journeyman Product Line-Up

Every natural creator treats over simply kratom. the merchandise is one store of dedicated botanicals, thus you may realize teas, extracts, tinctures, CBD, CBG, seeds, and organic plants of their line type. however, even with all the choices out there, All-Natural journeyman retains kratom as its main ingredient.

Some of their kinds of kratom include:

  • Borneo
  • Thai
  • Malay
  • Baal
  • Planting
  • Kapuas

These kinds of Kratom square measure found in inexperienced, white, or red varieties consideration 25g, 100g, 250g, or 1kg. They additionally carry associate degree extended vary of different kratom products like their premium journeyman amber varieties aboard their common varieties. Found in Meng prosecuting attorney and island, this art possibility is alleged to contain additional mitragynine compared to common complications.

There square measure several different wonderful products on the list together with range-kratom, premium kratom, and KraCoco – a delicious kratom confection that turns kratom into soft manduction chocolate. Kratom capsules, tinctures, and extracts also are outstanding in their line, with a product providing its own form of liquid kratom that produces’ Liquid Gold.

All creator value codes and coupon codes

Their art choice is sort of costly though most of their common kratom strains sell at moderate costs. A 25g pack of their customary kratom powder goes for $ three.60, and also the pound sells for $ seventy-one. 20. Compared to different competitive products Reviews, their packages square measure usually cheaper than most different retailers out there.

Obviously, the most effective additives for custom sell tons. Their additional pounds value $ 290 every, which might place a dent in your pocketbook if you’re a replacement shopper. additionally, they need occasional sales. Their premium blends and kratom art powder are reduced to $ seventy-two and $ eighty-five. 50 per kg each year purchasable, thus it’s positively to be expected.

Natural journeyman doesn’t have several coupon codes out there for its customers as a result of it’s not massive on social media. there are no thanks to getting updates on their latest sales and promotional offers while not visiting their website in an exceedingly sensible old style method as a result of they need no media service.

Decision on All-Natural journeyman Kratom

 each natural knowledgeable is extremely competitive once it involves kratom selection. The complete offer associate degree distended vary of wonderful product Reviews with totally different strengths, strengths, and focus, business to customers with totally different levels of tolerance. And whereas their premium value, acquisition, and improved integration are also on the far side of your budget, they hold sales from time to time to bring their product wherever each form of customer is on the market.