Elon Musk का Twitter पर सस्पेंड किये गए अकाउंट्स को लेकर बड़ा बयान, कही ये बात

Elon Musk asked the public about general amnesty – “Should Twitter offer general amnesty to suspended accounts, provided they haven’t broken the law or engaged in serious spam?” More than 3 million people took part in the poll released by Elon Musk on Twitter. In this poll, Elon Musk asked the public whether a general apology should be issued for suspended accounts on Twitter. On his question, 72.4 percent users agreed, while 27.6 percent users disagreed about the general apology. After the results of the poll came, Elon Musk shared it on his Twitter handle by writing “Vox Populi, Vox Dei”. Let us tell you that this is a Latin phrase which means- “The voice of the people is the voice of God”.

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