How Does RFID Enhances Improve Customer Experience in the Retail Industry?

Radiofrequency identification (RFID) must not be perceived only as of the future of the retail but also as the ‘now.’ The retailers handling a large amount of inventory that are yet to invest in RFID are missing out on profitable opportunities, payroll savings, loss prevention, and much more. Another overlooked advantage of RFID is perhaps the most significant of the lot – how it helps the customers.

Excellent Shopping Experiences

RFID solutions for retailers have become indispensable because of cent percent inventory visibility and the capacity to make purchases through many different retail environments (including telephone orders, web-based, and in-store), skipping long queues, and more.

RFIDs assure seamless integration by eliminating the available communication gaps that usually exist between the retailers’ telephone, website, and in-store. Here is what they can do:

  • Amalgamate the communication channels to increase the scope of a customer’s shopping experience.
  • The in-store representatives can refer to a customer’s past purchases in the same way telephone and web chat reps can. That is amazing, right?
  • The customers can gain access to product information from their desktop, buy the product from the smartphone, and then pick the product from the store that is located close to their house or office.

Fast Checkout Procedures

The retailers exert a lot of effort on advertising and marketing to move the customers across the sales funnel, helping them reach the purchase point gradually. Checkout is, however, not where a retailer’s relationship with the customers ends.

The entire purchase process can severely affect the experience customers have inside a store and the reputation of the store. Speeding up checkout without hiring a full team of sales clerks is believed to be a win-win for both the customers and the retailers.

RFID guarantees easy and fast checkout with zero mistakes. Thus, the customers spend properly on the products, get through the queue within a short period or simply skip it. The inventory levels are tracked for automatic and swift re-ordering of an item. Here is how RFID benefits checkouts:

  • Lower the time customers wait.
  • Lower the number of salespersons needed to process purchases and accept payments.
  • Allow quick scanning of several items simultaneously.
  • Allow customers to skip waiting. One can place the order and pay via smartphone and pick it from the store without standing in the line.

Low Cost and Better Maintenance

When inventory is not tracked, the chance of items being misplaced becomes high. This frustrates the customers since they cannot find the item they wish to buy, though the item is somewhere inside the store. The RFID inventory management systems can help. The employees receive information easily since it is embedded within the smart labels. The advantages include:

  • Easy identification of items.
  • Complete control over store inventory.
  • Streamline shipping and deliveries.
  • The customers get real-time product data via mobile and web apps.

RFID in the retail industry enhances the efficiency and productivity quotients to a great extent. This, in turn, escalates the bar of customer satisfaction too. In order to see why exactly RFID will continue to be approached for inventory management, one simply needs to consider the innumerable ways the topmost companies are utilizing this technology. It gives a substantial competitive advantage that can be translated into conveniences.


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