How to make web pages load faster in 5 steps
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How to make web pages load faster in 5 steps

Have you ever wondered why website speed is so important? How do they impact the visitors and what are the factors that affect the website performance?  Web  pages is the face of the business for the customers who intend to visit your office, purchase a product or a service. If your website is faster, beautifully designed, stackground and easily understandable for people like that of Jamstack websites built with Gatsby headless WordPress that who you are and what are your services, you get several benefits like mentioned below;

  1. Increased Web Traffic
  2. Higher Conversion Rate
  3. Greater Customer Loyalty
  4. Higher Sales
  5. Greater Global Reach

This is the web benefits of a higher and improved website, or you can say the end-product of what you are offering through a stack website.

There are two factors involved mainly;


The most powerful point to start optimizing your website is with your on-page SEO. Some off-page SEO representatives can fall beyond your control, like earning backlinks or getting no-follow links, but you can examine how your stackground website performs in SEO.

The sitemaps, customized menu, animated images are all some of the factors that improve the visibility and performance of the website. While the jamstack website is visibility better in SEO performance, security, speed and scalability with Headless wordpress themes.


Optimize Images

Images take up a huge part of the place on most websites. Ensure to reduce the size of the image file before saving it or uploading it to your website. Adobe Photoshop has an option of “save for web” that will help you in reducing the file size automatically. While on jamstack website it is different since you are working on the static site generator and hence much faster.

Otherwise, if you upload an image at its normal full size, the browser has to work hard to resize that image. There are also other online applications to help you reduce image file sizes.

Minifying Your Assets

Minifying your assets refers to the act of compressing the CSS code, which makes it faster for net browsers to scan the info on your website. this can be a good factor as browsers can scan the code with fewer gaps, which can facilitate speed up the page load time. There also are plugins accessible to assist you are doing this.

Combining Assets

Combining assets refers to the act of mixing multiple files with one file for CSS & JavaScript. Doing this can cut back the number of times your pc must request and send knowledge from your server to alternative devices.

Updating Your browser

Technology moves quickly, and it’s vital to stay up! one of the only stuff you will do is check that your browser is up thus far. Their square measures numerous plugins accessible to assist you out with this, associated it’s suggested that you simply let an intimate net developer handle this type of update. On the facet, associate updated browsers will considerably improve website performance and more.

Caching Your website

When a personal net user visits your website, “caching” is what permits the visitor’s browser to recollect what files were used, and it’ll pull these files regionally onto the user’s screen (versus having to form individual journeys to the online server).


These are the basic steps that make your website perform efficiently and it is a very effective way of attracting more potential customers. The SEO and technology work side by side on a website to improve the performance, attract more customers, and create a better reach for a global audience.

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