Importance of Singapore Certificate of Incorporation Company

What is the Certificate of Incorporation?

A Certificate of Incorporation is a legal contract provided upon the certification of a company by the Registrar of Companies (ACRA) in Singapore. The certificate asserts that on the specified date the corporation was created/incorporated and fulfills all the regulatory requirements for the incorporation of the company and signs up for its distinct legal identity that is distinct from that of its shareholders.

You might have a variety of assumptions regarding your potential as an entrepreneur to succeed. Such emotions, however, are of no significance or concern. Every businessman has to start someday, complete his or her Singapore Certificate of Incorporation.

Why is the Incorporation Certificate important?

Usually, the Certificates of Incorporation is needed when the organization enters into any trade agreement, business agreement, or transaction with overseas government or government agencies, and the transacting parties which need the certificate as proof of the entity’s existence and nature.

However, because many public registers are now electronic and made accessible online, proper research by the transacting parties is gradually verifying the status of companies online in the public company registry of the registrar. You should read a foreigners’ guide on starting a business in Singapore.

Who Issues the Singapore Incorporation Certificate?

ACRA is the Registrar of Companies in Singapore, and after completing the incorporation process, it issues an e-notification of incorporation. The e-notification will be sent to the company’s officers and the person responsible for the incorporation filings by email, and it does not carry any signature.

Companies may sometimes require signed copies of the Certificate of Incorporation to be sent during their company to other parties. In such situations, an electronic Singapore Certificate of Incorporation can be obtained from ACRA at any time and on any number of occasions after incorporation for a fee of S$50 through BizFile, and such certificates are duly electronically signed by ACRA.

Where in Singapore can you receive a certificate of incorporation?

Go to the ACRA portal for BizFile+ at

The electronic version of the certificate can be downloaded from the connection given in the email available under ‘Messages’ on the ACRA BizFile+ portal upon successful payment of the charge. Alternatively, an email with the certificate download connection will be sent to you within 30 minutes of your successful payment.

If a paper copy of the certificates is required, the same could be accessed in a similar method through BizFile, and the hard copy certificate will be able to be obtained at the reception of the ACRA on the next working day and 24 hours after the payment has been successful. Alternatively, you may also request that ACRA post the certificate to the address you mentioned.

The owner must go through post-registration activities after the incorporation of a company in Singapore, such as obtaining a Certificates of Company Incorporation and opening a corporate bank account at a local bank. They must obtain business licenses, obtain a payroll contribution submission number, and obtain GST registration (voluntary or compulsory) for their company, if applicable.



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