LinkedIn Text Ads: A Beginner's Complete Guide in 2021
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LinkedIn Text Ads: A Complete Guide in 2021

Text Ads means

Text ads are simple ads that appear on the right-hand side of the LinkedIn desktop feed. A text ad is a marketing tool that advertisers use to promote products or services. To control your spending, create PPC pay-per-click or CPM (cost per view) bids. These points will help you maximize your results utilizing this flexible ad format.

A text ad is a marketing tool that advertisers improve to sell services and products. This fast and easy way of advertising typically includes only text and embedded text links. It’s remarkably similar to the want ads found in print publications. However, before you can make a productive ad, you want to learn who you are concentrating on. Text ads are a kind of advertising that normally comprises just text and embedded text links. They truly are very similar to adverts utilized in publications. Therefore, text ads would be the correct option for the unique wants.

Linked in’s sponsored content ads are a top priority if you want to increase conversions and are on a tight budget. To increase volume and reach an audience that is very good for sponsored content, we recommend adding text ads to your LinkedIn strategy. Linkedin text ads allow you to create, manage and optimize custom campaigns within minutes. You can reach a professional audience and generate high-quality leads for your business with Text Ads. All this while maintaining an affordable budget.

LinkedIn Text Ads means

LinkedIn text ads are a simple text-based feature that allows you to announce a sale, answer customer questions, provide testimonials and other useful information. These ads are very budget-friendly and easy to use. LinkedIn text ads allow advertisers to reach the right audience and traffic to the landing pages they desire.

Why LinkedIn text ads?

LinkedIn text ads can be used to target specific audiences. They also allow you to create ads quickly using the available advertising options & tools. This will enable marketers to develop tailored advertisements that are unique and well-tailored for the market. In return, they can get high-quality conversion leads.

These LinkedIn text ads are not only used to drive traffic to a website or other landing pages but also help in tracking conversions. LinkedIn text ads offer to budget as the payment is calculated based on the CPM or PPC model.

The advertising system does not require any long-term commitments. Combining the cost-effectiveness with the ad refining capabilities narrows its target and provides more benefits than any other type of advertising.

How to use LinkedIn text ads?


LinkedIn text ads are very targeted and audience-specific. It is a good idea to select a lower daily budget. LinkedIn is a platform where people are more inclined to read content than to search for products or services to log into. Therefore, it is important to understand the text advertising system. Marketers have two options: a lifetime budget or a daily budget, just as with sponsored ads. You should not spend more than 10% on LinkedIn text ads.

Target audience

It’s always better to start small and go with the most accurate or expected options rather than any uncertainty. The most successful audience provides better insight and is more secure. Advertising with LinkedIn text ads may be more effective if you narrow down your audience. This allows you to focus on the ad copy and improves conversions. With a selected audience, remarketing principles can work wonders.

Bid type

Because of low click-through rates, and the inability to optimize conversions, it is recommended to choose a bid based on the audience type and need. It is better to pay the CPC for clicks than the impressions, as it depends on how many clicks you make.

CTA and landing page

Be sure to link to the landing page, social media pages, or website that is relevant to the LinkedIn text ads. A call-to-action is necessary to ensure that clicks result in conversions and are worthwhile. This will make it easy for people to understand the product or service and make it more accessible. In the description and copy of your ad, mention the benefits of landing pages.

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