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MBA in Canada without work experience

Nowadays MBA in Canada programs without work experience is a hit amongst students. MBA programs without work experience have many advantages. Students don’t lose their learning momentum. After graduating they immediately enroll in an MBA program. They don’t lose their knowledge as they have not taken an education break. Secondly, it helps students to save time. Within five years they will be able to take undergraduate and postgraduate courses. They can scale to higher positions in a short span of time.
An MBA program helps you to build your business expertise. It enhances your credibility and adds weight to your resume/CV. A good and presentable resume increases your chances of employability.
If you wish to pursue an MBA program without work experience in Canada below are universities you can target-

1. New York Institute of Technology-
offers an MBA program. The program is AACSB accredited. The program equips students with leadership, organization, analytical, and decision-making skills to transform and upscale a business. The average starting salary of an MBA graduate is $84,580.

2. Rowe School of Business-
The university’s program offers practical, relevant, and experimental real-world-based learning. The university offers three types of MBA in Canada programs such as-
● Corporate Residency Program- The duration of the program is twenty-two months. The personalized feature of the program is leadership development coaching and an eight-month paid work term offer.
● MBA Financial Services-The program aims to develop skills that are necessary for a career in the financial industry.
● MBA(Leadership)- The program helps to build leadership and managerial skills required to lead an organization.

3. Goodman School of Business-
The program aims to provide necessary skills such as academic knowledge, real-world expertise, and confidence. These skills will make a difference in your professional life and will help you withstand the competition. The school offers both full-time and part-time MBA programs. The program requires a Management Bachelor’s Degree, a score of 550 in GMAT, a band of 6.5 in IELTS, and a score of 105 in TOEFL.

4. Vancouver Island University-
offers an MBA program. It is an intensive twenty-months program. The program includes integrated courses such as Management, Finance, Accounting, Research, and technology. The program also provides a four-month internship and an applied business project. The program requires a Bachelor’s degree in business or non-business discipline with an average score of B. The approximate cost of the program is $53,355.12 for international students.

5. The University of Windsor-
The duration of the program is sixteen months and prepares you for a business career. The highlights of the program are-
● Students gain real-world exposure through corporate experiential learning
● The program is taught by highly acclaimed and experienced faculty
● Students don’t require an undergraduate business degree or work experience to apply for this course
● Ninety-six percent of the students are employed within six months after the completion of the program
● $83,900 was the average starting salary of graduates in 2021
● The size of the class is fifty

Although, an MBA program without work experience helps you to save time, work experience has several benefits. Students are better adaptable to the corporate environment. They can handle the stress better and use it as a means to fulfill their goals. They have funds to sponsor their education and they will not fall into the trap of debt. Everything has two sides. You as a student must choose which path is meant for you.

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