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Most Important SEO Trends To Boost Your business Rankings in 2021

SEO Trends is constantly evolving! Staying on top of the latest updates is crucial to achieving your digital marketing goals. But, it can be a challenge. However, it is worth the effort because about 80% of users focus on organic results than paid listings. So,

seo 2021

Here are the latest SEO trends 2021 that you should know:-

Voice Search

Voice search is a game-changer! According to Google, about 4 out of 10 Americans perform at least one voice search per day, about 85% of users consider voice search as the future of digital marketing, and half of all searches will be performed by voice in 2021 and expected to grow. Now that you are surprised by the stats, it’s time to focus on optimizing your website for voice search.

It starts with optimizing your content around long, conversational keywords. However, keywords that are typed using the keyboard are different than those done via voice. Keywords for voice search should be more natural and longer than keyboard searches. Add FAQs sections to your content. Google will pull voice search answers from FAQ pages. In addition to it, add snippets of contents that are specifically designed to answer voice search queries.


it is no wonder online video is exploding. People prefer to watch videos more than reading. YouTube reports that they have a billion active users, and people are spending more time on YouTube. So, optimizing your video content is the key to get your videos found on YouTube and other platforms. Use the video keywords in your video titles, tags, descriptions, and much more.

Focus on User and Search Intent

it is time to focus on the user and search intent for real rather than promoting your product or service. People’s shopping behavior has been changed drastically, especially after this pandemic. Nowadays, people turn to Google for all their problems and gathering some information. Remember, Google is making search intent a crucial factor. So, it is essential to know what people are looking for, their problems, and try to solve their problems. Try to do a stellar job of providing the right information to the users rather than sounding promotional.

The Mobile-First Index

Google now will consider the mobile version of a website as the main version of a business’s site. Your website should perform well on mobile devices and when opened from other devices as well. Make sure Google can crawl 100% of your mobile content, and it loads quickly when accessed from mobile.

Long-Form Content

According to a study, contents with more than 3000 words get three times more traffic and more shares. Also, they tend to receive 3.5times more backlinks than content that have 900 to 2000 words. So, start focusing on long-form content to achieve higher search rankings.

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