Mozilla And Google Working On Web Browsers For iPhones That Go Against Apple’s Policy: What It Means

Last Updated: February 09, 2023, 08:30 IST

Is Apple planning for some changes that has prompted this move?

Is Apple planning for some changes that has prompted this move?

Chrome and Firefox are popular across platforms and now Google and Mozilla want to change how it is build for Apple.

Apple has a tight control on how web browsers run on its products but all that could soon change as both Mozilla and Google are said to be working on an all-new web browser that goes against Apple’s App policies.

As per the report from The Register this week, both the web browser giants are building Chrome and Firefox using their normal Blink and Gecko rendering web engines. This development suggests Apple is likely to make some drastic changes to its App Store rules, and both Google and Mozilla are preparing for the worst with the respective browser alternatives.

Apple has required web browsers running on iOS and iPadOS to use the Safari Webkit rendering engine, instead of what Google and Mozilla use for their browsers on other platforms. But this reported development could mean that these web browsers could finally work across platforms, something that Apple has limited to the macOS operating system.

Apple uses its control to improve the web experience on its mobile devices like the iPhones and iPad. The decision to make a non-Safari based web browser will surely appeal to the users but Apple is likely to see it as a concern and implement stringent rules to thwart any possible loophole that Google and Mozilla could take advantage of with these new browsers.

You also have to be alert about the RAM usage of browsers like Chrome which is notorious for high performance on Windows, Android and more. Reverting to its rendering engine could mean the same for Apple devices as well, which will directly impact the battery life of the iPhone and iPads.

That’s not all, since Apple views safety and privacy at the top of the agenda, it would prefer to work in tandem with these companies to give users a unified experience on its devices.

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