Covid-19 may affect brain, trigger neurological problems, says doctor

COVID-19 may have been viewed and treated primarily as a respiratory illness, but it is more sinister and pervasive in its impact on the human body as it may affect the thereby accelerate or trigger neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, according to a doctor.

Describing the pandemic as ‘a beast with a thousand heads’, Dr Yatish Agarwal, senior professor, Vardhman Mahavir Medical College and Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi, says the effect of the COVID-19 extends far beyond the nose, throat, and lungs and may infect the brain, the most vital bodily organ.

Vast clinical studies reveal that neurological complications occur in 36-84 per cent of COVID-19 patients.

Strangely, many people who experience neurologic symptoms that linger after the disease are less than 50 years old and were healthy prior to the infection, he points out in an exclusive article for Manorama Yearbook 2023.

Panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder and depression can occur among a fair number of the survivors.

These may also trigger a range of unhealthy behaviours, such as excessive alcohol consumption, substance use, suicidal tendency, delusions and paranoia.

Moderate-to-severe anxiety symptoms are common in the COVID-19 infected, their family members and the community.

Substantive evidence now exists that the multi-variant can affect the function, behaviour and intellectual abilities in several ways.

“While some of these effects are acute, and fade away in a short time, others are long-lasting and can turn a patient’s life into a bag of misery,” says Dr Agarwal, who is also Dean, University School of Medicine and Para Medical Health Sciences, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University.

“Without sounding the alarm bells too loud, definite evidence now exists that it may be a good idea to stay on watch for COVID’s possible long-term cognitive consequences. This could have a telling effect on the individual’s life and knock off their thinking, reasoning, and remembering thus casting its dark shadow on their day-to-day functioning,” he says.

Developing a good understanding of COVID’s neuropsychiatric and cognitive consequences is vital, as the disease has affected millions of people.

Many more are possibly undetected, and the number of infections is still rising.

“If even a small number of these individuals suffer from neuropsychiatric and cognitive complications, the public health implications are bound to be considerable,” he warns.

Dr Agarwal says such a scenario makes it imperative to develop simple clinical and public health strategies to create awareness and understanding of these effects.

“In people who are affected, a timely individual clinical assessment must be carried out to evaluate their capacity to work effectively, manage finances, participate in daily family activities, and make informed decisions.”

Based on the clinical assessment, a rehabilitation programme depending on the individual need could be drawn for those COVID survivors who require help.

A team comprising a family physician, neurophysician, physiotherapist, psychiatrist, and psychologist could help in the reparative process.

“The goal is to help the individual overcome their insufficiencies and return to normal life”, he observes.

Describing the large morbidity and mortality caused by the disease across the world as “tandava (dance of destruction) effect,” he says COVID-19 has several neurological complications, but the most significant of them relates to injury to the body’s immune system.

“The virus triggers the body’s defence system, but instead of acting against the coronavirus, the defence system is fooled into targeting the body’s own cells as its foe. The disarrayed system thus attacks the cells, and other organ systems. In the brain, this sometimes produces serious inflammation, known as encephalitis,” he says.

The virus can even induce direct brain injury by breaching the blood-brain barrier, produce a brain haemorrhage by raising pressure in the blood vessels, and trigger a stroke and cause dysfunction in the body’s clotting system, the doctor says in the article.

infections can produce a range of neurological symptoms. Close to two-thirds of COVID-19 patients complain of loss of smell and loss of taste. These are often the first symptoms of the disease, and they may persist for long.

In the current pandemic setting, these tell-tale symptoms help in rapid identification of the disease. But some patients may suffer brain inflammation, swelling, strokes, and brain haemorrhage. The patients carry a high risk and may require long intensive hospitalisation to make a full recovery.

Even though it is too early to call, but doubts have been cast on the potential long-term implications of neuroinflammation and neuronal injury observed in acute COVID-19. The current landscape is a bit foggy, but the jigsaw pieces have begun to fall in place, says the doctor.

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Digital Transformation During COVID-19
Technology Tips and Tricks

How During Covid-19 will Impact Digital Transformation

Around 75% US retailers claimed that there was an urgent need for digital transformation, around four years ago. Even then it is believed that around 40% of U.S. retailers were using some kind of AI or digital-first strategy, while U.S. retail executives rated their AI knowledge at only 2.92 out of five.

There is an unexpected turning point in the retail industry. As we know that the economic downturn is a resaid there is a bittersweet opportunity for brands to re-evaluate the marketplace in branch off into new areas. From a technological and marketing perspective improving and moving legacy systems that are more Old school is a big step. Now is the time for entrepreneurs to execute the digital transformation journey but there is also a question if every business will be able to afford it?

It is also visible that digital transformation is a big topic to discuss. In fact, many consulting enterprises have digital transformation exercises that are vague and also ambitious. In layman‘s term we can understand digital transformation as the enterprises investment in new technologies in order for them to digitally compete with their competitors.

A real digital transformation is on hypothetical spectrum, with enterprises on different points of the digital journey. Some are stuck in the stone age, with others like Amazon clearly on the much more extreme progressive end. But it’s on this spectrum that the struggle between the haves and the have-nots is born.

So there is a current pressure advance, But there is also a financial truth in this economy where enterprises are understanding what they know it takes in terms of money and time to get to the next level. Ideally, if you invest enough money and do everything right that will accelerate your business in comparison to investing no money at all for new technologies.

If your business is struggling like many currently are, there is very little that you can do is to ensure or justify investing in the digital transformation journey. We can come up with smart digital transformation solutions in this present pandemic and innovate the business. You can start by making small changes in at a manageable pace. Enterprises should prioritise a single objective no matter how small because starting is the hardest part of the journey.

Take, for example, a enterprises that uses ancient on-premises software for offer management. What that really means is that it simply hasn’t kept up with the changing digital times — it isn’t web based, and probably has servers in its IT warehouse that are running software that has to be manually or batch updated. It’s not incredibly vigorous, it’s not updated consistently or maintained very frequently. And in many cases it was built for direct mail marketing and promotional activity because that was the big innovation about 20 years ago. It’s also incredibly expensive and doesn’t really do what modern marketers need.

If enterprises can take the chance to handle certain issues and recognise the evaluation of newest and the greatest technologies then they can join the fundamentally strong businesses that have the resources to invest in a lot of different strategies that will further them along the digital transformation journey. Digital transformation is very promising for many enterprises, but every enterprise cannot afford to invest in it. Hence, enterprises that understand doing nothing to transform their business into digital. Enterprise will be left behind in this digital race. Those enterprises which excellent balance sheets to invest in renovating several departments accelerate out of the pandemic much stronger. However, every enterprise can take a small step even if it differs from what the competition is taking.

Enterprises have to have a list of important initiatives. Some of these initiatives will have a return immediately and some will take some time. In digital transformation, there are basics that need to be organised. Over management is one of those with a lot of potential to create value across enterprises. A well-designed marketing plan that includes of a management can deliver high-quality returns with immensely reduced waste through excessive discounting in coupons. I will architect and marketing staff will ensure that proper elements in connected tissue to make overall investment more effective an overall health and achieving enterprises goals. While this can be very expensive to initiate the best solution possible here is that enterprises must choose a beginning point and just start the transformation process.

Digital Transformation During COVID-19

Google Adwords for 2021
Digital marketing Pay Per Click Tips and Tricks

COVID-19 Pandemic: Impacted Google Adwords for 2021 Industries

In a couple of months, the Universal epidemic COVID-19 has had a groundbreaking impact on our reality. The effect of this epidemic has been huge to such an extent that even Google isn’t left immaculate by it. The monetary droop has negatively affected individuals, because of which they are not yet in a situation to spend. Moreover, there have been some new increases in search terms, for example, isolate and social removing. Net MaticO is a PPC agency in Toronto that is keeping a close eye on the effects of Universal Pandemic Covid-9 on digital marketing and Google ads services.

In any case, how has this pandemic affected the universe of Google Ads?

Taking everything into check, there has been a tremendous conversion in the purchasing conduct of clients. This conversion is one of the most noticeable components that have come to affect PPC or Pay per Click promoting.

NetMaticO is a PPC service provider in Toronto which can help you run a PPC ad that will increase your business growth during the pandemic effectively. Visit their website to learn more.

How COVID-19 is affecting Google Advertisers

While a significant number of the movements in purchaser conduct may propose negative conversions in your advertisement execution, a few businesses have observed a rise in PPC execution since the episode, as indicated by Word stream information.

The following is a breakdown of the impacts of the current circumstance by industry:

Charities: People are hoping to help, and that liberality is streaming to philanthropies and bringing about higher search volumes. Altruistic gatherings have seen a 23% expansion in search promotion conversions.

Wellbeing and clinical: As face veils and successive hand washing have become the standard, individuals are looking for approaches to shield themselves from the infection.

Business: With an ever-increasing number of individuals telecommuting, organizations sort out some way to rebuild and work together on the web. Search conversion rates for pressing and delivering supplies have expanded by an incredible 107%.

Account: Although the business sectors are down, individuals are as yet looking for help. In the account area, CPC has diminished while some have seen CTRs and CVRs increment.

Lifestyle and Salons: With bunches of additional time and numerous salons shut, individuals are searching for DIY self-care — in addition to hand sanitizer and different necessities. Spa care, for instance, has seen a 41% CVR increment.

Streaming media: With so much additional time at home, individuals are looking for amusement. On streaming media, search conversion rates have spiked 102%.

Different businesses, in any case, haven’t fared so well. These seven enterprises have taken the hardest hit:

Travel industry: With remain at home requests set up everywhere globally, travel organizations are seeing radically lower conversions. Get-away bundles saw a half conversion drop.

Bars and cafés: While numerous eateries stay open for takeout, looks have still diminished. Bars and dance clubs saw a 57% drop in CVR.

Live diversion: Since social separating restricts enormous get-togethers, live amusement is everything except incomprehensible for now. Conversion rates have dropped 30%.

Meetings: Again, most enormous occasions or meetings have needed to drop, and they’ve seen a 33% drop in conversions.

Sports and wellness: With rec centers shut and sports groups dropped, conversions are down. Presently individuals are beginning to search for sports projects and camps. For games, nonetheless, conversions are down 74%.

Building and development:

  • With occasional CPC costs beginning to rise, conversion rates are falling.
  • The same number of workplaces close.
  • Individuals are reluctant to contribute.

Mechanical and Production: With numerous ventures harming, the CPC has gone up while search traffic and conversions have diminished.

Seven enterprises with blended PPC execution during COVID-19

We’re intently observing a few businesses with the potential to see massive conversions or moves in the coming weeks.

Land Property

Land Property improvement and development businesses are seeing declining conversion rates (- 53% and – 7%, individually) and lower search volume. A log jam in these fields could trigger decreased land flexibly later on.

Home improvement

Home Improvement looks have been gradually declining for as long as a couple of weeks. The following, not many weeks, will be a litmus test for the business.

Home furniture

Smaller ticket things like home machines and bedding and cloths have seen search upticks and light conversion helps (+7% and +12%, individually), which might be a decent sign for buyer certainty.


The car business indicates some weight on the SERP—with a recognizable 30% drop in the business average conversion rate in recent weeks.


Some would anticipate internet business to take off, with traditional retail having decreasing hours and activities. Yet, while a few families are going to online business to supplant physical buys, others are uncertain of their future pay. This precariousness affects the client’s conversion rates from search advertisements—with retail conversion rates having fallen 14%.

Professional Areas and Education

Occupations and schooling here are unassuming expansion in paid quest traffic for new professions and professional preparing (+10% and +8%, separately) in the previous weeks. However, that is, to a great extent, optimistic for the occasion, as conversion numbers haven’t moved recognizably.

Lawful administrations

The lawful business sees some minor movements on the SERP, with unassuming (under 5%) to look through volumes and conversion rates.

Digital Marketing Tips and Strategies
Digital marketing Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks

How Digital Marketing Can Growing Your Business in COVID’19 Universal epidemic?

Digital Marketing Strategies to Focus on During COVID-19

The global Universal epidemic COVID-19 hitting the world’s economy most largely has changed the way we work and shop. Because of strict enforcement of lockdown, social distancing, and other protective measures online business and digital marketing has received a huge appreciation from the consumers.

The year 2020 experiencing an immense boost in online business, owes to the COVID-19 Universal epidemic lockdown. Though nobody is aware of the post coronavirus situation, one aspect is clear – a decrease in physical interaction. Seeing this aspect, digital marketing options have started playing a crucial role as people now prefer to stay inside homes. Because of increasing cases in the world, there’s a complete block in the social closeness as a result internet traffic has increased.

The digital revolution continuing in its prime is growing every day. In these tough situations adapting the online appearance and going all-digital is the best solution. The initiative of ‘Digital India’ is accelerating the homogenization of various businesses, industries, and communities that have fostered a digital ecosystem. The availability of effective digital tools and services in abundance has backed the rise of digital entrepreneurship.

Post COVID-19 Steps to Run Online Business

There’s a compulsory need to make companies and businesses run faster or take a giant step towards digital. The scenarios we are facing leaves no alternative but to greatly enhance e-commerce and digital business. Those who had digital platforms have already started with a great advantage. While others have been left with no choice but to change and adapt to online consumption and their products and services, to demand.

The confinement and obligation to close the blind pushed many medium and small companies to improvise a digital marketing mode. For example, the producers in the primary sectors like vegetables and groceries had no choice but to sell their products through social media forms or using social platforms and applications. Even many local Kirana stores had no choice but to opt for digital media to offer safe and online shopping services.

Boosting Digital Presence of Brands during COVID-19 Lockdown

The global Universal epidemic affecting the world’s economy has increased the growth of online business and digital marketing in India

Today a variety of brands across various verticals have strengthened their existing online presence.

“During this lockdown we received a huge shift in demand from the customers, understanding the criticality of the situation we found immense opportunities to be delivered online”.

During the lockdown, the duo experienced an incredible hike of internet users and with that, there arrived a shift in business demand. Many people started working from home while many pursuing their passion turned it into online business.

How to Market Your Business Digitally At Your Home

Let’s read the points below to know more about digital marketing strategies and Digital Marketing Strategies and COVID’19 Universal epidemic

Directory Listings

It is one of the best ways in digital marketing to do your business right now. To get yourself registered with the yellow pages and let the world know that you exist. Using this strategy you can easily go digital and make people aware of you. All you will have to do is get yourself an e-book and register yourself on it. An e-book where you can give a complete description of your services that are beneficial during this time and how you can help people. This is the best and top listed way to attract customers.

Blogging in Universal epidemic

No matter what business you are leading, keep publishing some blogs and articles on your page. Blogging online is a great medium of digital marketing to catch people’s attention. People are spending all their time at their home, lying on their couch with phones in their hands. What do you think they are doing? Whether they are reading blogs or surfing some social media platforms. People are fond of good content. So no matter what happens, post a blog daily and try to relate it with the conditions happening around and see how positive responses you get from your audience.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a fantastic way to generate quality traffic in digital marketing business. Presenting practical tips to an authoritative blog with regular traffic proves your credibility to a wider audience. It allows more people to learn about you, value the knowledge you shared, and remember when they need your services. Make sure you don’t forget to add your site’s link in your backlink profile.

Back linking Creating

If you want to generate a great amount of traffic for your website, back linking is a must to do a thing in digital marketing. Add backlinks to good authoritative websites and it will help in adding confidence to people that you are something and not some fake brand. Remember while searching, Google not only searches good content but also sees how many backlinks you have.

Social Media Posts and Universal epidemic

To keep your business brand active among people you have to keep your social appearance attractive and active. Try and set a goal to at least post 5 images with catchy and relevant content with trending hashtags in popular social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. It won’t take more than half an hour in preparing everything? Right. Yes, now imagine how a half an hour work can benefit you with numbers of views and likes and followers on your brand. With a good social media appearance, you can bring good growth to your business and engage more people with your brand. Because of the Universal epidemic more than an actual number of people are active and online. Thus now is the perfect time to get good people and worthy customers to follow you and your business.

Digital Marketing
Digital marketing Search Engine Optimization Social Media Marketing Social Media Optimization

Why Digital Marketing is important for Small Business in 2021

Importance of Internet Marketing Effective for Small Businesses

As we all know, due to the noble Covid-19, several industries are not doing very well today. Decreased profit margins and low revenue generation are some of the common factors that are being faced by the industries of recent tines. Several small businesses are on the verge of extinction due to lower income rates. Amidst this chaos, there remains an opportunity or more of a medium through which, brands may well get the chance to win back their customers and regain their lost profit margins.

In the modern era, internet has proven to be of remarkable service especially in the communication and marketing sectors. You don’t have to go door to door offering templates of your newly refurbished brand or go on a band march to promote the discount sale that your brand will be offering this weekend. Nowadays, if you have internet, you are few clicks away to promote your brands on social Networking platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, twitter and Instagram.

Social Media Marketing

Although, nowadays things are a little different due to Covid-19. There are several lockdown phases across the globe where markets mostly has to remain shut therefore, offline gains of the brands has been reduced to nil. Therefore, it is essential to concentrate on the online procedures and target customers through online platforms. Since most people spend their time on Smartphones these days, social media marketing is an extremely useful means for marketing as you can reach a vast number of audience on a fairly cheap price.

Since, every company has their own website nowadays, Internet marketing allows to increase traffic, hence, increase the rate of engagement and conversion. Customers can also initiate conversation regarding their various benefits and concerns related to the products and services. An appealing approach of the brand on social platforms is necessary so customers are attracted towards the brand and stay loyal.


As we all know, the current market consist of several giants in every sectors that has been performing longer than your company, has more employees, diverse brands and subsidiaries. Therefore, it is extremely difficult for smaller brands to elevate in this fierce market. SMEs can most certainly gain massive benefits in the market if proper digital strategy is used. Digital marketing is an essential element for elevating your brand and each of your competitors are already reaping massive benefits by means of this strategy. Thus investing in digital marketing shall allow you to ensure that you gain leads and increase your reach even further.

Further, digital marketing allows you to compete with much larger groups. Methods such as search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) advertising equalizes the competition field hence providing chances to the smaller corporations. SEO allows you to rank your company in the search result, which cannot be purchased even by the top corporations. Therefore, optimizing your website grants you the opening to compete with the larger corporations.

Since rankings are based on relevancy, firms cannot buy the top spot even if they bid twice more than you per click for the same keyword. It is essential for Small Businesses to create content that has more keywords. You can eliminate corporate competitions by investing on digital marketing.

Target customers

There are a diverse variety of customers out there that have their unique needs and requirements. Therefore, it becomes difficult for small businesses to cater the vast majority hence, remains a chance of negative promotion. Digital marketing ensures that a brand focuses on customers that are especially interested in the products and services offered by your brand. Opposed to traditional marketing strategies, Internet marketing offers customers with a detailed idea of the brands and the services. Further, it allows customers to initiate communication with the brand itself that mitigates any concerns regarding the services.

Monitoring your campaigns

In order to initiate further improvements in the operational procedures, it is mandatory for you to have a detailed sketch of the campaigns that represents your brand in front of your customers on internet. Digital marketing services provides a thorough script of your campaigns including likes, shares, clicks, comments and impressions that provides you with a comprehension of how your brand is doing in the market. There are various set of metrics available that can be altered according to your specific need.

Return on your ROI

Most of the online marketing campaigns, social media promotions and PPC campaign are generally cost efficient with great return to your investment. Email Marketing is one of the digital marketing procedure where you have the chances to gain an ROI percentage of 4400%! This is because for every $1, there remains a chance to earn $44 in return. Therefore, Digital Marketing leaves a room for great opportunities for small businesses to grow even in heated competitive market.