Holy Quran

Every Muslim is expected to read Tafseer eQuran.

A brief overview of the online Quran academy. The holy Quran is a book that fell upon the heart of the holy prophet Muhammad (SAW). The holy book is divided into 30 parts (paras), each of which contains 114 surahs. It gives Muslims guiding principles for living their lives in accordance with Allah Almighty’s commands. The holy eQuran extensively discusses all aspects of life in order to help Muslims understand what Allah expects of them. The past events of various nations have been discuses in the holy book, which contains great wisdom for those who concentrate. online quran academy

The holy prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) life and the holy Quran

It is obligatory for every Muslim to study the life of Prophet Muhammad in order to understand the holy Quran in its true spirit (SAW). In other words, the Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) life is a living example of the Holy Quran. Within the span of twenty-three years, the holy book descended upon the heart of the Holy Prophet (SAW). When an Ayah (verse of the Quran) or a Surah fell upon the Prophet (SAW), he would interpret it immediately. Following the death of the Prophet (SAW), the Sahabah (companions of the Prophet (SAW)) would orally transmit the interpretation of the Quran. With the passage of time, it became increasingly important to preserve the holy book’s interpretation (Tafseer) in written form.

Some facts about Tafseer e Quran (interpretation of the Holy Quran)

Tafseer is an Arabic term that means “interpretation.” Mufasa is the person who delivers Tafseer orally or in writing. The holy Quran is Allah Almighty’s book; no one can change its words. A person who writes Tafseer must be highly qualified in various disciplines of the holy Quran. Furthermore, he must be fluent in classic Arabic in order to comprehend and explain the true meaning of the words of the Holy Quran. To interpret the holy verses, the music must be proficient in the following disciplines:

Understanding of Islamic History

The holy verses of the online Quran academy continued to descend upon the heart of the Holy Prophet (SAW) on various occasions; each verse (ayah) has a specific meaning in the historical context; no verse can be understood without knowing what the circumstances were at the time the verse was descended. In other words, a Mufasir must be an outstanding scholar of Islamic history.

Excellent command of the Arabic language.

The Tafseer is written in accordance with the Arabic language’s grammatical rules. To understand the holy verses of the Holy Quran, the Mufasir must have a strong command of Arabic grammar. The Mufasir writes the Tasir (interpretation) of the Holy Quran after judging the verses of the Holy Quran according to the rules of Arabic grammar.

Command of Classical Arabic

According to a great Muslim Scholar, a person who believes in Allah and the Day of Judgment should have an excellent command of Classical Arabic in order to understand the holy verses of the Holy eQuran. The individual can interpret the holy Quran if he or she is fluent in classical Arabic.

Possession of Islamic Jurisprudence

Writing the Tafseer eQuran is a difficult task; the Mufasir must be well-versed in Islamic jurisprudence (Asool-e-fiqa). Allah Almighty has described various Islamic laws and rules to be followed in the holy Quran. The laws and rules are based on some fundamental principles that have been thoroughly defined by the great Muslim scholars of the past. The Mufasir must thoroughly research those principles. To interpret some verses of the holy Quran describing Islamic laws, the Mufasir must be well-versed in Islamic Jurisprudence.

Extensive Arabic Vocabulary

Arabic is a language in which a single word can have multiple meanings. To put it another way, it is a very rich language. To understand the meaning of the words used in the Holy eQuran, a Mufasir must have a large Arabic vocabulary. When the same word has different meanings in different contexts, a Mufasir with a large Arabic vocabulary understands the meaning of the word better. The meaning of words can change with a twist of the tongue; the Mufasir should also know how to pronounce a specific word correctly in order to clarify its correct meaning.

Possession of Hadith knowledge

Other than the holy verses of the Holy eQuran, hadith is the word of the Holy Prophet (SAW). Ahadith is the Plural of Hadith. There are various types of Ahadith. The Ahadith are written in accordance with the guidelines established by Muslim scholars. Many of the Holy Quran’s holy verses have been beautifully explained by the Holy Prophet (SAW) in numerous Ahadith. The Hadith is, in fact, the Tafseer of the Holy Quran.

To comprehend the verses of the Holy Quran, a Mufasir must possess a command of the principles that assess the vitality of a Hadith. A Mufasir studies Ahadith thoroughly after having studied and learned the principles upon which the Hadith is based. The Mufasir considers Ahadith knowledge when interpreting the Holy Quran.

Broad general knowledge and sound common sense

The holy Quran is Allah Almighty’s book, and it contains a wealth of knowledge from the past, present, and future. It is not as simple to interpret the eQuran as it is to interpret other books. The Quran contains words of great profundity and wisdom. It is not the job of a person with superficial knowledge to understand them thoroughly; rather, a person who intends to interpret the holy Quran should have a broad general knowledge of the past and present.

He should also be aware of future developments. His vast general knowledge aids him in writing beautifully and interestingly while interpreting the holy Quran. A Mufasir’s common sense also assists him in delving into some specific meanings of the word; this is how the Mufasir gathers pearls of wisdom.

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Tafseer (interpretation) of the Holy eQuran aids Muslims in understanding the verses of the Holy Quran in their proper context. A person who interprets them must be well-versed in the discipline of the Holy Quran.