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Facebook is presently serving as a quick information medium to its users like other social networking sites. Users initially joined groups or pages for self-identity on Facebook to get connected. However nowadays groups or create page on Facebook aim or focus more on information communication, knowledge, sharing, and interaction on the online platform.


Groups and pages help you to muster with friends pertaining to the common interest. They are a destination or platform wherein you can share your thoughts, updates, pictures, or anything more specific liking of your choice.

Groups or pages have brought up the popularity of Facebook by utilizing the time of its users pleasantly. Even groups or pages of Facebook are facilitating you to self-promote your business or employment. Like you can represent a brand or a company on a group or a page of Facebook.


Pages of Facebook are always public and easily accessible to anyone on Facebook. Whatever information or content in the form of posts you share on Facebook is viewed by everyone on Facebook by clicking the page.

Groups on Facebook have a privacy facility by allowing you to share the content or posts to whom you want to disclose. They provide you the option of Closed or Secret setting of the group making your content available to the people whom you want to share with.


After you have a sign-in to Facebook you can see “Create Groups” listed in the left-hand column of the Facebook homepage. You can click “Add Group” to create a new group.

However, some of you might come across the problem of not being able to create a group or page on Facebook. It can be due to the following reasons:

  • Your account might be hacked by someone on Facebook.
  • Your account has been reported as spam to Facebook.
  • You might have forgotten to enter locations, contact information, or phone number in the description.
  • You might have created a group or page without adding anyone to it. Meaning your group when created is blank without anyone present in it.


To counter your problems of not being able to create a group or a page the below-listed tips can be helpful :

  • Set adequate privacy settings for your Facebook profile to remain away from spammers or hackers.
  • In order to create a group or page on Facebook, you need to add at least one of your Facebook friends to your group or page.
  • Make sure your group or page name is simple and distinct and not that complicated not to get located.
  • Describe your group or page to be specific with keywords matching what you have written.
  • Fill in the complete information about your group or page on Facebook.
  • Allow your group to be public till it obtains a significant membership and later on you can restrict the privacy at your will. This will make your group accessible to anyone and more than viewable on Facebook.