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How to Art of Create Call to Action in Your Explainer Video Marketing

Oddly, having too many choices can make us less likely to buy something.

Here is a quick story about The Paradox Of Choice:

A person selling delicious jam sets up shop in a friendly neighborhood. To find out how she can sell more jam, she’s going to offer free samples to the people that regularly walk past the area where she has her jam stand.

She plans to try a two-week experiment.

For the first week, she offers six different jams. During the week, 252 people walked past her stand. One hundred nine people stopped at the stand to taste the free jam. Of those 109 visitors, 31 ended up purchasing.

Not bad!

The next week, she offered 24 different jams. Again, she had 261 people walk past. One hundred sixty-one people stopped for a sample. However, only 14 people purchased it!

It looked like offering more jam varieties would work. More people stopped, but fewer people actually made a purchase.

What happened? The Paradox Of Choice.

This story about jam is actually a famous experiment in choice performed by Columbia professor Sheena Iyenger. The study was famous because of the findings regarding choice.

The study has been done in a few different ways. The studies have found that humans like the idea of choice. And a few choices are within our liking, but once there are too many options, we freeze and fail to make decisions.

This goes against common thinking, especially in the US, where many feel that choice is power, but as we see in the experiment, too many options have a negative effect on our purchasing decisions.

The Marketing Tendency

There is a tendency with business owners and managers. It’s tempting to try to provide everything for everyone. Even if you have a narrow focus on a specific customer, the marketing tendency is to try and offer them as much as possible, hoping something connects and gets them to purchase.

But as we’ve just learned, too much information leads to confusion and discourages purchasing. Based on our experience, the best approach is to limit information and choice. You want a narrow focus.

Narrow Your Focus: Single Call-To-Action Explainer Videos

Explainer videos bring incredible conversions and are fast becoming the primary method for savvy marketers to broadcast their message. With ever-diminishing attention spans, there’s no better way to communicate large amounts of information in short periods of time.

A lot of well-meaning marketers become a little over-eager when realizing how effective videos can be. As we said, there’s a desire to include as much information as possible into a video, highlighting every single benefit and good point.

Unfortunately, overcomplicating your message and cramming in too much information only serve to confuse and confound. Your video needs to have one call-to-action (CTA), and all of the information leading up to it needs to be focused on building trust and reputation for that call-to-action (CTA).

To prevent audience confusion, here is a five-step checklist for staying on track.

  1. Determine the target audience for the video; be specific
  2. Identify the biggest need they have that your solution solves
  3. Identify your number one goal or call-to-action (CTA) for the video (Examples: viewers contact you, follow you on social media, or sign up for a webinar)
  4. Build a script that reaffirms the need in the mind of the viewer and presents your solution
  5. Finish the video with your single call-to-action (CTA)

As you go through this checklist, you may find yourself or others on your team pushing to include more information. Have a discussion about the priority of audience needs and goals again. But make sure you come back to a single goal or CTA.

Limit Information on Your One CTA

So you’ve got your focus now.

You’ve narrowed it down to one subject and one call-to-action (CTA).

The next question is how to clearly communicate your information.

We know video is great for putting across large amounts of information. Why not take advantage and really wow the viewer with information?

You can easily cover a lot of good information in sixty seconds. More is better right?


Have you ever had a conversation with someone who just continues to talk and talk?

It’s terrible, right? Not only can you not get a word in edgewise, but you also don’t have time to properly assimilate the information or even remember the most interesting points.

The same thing happens when you try to pack too much information into an explainer video.

Choose your points carefully and take the time to really explain the benefits and uses clearly. Keep it slow, steady, and clear to make the best impression possible.

Make Your CTA Stand Out

If you’re trying to draw your audience’s attention to a particular benefit or piece of information, let it be the only thing they have to consider. No other bright colors, loud noises, or confusing jargon to take away from its impact.

If you’ve taken the time to find your call-to-action (CTA)and get a clear, concise message across, you don’t want to fall down at the final hurdle by distracting your audience with something that goes against the result you want.

Avoid Surrounding Website Distractions

People are easily distracted not just by what’s in your video but by things surrounding it on your website. As we know, providing too much information can actually hurt your conversions.

Instead of embedding your video on an already text-dominated page, consider creating a purpose-built squeeze page or use the video in a popup that dims the rest of the screen.

You don’t want viewers clicking off your video because they’ve spotted an awesome article or page title in your sidebar.

Final Thought

In business, we have to focus on the bottom line. That’s true if you’re selling widgets or selling jam. Any information that helps us improve the bottom line is good information, and when it comes to explainer videos, a narrow focus is the best course of action.

We could go into more here, but we have to save some explainer video secrets for future posts!

Do you want to take your relationship with your customers to the next level?


Andre Oentoro

Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order).


future of Digital marketing in 2020
Digital marketing

What is the Scope of Digital Marketing in 2020?

In today’s internet world, online marketing is an exclusive and guaranteed way to marketing. It is widely being the highly preferred space for promotional communications and associated interactions. The scope of digital marketing in the future is way ahead of the old advertising now; promotion is chiefly based on the Online Sphere. The future of digital marketing in 2020 offers significant and powerful marketing techniques where traditional ways of marketing fail. These days, “Marketing” and “Digital Marketing” have become synonymous. Everything you wish to know about the scope of digital marketing in global era is explained in this blog.

Digital Marketing-Concept

The Digital marketing concept counts all kinds of marketing efforts focused on the met. Moreover, it comprises the usage of electronic gadgets such as smartphones and laptops. Enterprises take benefit of online channels such as email promotion, social-based media, search engines, and more. Likewise, websites connect with prospective and present customers present on the online platform. The endeavors make business.

Vital things considered for Digital marketing

Some of the vital things considered for Digital marketing are like –

  • Marketing in Digital World
  • Search engine platforms – Advertising
  • Search engine results – page rankings
  • Conversion through SEO and SMO campaigns
  • Optimization of online marketing & related return
  • Banner ads on other sites

Facts and figures about Digital Marketing are witnessing a yearly growth of 25-30 percent. Approx. Thirty-seven crore Indian users are making use of social media like FB, Instagram, etc. With the highest-speed digital transformation and 5G in line, digital marketing is geared up well.

Traditional vs. Advanced Digital major players yet depend on the oldest marketing means. For example, door to door ads, radio announcements, TV commercials, and mobile publicity. With the digital revolution expanding marketing modes are mutating. The marketing tools shifted from humans to gadgets. It became simpler to penetrate.

Scope of the Digital Marketing in Future – “New Trends”

The better result showcases the future of Digital marketing in 2020. The part of the remarks on the present and fate of five major stations which assumes to play great jobs in modern advertising fate–

  • Email Marketing

The important section of your business marketing is the E-mail showcase and you need to select those patterns that suit your business objective. In email marketing methodology, using standard email layouts should be the foundation of your email advertising endeavor. This is because your messages must mirror your integration and quality of online networking content. Elegantly appealing vivified messages are the model that will see a smart ascent in portable agreeable email marketing.

  • Video Marketing

The content for the Video is entering up the substance showcasing and expertise to draw more customers is the favorable job for advertisers. Since portable showcasing is thriving, recordings are recently provided on smartphones that ignite the complete process. Video marketing is a highly inspiring way that companies use to. As they introduce themselves, distribute their messages, and promote their administrations/ items. Besides, they also increase their choice & streamline search position, boosting customer commitment and profits for ventures

  • Social Media Marketing

Social Advertising has an enormous capability to channelize showcasing attempts in convincing as web-based life constantly progressing. The mode to react to advanced tech developments competently is Social media is important. It equally surpasses customer’s desires at the same time. Part of the key online based life patterns are –Social talks, live video spilling, and advancement of Instagram, Snapchat stories, Social slideshow ads, and many more. Such things would be the enormous parts of web-based life promotion.

  • Mobile Marketing

Portable mobile promotion plays a significant impact in 2020. This is the future of Digital marketing in 2020, wherein promoters plan in an output arranged design to acquire clients. Even in order to plan result-situated showcasing strategies and crusades, thus modifying necessities and highlights.

  • Search and Search Engine Optimization Marketing

It is curial for us to know new changes in Search Engine Optimization showcasing and using successful online search tool process. As they progress, their advancements brief move in marketers’ methods to concentrate on the crowd. As per new insights, 14 billion online looks are directed each month via several web indexes around the world. This is because of enhanced frequencies of searches in adaptable advertising and online based life.

The section of the Search Engine Optimization patterns will end up being important hits in the past years. The strategies such as  Moz’s Keyword Planner, Google’s Keyword Planner, Link building will continue as an incredible strategy, Quality substance marketing with the perfect blend of video content, personalizing SEO crusades as per the niche crowds.

Final Verdict

Advanced Marketing or Advertising degree in the eventual fate of marketing would not just flourish yet additionally allow companies to endure. Following advanced and recent future of Digital marketing in 2020 updates, counting recent procedures of Google and strengthening future patterns in advertising will boost the inbound marketing to get surprising benefits for you in 2020.




Digital marketing Search Engine Optimization

What are the most effective digital marketing trends?

Digital marketing may be a very complicated term as a result of generally your on-line marketing plans can work and generally it won’t. Hence, what’s necessary in digital marketing is that keep experimenting with new marketing ways. Whatever leads and customers you may attract would be the pillar of your business. And to become the foremost relevant choice of the customers, you would like to create} trust along with your client and make engagement with them. Therefore, let’s establish what area unit the foremost trending digital marketing methods for this year.

Content Marketing :

Digital marketing is also an awfully difficult term as a result of usually your on-line promoting plans will work and usually, it won’t. Hence, what is necessary for digital marketing is that keep experimenting with new selling ways in which. No matter leads and customers you will attract would be the pillar of your business. And to become the foremost relevant selection of the clients, you’d prefer to create} trust at the side of your consumer and build engagement with them. Therefore, let’s establish what unit the foremost trending digital marketing strategies for this year.


Chatbots area unit another trending marketing strategy that helped several businesses to induce a lot of engagement than before. It’s a computerized program that allows customers to talk in text or speech communication format. Chatbots area unit specially designed for customer’s inquiries, service connected problems, and engagement. Chatbots area unit already in place and ready to quickly and effectively reply to users seeking direct communication with a company’s internet presence whether or not it’s on the website or on social media platforms. Chatbots area unit fast and simple to line up and can function the complete voice while a company’s digital promoting team is free to attend to alternative tasks.

Video Marketing:

Video helps tell additional compelling stories, gets your point across quicker and may improve sales. Video on a landing page or sales page, as an example, will facilitate increase conversions by the maximum amount as eightieth, in line with analysis. Video content is changing into a lot of and additional important and appeals to customers. Whether or not or not you’re doing a Facebook Live, YouTube video or a video for your website, it doesn’t matter. Get into the habit of manufacturing quality video content for your prospects and customers.


Organic traffic from SEO continues to be one in all the most effective sources of internet traffic for several businesses. Whereas there are a lot of parts concerned in ranking, the number of reviews you have got could be a key issue. Google appearance at your Google reviews, Facebook reviews, Yelp reviews and a lot of.

Conversational Marketing:

Conversational marketing uses very targeted electronic communication with social media and intelligent catboats rather than simply normal gated lead forms — that method leads will have interaction together with your business once it’s convenient for them (which usually is true at that moment they’re participating on your company website).

Voice assistants:

Google Voice assistants are actually much popular these today’s globally. Initially not many people thought or believed that they would be so much potential, interest, and engagement. Over time, the various voice assistants that were brought to the market by the various manufactures, took over. Their popularity and the surge in use, grew with time. People started gradually realizing their importance. Some started using them out of sheer curiosity, and some just wanted to experiment and find out how much more pace they can gain in their daily task management etc. through the use of these gadgets and the technology. Eventually people realized globally, and many are still into the process of realizing that voice assistants really have their roles to play for you. However, there are things to understand about this technology, how it is for you, who can make the best use of it, and how the new websites or existing ones need to be ready for voice search to gain compliance with these Google Alexa devices and the technology.


One of the most powerful effective digital marketing trends in 2020 is the launch of 5G technology. 5G technology will connect millions of urban as well as rural populations with high-speed Internet, providing digital marketers and business owners with a wider and newer audience.

5G will completely change the way people access the Internet and online content.

Search Engine Result Page (SERP) Optimization:

The primary element of the SERP is the itemizing of outcomes that can be returned by the search engine in response to a key phrase question, though the web page may include different outcomes reminiscent of ads. This subsection of search engine optimization is turning into extra essential throughout Google, Bing, and its rivals. The flexibility to work together and be taught issues about your model earlier than and even without going to your web site is turning into more and more essential, with Adwords Messaging Extensions and Bing In Search Chat Bots main the best way.

Machine Learning & Targeting:

The foremost advert and retargeting networks will proceed to speculate closely in giving advertisers extra choices than ever to focus on and retarget clients. Facial, voice (extra on that later), and different kinds of recognition, in addition to incorporating how your clients work together with the Web of Issues, are all going to get greater in 2018. The robotic revolution is coming, individuals!

Consumer Rights, Security & Privacy:

A mess of battles over the rights of shoppers is anticipated in 2018, they usually’re value watching. However with the federal government engaged in widespread deregulation, these battles are being waged by the company world. Apple already made it tougher to serve remarketing adverts by Safari in 2017, and Google is planning to severely punish non-secure web sites in 2018. (In case your web site makes use of http as a substitute of https, make putting in an SSL certificates a direct precedence by early 2018).