The Best 5 Free Online Tools for Creating Logos

The Best 5 Free Online Tools for Creating Logos

Did you know that it is possible to create your own customized logo in a few minutes and total autonomy nowadays? All this is thanks to sophisticated and modern tools for creating logos.

There are tons of logo creation tools and applications on the internet, but not all of them can help you create free custom logos. This is why this post wants to tell you about some free utilities useful for creating logos online.

People today are increasingly interested in using tools for creating online logos because the process of designing a logo has become tough and, above all, expensive. Instead, through the free tools for creating logos, it is possible to eliminate all management costs and recover the time wasted in designing and creating them. You can also give your logos a personalized touch.

Free tools for creating custom logos

Here are some of the best free logo makers for you to try:


With DesignEvo, you can create different categories of logos online for free. Its most prominent graphic designers develop more than 10,000 various logo templates, so they have professional creations for you to achieve the desired effect.

It allows you to tailor preset layouts to each brand’s style with various free features and effects available from your library. With this useful online logo maker, you will get a professional-making logo for brands that will impact potential customers.

With over 10,000 categories into 34 niches, you can easily find the related templates. Besides, if you could find your industry, you can enter your keywords to find the matched templates. So, if you will make a mobile logo, you can enter the keyword Mobile.


LogoMaker is an online service that allows you to create free and personalized logos. This logo design tool has a simple and intuitive interface, making it easier for users to use. The easy-to-use editor could help you to customize your logo design with drag-drop clicks.

On the LogoMaker, there is the possibility to search for a logo by category using the appropriate search bar or choose from those present and most used. Once you have chosen the category and type of logo that best reflects your business, you can use them as they are or possibly modify them in all their aspects through the dashboard.

Tailor Brands

The Tailor Brands logo maker is another free tool on the web that can help you create custom logos in minutes. This logo maker is available in a free version with some limitations. If you want to enjoy all the features made available by this tool, register and sign up for a paid subscription on its homepage.

This utility uses artificial intelligence to generate customized logos suitable for your company, so its operation is very different from the usual tools for creating logos.

The tools ask you some questions about the brand you would like to make and about your business. Then based on your answers, it proposes some designated models.

This logo maker is considered the best for all those people who do not want to scroll down the long list of models present and go specifically to find the most attractive and related logos to their company.


The Looka logo maker is also a popular utility for customizing a logo design in minutes. Like Tailor Brands, he too is equipped with artificial intelligence, so he allows you to obtain optimal results and obtain an attractive design for your brand in a few minutes.

Furthermore, the Looka logo maker is the best for creating new and customized designs, but you can also modify the logo design that one already owns.

The editor is straightforward to use, so even an inexperienced person can quickly learn how to use it.


The Designhill logo creation tool is another easy-to-use source for customizing logo designs. If you want to get a great-looking design, all you have to do is register at

Just enter information such as name, preferred color scheme, etc. In the logo creation tool, and on the base, and of these, you will be provided with a professional-looking design. If you are not satisfied with the designed logo, you can always change it.

This logo maker is best for both private and business users. Using this tool, you can create custom designs in the blink of an eye。


These have been the best online logo makers to finish your logo project. Wish this article motivates you to customize your logo with the most advanced effects.


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