Top 10 Benefits of SEO for Small Businesses and Boost Your Google Rankings

Top 10 Benefits of SEO for Small Businesses and Boost Your Google Rankings

1. How to measure SEO result

Attracting high quality traffic to your website is called as SEO. It is to popularize the website in the searching process, in this way you gain more visibility for the page. SEO is an important part for the online marketing strategy. For the ranking and result of SEO you can use many tools like Google search engine

If you rank in top 3 place you can get good result and if you rank after 3 rank, you may expect less traffic.

2. Organic Traffic

When a customer searches a question using a word, keyword they see the result page. This page showcases multiple add. The number of visitors who have searched is tracked as the most acknowledged website. In this way you can gain more customers.

3. Keyword Ranking

Anything searched via search engine generates a result known as keyword. To achieve more rakings the content must be a superior one. People always select the first option in the search engine.

4. SERP Visibility

For every keyword Google generates a search engine page know an SERP Asked questions,

Knowledge panels, images, Google maps, reviews, videos

5. Click-through Rate

Click rate is determined by the percentage clicked by the users on your website. Monitor how effective your title tag. Show how attractive your brand is.

6. Backlinks

A backlink connects one website to the other for eg. Someone links a website to your content you have a back link from their site. In this way you can activate optimize the search engine.

Backlink link helps is boosting rank also helps in generating a traffic to website. We can build backlink with good PA(Page Authority) and DA(Domain Authority) Website

7. Meta-description

Before writing your content and publishing it. In meta-description only 160 characters can be used. It helps to broaden the search engine and, give better results for the searchers tounderstand the topic better, and which keywords where aimed for the content. Meta description is the HTML attribute.

8. Keyword Frequency

Keyword frequency is nothing but. How repeatedly the selected keywords appear on the web page. For example, the chosen keyword is “Biryani in Hyderabad”. How many times will this specific keyword form a sentence appear in your 200, 550, article. Avoid unnecessary stuffing and crowded insertions. However, it has impact on ranking.

9. Understand copyrighting

Copying is creating a new content with the older version. And this encourages the user to purchase the product. A copywriter is an expert who writes for adds and publicity who are usually referred as imaginative people.  They are the people who understand the mindset of the commoners.

10, Headline

Your content may be precious. But if your content is ordinary your click rate would be last. When you have written your content, you have spent 70 percent of your money. For the favourable results.  It generates content, keep tracking, indications, scanning.

You can use as a priority h1 to h6 tags for placing important keywords.  H1 tag you can use for placing primary keyword and reaming keywords target using h2 to h6.

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