What Are The Different Types of SEO In Digital Marketing To Boost Your Ranking?

Do the various types of Seo confuse you? Well, do not fret! Every “Different kind” of search engine optimization is far from being its very own branch of science in general, each “type” gets categorized by related strategies or tracks performed on something that in and itself changes (think website page, blog posts target audience, local or something like that). The below 7 types are for small businesses to be aware of as they begin to improve upon Seo.


In a nutshell, when thinking of Seo you most likely think of things like keyword research, optimizing content, adding Meta descriptions, improving page speed, etc. well, those types of strategies are known as white hat Seo.


Black hat Seo is a type of Seo that you want to avoid altogether. It’s comprised of malicious techniques and strategies that try to “outsmart” search engines to rank higher. Examples of Black Hat strategies: keyword stuffing, cloaking, or sneaky redirects.


On-page Seo revolves around optimizing things on a webpage, blog, post, or something similar. In other words, on-page Seo deals with any controllable elements on a website that can get edited or optimized. Think easy website navigation, optimized images with Alt Tag, quality content, URL optimized, tile optimized Meta Description, Keywords, etc.

  • On-page Seo to optimize your website
  • Keyword in Seo title
  • Seo meta description
  • focus keyword used in URL or permalink
  • Write Original Content
  • Focus Keyword in H1 and H2 Heading
  • Focus Keyword in Images Alt Attribute
  • URL or Permalink Length
  • Add External link in Content
  • Add internal link in your content
  • Check for grammar in your content
  • Use short paragraph
  • Use more than one image or video
  • Fast loading speed
  • Add social sharing Buttons
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • LSI Keyword


Global SEO (AKA: International SEO) focuses on targeting visitors from different countries, regions, or demographics. For example, some sites are formatted to adjust language settings based on where their visitor live automatically. so, adding reflag tags to the website could be considered Global SEO.


If a small business is trying to improve its online visibility in a specific local, then it should consider local Seo strategies. Some strategies to get started: ensure business name, address, and telephone number are consistent on the website, and ALL social media profiles and register/ verify the business on search engines.


Think of off-page Seo as a way to help optimize visibility via pages that you do not control in a white hat kind of way! Examples of Off-page SEO strategies: legit link building. Social media visibility via social media marketing, getting REAL reviews, and press releases.

  • Backlink
  • Social media posting
  • Videos submission
  • Profile Posting
  • Forum posting
  • Footer linking
  • Directory Submission
  • Site map submission
  • Blog submission
  • RSS Feed submission
  • Article Submission
  • Classified submission
  • Search engine Submission
  • URL pinging
  • Social Bookmarking submission


Technical SEO is, well the more technical strategies to take on a website toward optimizing it so that search engines can crawl it better. Example: Improve website speed, get an SLL certificate, fix broken links, make it mobile-friendly, and have a sitemap.

  • Technical Seo and web development closely aligned. Ensuring that a site’s code is crow able and indexing is paramount.
  • Black hat tactics like keyword stuffing and link buying still drive Seo performance.
  • Google algorithms cannot keep up to speed with new ranking manipulation techniques.
  • Black hat techniques no longer as effective as google starts to catch up Seo has gone mainstream marketers need new strategies to deliver results.
  • Google Clampdown heavily on thin content and low -quality backlink, doling out a wide range of ranking penalties.
  • Seo and content begin to converge, as Seo focuses on delivering great site experiences. Creatively as essential as technical know-how and video teams.
  • The idea of the SERP changes altogether content discovery fragmented across devices and platforms.
  • Voice search and digital assistance attain critical mass mobile usage surpasses desktop.
  • Search is everywhere the internet of things (IOT) truly traces off and Seo must optimize for everything, everywhere.


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