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What is SEO and how does it work?

What is SEO?

The full name of SEO is Search Engine Optimization, SEO is a process of converting your blog article or website into a search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., before which it is brought to the page, which increases the organic traffic of your website or blog. And you all must know how important it is for any blog or website to get traffic. Without traffic, your blog or website has no meaning.

To fully understand SEO, first of all, we need to know what a search engine is and how it works.


What is a Search engine?

First of all, you need to know what a search engine is. The Search engine is like a directory where we search any of our queries and we get answers related to our query. Google and Bing are the two largest search engines in the world of the Internet and most of the people 70-80% of the people search any of their questions on Google itself. That’s why we will also talk about Google here. A search engine is an algorithm that works to give accurate information about the information we have searched on the Internet. 


How search engine works

So you have understood that Google is a search engine on which we can get information by searching about any topic. But now the question comes that how Google gives us the related answer to any of our questions in a few seconds. Does Google itself keep all the answers written, no Google does not do anything like this, but it happens that many bloggers like me or you create blogs about different topics and write posts on them.

Did you know that when you search for anything on Google, Google uses a 200 factor to give you the best results, the article that is according to these criteria of Google will show you on the first page of Google? So that you can get the correct information.

In the same way, many business people create websites related to their business. And all these bloggers or website owners have to submit their blog or website to Google. For which Google has created its separate platform Google search console.

In today’s time, there are more than 1.6 billion websites submitted to Google. Which are related to different topics, so whenever a person searches anything on Google, then there are some crawlers of Google.

Crawler consists of robot types who visit different websites and try to know what this website or blog is telling about as well as what is the quality of this website or blog and its Apart from this, these crawlers of Google search many things in websites and blogs. And after that these crawlers show you the top 10 results which can give you the best answer related to your query. So this is the work of the whole search engine. I hope you must have understood well about search engines now.

Now you will find it very easy to understand SEO because you have understood the fundamentals of search engines. We who are blog or website owners, it is always our endeavor that the article of our blog or the page of our website should always come in the first position of the first page of Google so that we get the most traffic. And to bring our blog post or website page to the first page of Google, we have to do SEO.


How SEO Works

Just like if you search for “what is SEO” the search engine brings you the crawling and indexed ranking list. Search engine bots and spiders crawl and index 24 hours a day and build their ranking lists. And as soon as you search for something, you see it on the search engine results page (SERP).

Well, all the search engines have different techniques to work. But every search engine works in three phases.

1. Crawling

2. Indexing

3. Ranking


Why do we need SEO

There is a huge scope of online business in today’s world. Everything is available on the Internet. If you want to run your online business then you need to have a website. Apart from this, only having a website is not enough, until your website is not ranked well in Google, then visitors will not come to your website and you will not be able to do good business and to rank your website in a good position in Google. We need SEO.


Types of search engine optimization (SEO)

1. on page Seo 

2. off-page Seo


What is on-page SEO?

On-page seo means to design a website or blog face to face according to the rule of seo or to implement the rule of seo in the post we are writing. Like if using the keyword to put an image in that post.

In this, we work on the content of our website. We try to make the contact of the website different and the best.


It is important to take care of the following things in on-page seo.

♦website speed

♦Website Structure

♦Website Favicon

♦Mobile-friendly Website

♦Title Tag

♦Meta Description

♦Keyword Density

♦Image Alt Tag

♦URL Structure

♦Internal Links

♦Highlight Important Keyword

♦Use Heading Tag

♦Post-Good Length

♦Google Sitemap

♦Check Broken Links

♦SEO Friendly URL

♦Google Analytics

♦Social Media Button

♦HTML Page Size

♦Clear Page Cache

♦Website security HTTPS etc.


What is off-page SEO?

Of-page Seo i.e. sharing or promoting our website or post on other’s websites or social media so that search engines will know what this website is.

Whatever work you ask to promote outside your website, it all comes under Off-page SEO. In this, we mainly do the work of creating backlinks.


1. Social Networking Site


 ♦ Facebook page

 ♦ Facebook group

 ♦ Twitter

2. Social Bookmarking Site

♦ Tumblr

 ♦ Pinterest

 ♦ Diggo

 ♦ Digg

 ♦ Linkedin

 ♦ Reddit

 ♦ Stumbleupon

 ♦ Delicious etc

3. Guest Posting

4. Forum Posting

5. Blog Commenting

6. Blog Directory Submission

7. Search Engine Submission

8. Classifieds Submission Site

9. Video-Sharing site

10. Photo sharing site

11. Question and Answering Site


Benefits of SEO

With its help, you can get traffic for free. It also increases the value of your company. Other benefits of SEO are as follows:-


Bring Free Traffic – By doing SEO once, you can bring traffic to your website for free

Brand Value Increases – If you are doing SEO of your website then people trust your company. In today’s era, everyone knows about paid ads, only a few people do SEO.

Increases sales and profit – The better SEO you do, the more profit you will get. More and more people will come to your website and buy the product.

Build Trust – Nowadays people research before buying anything. If you can give this thing to your customer, then your website will have more trust. People will feel that this company is giving good knowledge.

Earn profits even while you are there – SEO is such an idea in which you can earn a good amount of money even while sleeping.

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